1. Baku1875

    Baku's consolidated bougainvilleas progression thread

    Consolidating all my bougies into 1 thread so it's easier to update and easier for people to view and comment on these projects, and so it doesn't look like I'm spamming too much because I'm procuring a lot of bougies in the past few weeks (more to come as well), fast approaching 20! (now around...
  2. Baku1875

    Chunky Bougie cutting 1

    I'm lucky enough to have my neighbor's permission to pole saw large branches of overgrown bougainvillea that cross into my yard (it's jumbled up with 3 other trees and is an eyesore, he gave me the green light to prune the other trees back and let the bougainvillea grow, as well as pruning...
  3. K

    Update on Satsuki Cuttings

    Hi all. I recently posted a thread asking some questions about Satsuki cuttings, in which I received a ton of helpful advice from experienced growers. Yesterday and today, I have been separating the cuttings from their pots and giving them their own pots, making sure not to disturb the root...
  4. B

    Damaged seedling re rooted - now what?

    A squirrel chomped half a dozen of my Japanese Maple seedlings in July. In a panic, I put them in a clear shoebox sized tote I was using to grow moss (sphagnum and harvested from a rock). I had 0 expectations of success, and to my surprise one vigorously rooted! The roots are sandwiched between...
  5. K

    Questions about Satsuki cuttings

    Hi all, I've got a few questions about cuttings from Satsuki Azaleas. This is my 2nd year of developing bonsai, and Satsuki's have definitely grown to be my favourite. I've took cuttings from every pruning I've done, and I've got a few questions about said cuttings. Below are a few photos of...
  6. B

    Maple cuttings failing in propagation box, user error?

    Hi, I'm relatively new to propagating maple cuttings and need some more experienced advice. My Japanese maple cuttings last summer dried out while under the deck. Even after misting half a dozen times a day, the high heat, humidity, and wind won. This year I tried a clear tote propagation...
  7. Rivian

    Irritated by azalea

    Two evergreen azalea cuttings. Thinn layer of bark came off during Winter, all around one of them and cracked on the other. As I understand azalea, surely thats terminal? But now theyre both actively growing and producing a small flower or two and shoots. I have the Galle book, and he does say...
  8. Fishtank307

    Triple trunk field elm from cuttings

    Hi! I wanted to share this little project I've been working on the past 3 years. In the fall of 2019 I took a bunch of cuttings from a field elm. The following year I made 2 clump-style plantings. One multi-trunk planting (of which only 3 survived...) and one triple trunk planting. The process...
  9. Rivian

    Cuttings and rooting hormone

    Ive got various cuttings started, but didnt use any rooting hormone. Im not going to pull them out again but I could mix clonex with water and either stand them in that for a while or water them with it from above. Latter might be less wasteful. I just dont know if using clonex (from last year)...
  10. S

    Propagating Cherry Blossom Cuttings

    Hi, I was watching a video and i'm confused on which method i should do, currently i have the cuttings like this, should i put them in soil instead?
  11. B

    Brazilian Rain Tree questions

    Hi, I got this Brazilian Rain Tree cutting a little more than a year ago thanks to @leatherback . It was a rocky start as it got stuck at the post office for 2 extra weeks and when I received it, all leaves were gone. This tree is does not seem to be possible to buy here in Sweden so I felt very...
  12. Scrogdor

    Transplanting water cutting to soil

    Was messing around with my tiger bark ficus and decided to try and root a clipping. Had it in a shot glass wrapped in foil for about 5 weeks. Moved it to this glass for some more room. How long do the roots need to be before I transplant this into a small pot? I would say these ones about...
  13. ViridianGinkgo

    Cold Hardy Bonsai in Zone 3-4

    Hello everyone, So I have started really getting into bonsai this year. I do have some trees I began training/growing out to thicken 2 years ago: 2 shimpaku and 1 Blue Point chinensis. I will list the species I have and am starting from seed to ask their suitability as bonsai in this cold...
  14. Apex37

    Tiger Bark Ficus Cuttings Progression

    I took these cuttings from my very first bonsai that was gifted to me by my late mother-in-law. Lemme tell you, after she passed, the stress was real to take care of that tree. Luckily, ficus are crazy hardy as we all know, and even with me poorly overwintering it (due to ignorance before really...
  15. ochong

    White Chojubai

    This is one of 11 plants (7 Chaenomeles) I picked up from Evergreen Gardenworks this spring. It's grown well and did great with a repot a couple of months back and has just flowered on the old wood from the cutting. This seems late in the year as I thought quince tend to flower in late winter...
  16. JuniperMasterRace

    Season to take Chinese Elm, Gingko, and Bakd Cypress cuttings?

    Title. I’m letting my trees go wild and run, it’s been about 2 months of vigorous growth (see Imgur link). I’m concerned I’m missing out on ramification and refinement just for a couple dozen cuttings. I took a few cuttings in January right before spring and they look like they are going to...
  17. T

    Recommendations for propagating young nursery stock

    Hi, new here and to bonsai in general. I just got a young trident maple and a dawn Redwood in the mail. Both are pretty tall for how thin the trunks are so I was considering airlayering both of them. Any recommendations on the best propagation method here? I've heard you can root cuttings of...
  18. Rivian

    Mould on hardwood cuttings

    I just took trident cuttings 2 or 3 days ago and theres already bits of visible grey mould on some of the buds, which also have started greening up. I have them in a see-through plastic container with a plexi glass sheet on it in the living room. Substrate is perlite with bits of vermiculite and...
  19. G

    Giant Sequoia Cuttings?

    Hey Guys My Father in law owns a part of a Forest which i will take over one day. It's a coniferous forest and the 'highlights' are 2 young Giant Sequoias. Where i live, the forests have been suffering quite a lot from bark beetles in recent years sadly. We found out that Giant Sequoias are...
  20. YodaJordan

    Zuisho JWP Foliage (grafted/ungrafted)

    I have purchased some grafted Zuisho JWP as nursery stock, now I’m just going to increase size and ramification. Although there is 2 questions that stand out in my mind unanswered: 1) What is the difference in terms of foliage on a JWP Zuisho with grafted as opposed to ungrafted? (I’m guessing...
  21. AnacortesSteve

    Japanese Red and Black Pines from seed

    I have been growing JRP from seeds collected from the mother tree in my yard so no lack of source seeds, This year I started with JBP seeds I bought online and those have been pretty successful so I thought I would share some of what I have learned (thanks to those that have taught me). I start...
  22. Kanorin

    Cuttings: keep juvenile apical leaves?

    In cases where you prune a branch while it is still extending new apical shoots with leaves that haven’t hardened off yet, do you keep or remove the immature leaves before you set it up to grow as a cutting? Example.
  23. StreamGrove

    Maple Cuttings propagation Oxyclone?

    Curious if it is possible to propagate Japanese Maples from cuttings using a Oxyclone Hydrofarm recirculating unit. Do they respond well to the oxygen and water? Or do they require soil? I was thinking of adding some rooting hormone solution to the water but I am reading that just plan tap water...
  24. Fishtank307

    Elm bonsai from last years cuttings

    I have +- 20 elm cuttings (Ulmus minor) from last year, that just started to push new growth. They're all from this parent tree: Here are most of the cuttings: I took them in May 2019 and potted them in perlite, mixed with some sand. (No particular reason for this mix, I just had it laying...
  25. Brad in GR

    Cuttings Video - A novice approach :)

    3rd year entrenched in the hobby, tried my hand at plenty of cuttings this year. Plenty to learn. Hopefully some more mature material in the future! Always up for constructive criticism. Cheers. LINK: Great Lakes Bonsai - Cuttings 2019
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