1. pandacular

    approach to building a clump from seedlings

    I have a number of Styrax japonicus seedlings that I plan to form a clump from. One of these I have had for a year now, and it has been wired out and has a few established branches; the others are essentially just long shoots, some with multiple trunks (I picked several with multiple low trunks...
  2. Apex37

    Fairy Duster Clump - Calliandra eriophylla

    Picked this up at one of my local nurseries a couple months back and did a repot and initial styling. Didn’t see much being done with them, but figured since it’s a Texas native and has small foliage there’s potential there. We’ll see how it progresses. Originally I had planned on doing a...
  3. G

    Progression: Restyling A Clump-Style "Old Shimpaku" - Design input requested

    This'll be a long detailed post, so feel free to bail now or skip to post 2 where the design questions are :D Some background: Was gifted this clump style shimpaku late last year and it was a great push into the Bonsai deep end. I've invested the dormant winter months to learn like a madman...
  4. NaoTK

    Juanita es muy fea

    So I run a lot in my city and I scope out trees while I run. One day I saw in someone's front yard a ridiculously ramified Japanese maple stump. So I knock on their door and the lady doesn't speak English. So her daughter translates and I offer to buy the trunk for $100. They were super excited...
  5. Deep Sea Diver

    Yamadori Mt Hemlock (Tsuga mertensiana) No. 2 The Circular Raft… or is it The Clump?

    This is the second high alpine yamadori Mt Hemlock we acquired today. It‘s ”subtrunks” seem to emanate from one central trunk. Will need some excavation to confirm this WAG. The tallest tree is about 35” and the entire group comes up at an angle. Looks like it was growing on a mountain side...
  6. SeanS

    Flowering quince clump progression

    Thread for the progress of my Japanese flowering quince clump. Started from nursery material in November 2020. I’m unsure of the flower colour, it was marked as “pink or white” at the nursery. Also unsure of the cultivar, also just marked as “chaenomeles” As purchased After the initial cut...
  7. cbroad

    J.M. clump air layer

    Here's a Japanese maple clump air layer I've been growing since fall of 2016. It came off of a tree in my yard and unfortunately I don't know the variety. It gets a nice orange fall color which is a little unique with palmatums. I repotted it last Wednesday and took off the biggest trunk which...
  8. Fishtank307

    A. palmatum 'kotohime' clump

    It's been a long time since I posted here! I want to start a thread to follow the progress of this kotohime clump I got last year: It started to leaf out last week, so I repotted it into this oval pot: I'm planning on airlayering one or two branches that are growing inward. The overall...
  9. cbroad

    Clump Amur air layer progression

    Here's an Amur maple clump air layer I potted up 8/3/17. It's been repotted once since then, but it definitely needs it again this season. It hasn't ever really been that vigorous for me, which is surprising since it's an amur, but the soil was probably crap from the beginning... Hopefully by...
  10. RJG2

    Five Year Native Tree Challenge: RJG2's Ulmus rubra (slippery elm)

    This should be interesting, if I can pull it off (out of the ground). This elm was cut down at ground level for a fence. The right side grew back into a full tree. I kept running over the left with the lawn mower, and after rotting away a bunch, it looks like the edge of a crater - this is...
  11. Maloghurst

    Clump heritage river birch?

    I’ve been looking at this for probably 2 years at a local nursery and contemplating its potential. I have thus far left it alone. It’s on clearance for about 70.00. I probably won’t buy it but curious if you all see a great opportunity or a waste of time, money and space. I did a quick virt on...
  12. Wilson

    Junk in my clump! Poor mans counterfeit Ezo.

    I have always loved the clump bonsai, and when I saw the potential in this one I grabbed it. @MACH5 has shared some beauty clumps, and Michael Hagedorn's mt.hemlock clumps are a favourite of mine. I also love the images of ezo spruce, but will most likely never be able to buy one, so this...
  13. European Hornbeam material

    European Hornbeam material

    First steps, Multi trunk
  14. RileyJFDB13


    Hello All, This pass week I have been at Yosemite National Park and I tried to take pictures when possible that some may draw inspiration from. Here are those photos: Root on rock, Crazy redwood Jin, Natural Clump styles Top that has died off and branch that took over.
  15. parhamr

    Progression of Acer palmatum C

    This is another Japanese maple I've started from seedlings collected in 2012. The form will be clump, but maybe I'll find a way to sumo the tree if the base starts to fuse together really well. I'm intending to add a fifth trunk for balance. April 2013 June 2014 October 2015 January...
  16. N

    Crabapple Clump Project

    I've had this Crabapple (don't know the variety, sorry) for a couple years now. Started as a little shrub of prebonsai material, which I selected for its trunk movement and nice lower branching (the radial rooted flaring base was a nice surprise). In my vision, this will be the center trunk of a...
  17. jriddell88

    Grafted Kishu shimpaku clump

    40 year old San Jose tree on the hill , Kishu grafting started 18 years ago
  18. A Random User

    Cool new tree!

    Just picked up a rather sweet piece of material this past weekend... that is full of Flowers! A very, very old Singapore Holly (Malpighia coccigera). Plans? Not actually much... just clean up some of the problem areas. Will be treating this more like a Flowering Quince. Going with a...
  19. markyscott

    Japanese Maple Clump from Bennie Badgett

    Bennie was a long time member and past president of the Austin Bonsai Society. He was a gracious man whom I only had the privilege of meeting a few times. On one of my visits, Bennie gave me this tree. Bennie was quite well known in the area for his maples and azaleas - he propagated them...
  20. parhamr

    Japanese quince clump

    I recently dug up this bush from my yard. It was planted by the former homeowner in clay-heavy soil and several winters of ice storms had made a mess of this quince. I think it’s a Chaenomeles japonica because the flowers are red, the leaves are thin, it has large thorns, and the bark is...
  21. parhamr

    Progression of Acer macrophyllum B

    April 2012 Seedlings collected in Portland, OR June 2014 Potted in pumice, perlite, and composted bark. July 2014 March 2015 The tree received osmocote, humic acid, and granulated azomite. January 2016 I repotted this tree into a 7-gallon grow bag with diatomaceous gravel and pumice...
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