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Shimpaku Juniper

Juniperus Chinensis Shimpaku: Shimpaku Juniper. Styled in 2005 for a contest at another site, still alive. Styled from 3 gallon nursery plant.

I will have an update for this tree in the Spring. The jins have been refined and the foliage pads a bit more developed.
Actually the rules of the contest stated that the tree was not to be potted. It was removed from the nursery container for the photo of the base etc. It is now in a pot but I do not have a current photo of it, that will follow in the spring.
Actually I have already started the work on the dead wood but I have no pictures that are worth posting right now. This tree was one of losers at the BC styling contest two years ago.
Well it's good that you left yourself so much to work with... I look forward to seeing it carved and in a pot. :D
I expect to get a majority of the wood work done this year, but I have found that Shimpakus take a good three seasons to really get their vigor back after major work is done on them. I suspect you might not recognize the tree when next you see it. For the good I hope.

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