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Here is the first resource developed from the thread "Introductory Soil Physics". It is a reference sheet defining common inorganic soil types used in bonsai. It expands on the selection discussed in the thread. It is not a recommendation of what one should use in their garden, rather a description of what the choices are. Subsequent resources will contrast the physical properties of these soil types and document how they change as a function of grain composition, grain size, grain shape, sorting and height of the pot.
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Very informative article.
Is is a very thorough and well explained article. I guess what I got out of this for my work is that I’ll put a “drainage layer” in most of my taller pots and leave it out of my most of my shorter pots.
Very helpful, thank you.
Thank you for posting this information, it is extremely helpful!
very museful, wish there was a UK version
Nice work!
Thank you for this, it was very in depth and even confirmed my long standing lack of confidence in the Tesco cat litter mix I am trying. I didn't realise it was as well known as this.
Very insightful!
Very thorough coverage of soil types. Understandable with good advice tips given where appropriate. Well written.
Very well explained and very comprehensive. Thanks!
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