1. Clicio

    How to instruct a Jaboticaba so it doesn't misbehave!

    It is in fact simple. 01- FULL DEFOLIATE in midsummer. 02 - LIGHT TRIM in the beginning of the Fall. Someone has to have a strong hand here!
  2. B

    Can pyracantha be defoliated?

    Here’s my little pyracantha I’ve been training for a few years now. This year the leaves have really gained some size & I feel it ruins the appearance a little. Can pyracantha be defoliate to stimulate a second flush in the same way I’d defoliate a JM? I’m in the south of the UK.
  3. bbelbuken

    Is my Carmona dying?

    Hello people, I am new to the bonsai forum and to the tradition itself. Recently I have 2 ficuses, a dwarf jade and a pachira aquatica. 2 months ago i have ordered a carmona bonsai from a online nursery to add it to my collection. However, as soon as i got the tree i have noticed some little...
  4. Yo Mango

    Full defoliation timing (Chinese Elm)

    I have a Chinese Elm, in South Florida (10b climate zone), where there is hardly ever enough cold temps to allow my tree to drop leaves substantially. I notice all through spring and summer it doesn’t throw much of anything out as far as new growth, very little. It seems it drops more leaves...
  5. F

    Ginseng ficus from ikea!

    so I thought it would be a good idea, with absolutely no idea what I am doing to try to de foliate and trim my woody bits! I’m hoping I haven’t just killed it, but do you think I need to do anymore? I’m struggling with the woody bits! My aim is to just have a thick bushy tree but I have very...
  6. R

    Defoliating in winter

    Is this something that could be okay on a tree kept indoors in winter? It's wintered inside until spring. Zone 7. Its a fairly large overgrown tree. Should I just wait for spring? I'm wanting to whip this thing back into some kind of decent shape. One section has close together, uniform leaves...
  7. C

    Defoliating Japanese Maple

    From the posts I’ve read on here I’m a little confused and there seem to be conflicting thoughts on whether or not defoliating helps to thicken a trunk faster. What I currently have is an Acer Palmatum still in he nursery pot. I bought it this year and wanted to wait (at least) until next...
  8. Gsquared

    Defoliation Day

    My maples have lengthened and lignified, so I took the day to defoliate three. I’ve not done it for years, but the growth was so vigorous in their new home, decided this was the year. FIVE GALLONS OF LEAVES! Considering it was only 3 trees, sure seemed like a heck of a lot of leaves. I did...
  9. Clicio

    And so this is Xmas... Summer, Ficus, defoliation...

    Well, folks, here in Brazil summer came with strong and regular 90'sF every day. So I thought "what about defoliating that mallsai I am trying to save"? And believe me, in one week it is surely back-budding like crazy! Plan is to prune and defoliate again in late summer to fill-in the empty...
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