1. Clicio

    Is there a "bad" Akadama being sold? Or is it a scam?

    Up to last year, Akadama was impossible to get in Brazil, as importing soil was forbidden. This year the law was revised and immediately some bonsai vendors had Akadama in two sizes (big/small) being sold in 14 litres bags. All bags from all vendors looked the same; all vendors were selling the...
  2. Oceanman113

    Where do you find your soil?

    Tried to find this topic, but couldn’t find an answer. If this has been discussed (which I bet it has) then I apologize. Where do you guys buy your soil components? At first I bought those expensive “bonsai soil” packs, but the more trees I get or make the more I look for cheaper options. I‘ve...
  3. J

    2 quart bonsai mix: japanese akadama, lava rock and hyuga pumice

    Hi. If anyone is interested I'm selling 2 quart of premium bonsai soil mix: Japanese akadama, lava rock, hyuga pumice. Never open. Only 1 bag available. $30 + shipping (from Texas). Last picture is an example, how to see the soil in your tree. Questions? Contact me. Thanks.
  4. Forrestford

    Blueberry soil test

    A member in the local bonsai club had a beautiful blueberry tree and I wanted to try one out. luckily I found them at Home Depotso I picked up 2. They are each different variety but a blueberry none the less. So I decided to do a test with two different types of soil, cheap vs not so cheap...
  5. backroadstraveler

    Repotted Kishu in 1 Part Akadama, 1 Part Kanuma, 1 Part Lava

    I just repotted my Kishu Shimpaku in 1 part Akadama, 1 part Kanuma, 1 part Lava. It was in 100% akadama. I just wanted to make sure that using the 1 part Kanuma didn't add too much acid to the soil. Is this a good soil mix, or should I repot it swapping out the Kanuma with pumice. I've...
  6. MrFancyPlants

    “Hard” akadama

    I have about half a bag of “hard” akadama that I can break apart with my fingers, but it is a nice and large size. Do you think I should include some in my mix of pumice, calidama (cannot crush w fingers), scoria... optional organics are spaghnum and compost depending on species. I hate the idea...
  7. Clicio

    Oh no! Another soil mix post!

    I've been trying a mix of Brazilian akadama (Qualitá), wich has acidic PH (5.7) and some cat litter (Diatomaceous Earth-DE), which is alkaline, averages 8ph,+ or -2 in my soil mix. So the result is neutral PH. For azaleas, I add pinus bark and less DE; for the others, crushed fired brick. All...
  8. A

    Bonsai compendium

    Dear people! Since I've yet to encounter complete information on all kinds of bonsai soils, I've decided to make a datasheet with as much information about soils as possible. It's a bit of a mess for now, but if you would like to contribute; please send me an email! For now, you can place...
  9. Tamer

    Bonsai soil material hard to find. Alternatives?

    Hi everyone I'm Tam . Moved from Montreal Canada to saudi Arabia recently and have been introduced to the amazong world of bonsai recently. I bought a ready chinese elm bonsai tree which I am taking care of and have completed work on a red juniper yesterday. Wired bent and pruned and styled...
  10. markyscott

    Inorganic Soil Reference Sheet 1.2

    Here is the first resource developed from the thread "Introductory Soil Physics". It is a reference sheet defining common inorganic soil types used in bonsai. It expands on the selection discussed in the thread. It is not a recommendation of what one should use in their garden, rather a...
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