1. B

    Chinese plum wilting

    Hello everyone, I have a Chinese sweet plum for almost a year now. It was always healthy and growing out. Recently, the leaves are tuning brown at the end , leaves seemed to be dry and wilting and in general, complete tree is dropping. I added fertilizer 5-7-4.NPK superbly bonsai last week. It...
  2. M

    Fertilizer with calcium + sulfur

    Are fertilisers with sulfur and calcium necessary? Bad? I have one with 120g/kg of Sulfur and 14g/kg of calcium which I’m considering purchasing. It’s pelletised and applied once monthly. Our tap water has around 120 - 180 mg/litre CaCO3. Not sure about sulfur.
  3. M

    Fertiliser choice

    I have decided to move over to an organic pellet form of fertiliser. I have narrowed the options down to these two: Npk 24:27:30 https://atlanticfertilisers.co.za/retail-bio-rock-root-builder/ Npk: 27:17:31 https://atlanticfertilisers.co.za/retail-bio-ocean/ Would there be a significant...
  4. D

    Newbie, confused about bonsai fertilization especially during winter times

    Hi 👋 I’m new to the bonsai growing and recently I was gifted with couple of bonsai trees. Searching online I have found one of them is deciduous, one of them is coniferous and other two are tropical indoor. One of my friends suggested to use fertilizer to keep them healthy state. With little...
  5. Rivian

    Hungry Hungry Hyphae!

    Whats eating my fert? Im not complaining, quite the opposite Its organic, plant based fertilizer in pellet form. 'Saidung plus'. Applied less than a week ago This pot houses an azalea but azalea roots are around 1/10th of a millimeter in diameter and these are like a 1/100th, I would guess...
  6. M

    Azalea problem

    Hey guys. I have a satsuki shrub that I’ve been wanting to chop into a bonsai for awhile and I have a general idea as to what shape I’m trying to achieve and everything, but I’m having an issue with timing. I live in zone 9a and people I’ve asked have advised me to not chop until january or...
  7. Clicio

    Is a high-dilution/daily fertilizing schedule advisable?

    I have been watching some bonsai people saying that the use of highly diluted chemical fertilizers every day - mixed with the water in a watering can - can give us better results than the same amount of fertilizer used in the regular dilution (as suggested by the label) every fortnight, for...
  8. Bonsai Buddy

    Dawn Redwood foliage problem.

    Hi all! Just a quick question. As you can see from the photos some of the foliage on my dawn redwood is turning reddish brown. :( Could it be too much fertilizer? I hope that it’s not something worse. I fed it with an 18-4-10 slow release fert in teabags for about a month and a half, and then...
  9. QuantumSparky

    Fertilizer NPK Ratios

    So this question is perhaps pretty basic and I have an idea as to the answer if my assumptions are correct, but when someone advises for something like a 9-9-9 NPK ratio fertilizer, is that all in percent volume? For example, 9% of the bottle is Nitrogen, 9% is Phosphorus, 9% Potassium? I assume...
  10. cornfed

    First Fertilizing

    I haven't done any fertilization yet. I have some liquid, synthetic fertilizer (15-15-15) and all of my trees are in development, in five-gallon containers with coarse, mostly inorganic substrate. I chose liquid fertilizer because I largely sifted all the fine particles out of my substrate and...
  11. E

    Moss and Iron in Fertilizer

    Hello, I recently repotted my ficus retusa in akadama/lava rock and after it being a bit ropey due to repotting too early, it is now recovering really well. The weather is warming up quite a bit here so I'm letting the ficus have some sun outside in the day for now. With the new soil substrate...
  12. Jiminsauga

    gaia green organic 4-4-4 fertilizer

    Anyone have any experience with Gaia Green organic 4-4-4 all purpose fertilizer? It's from BC Canada but you can get it pretty much at any LGC across Ontario. It's derived from: Feather meal, alfalfa meal, bone meal, blood meal, glacial rock dust, natural rock phosphate, fishbone meal...
  13. Ericanoel6

    Yoshino Cutting rooted - questions

    I’m surprised it has already rooted!! A transplant is imminent! I have had this beauty since early January. I took it out of dormancy last week. I just started giving it indirect sunlight outside for about 5 hours a day. I’m going to give it a week and then give it direct morning sunlight for...
  14. Long needles

    Long needles

    Too much fertilizer....
  15. C

    Tap vs. Distilled vs. R. Osmosis water

    I’ve done some searching on here can’t can’t seem to find the info I’m looking for... As I understand things, Tap water is the worst type of water to use for trees. A bunch of dissolved solids that can accumulate in soil and prevent the plant from absorbing nutrients. Distilled water is...
  16. Yugen

    Liquid fertilizer killing moss?

    I was wondering if anyone experienced moss dying from continual liquid fertilizer application? The fertilizer I use vacillates between fish fert and a 10-10-10 chemical 2-3 times a week at concentrations higher than stated on the packaging but way lower than I've seen seasoned enthusiasts...
  17. F

    dwarf jade fertilizer (portulacaria afra)

    i recently purchased a mature dwarf jade on a whim for my birthday, and have been researching as much as i can ever since. i think i’m getting the hang of it in general one thing i am struggling to find consistent answers on is fertilisation. from the garden centre i also purchased a small vial...
  18. C

    Baby Chinese Elm - Liquid Fertilizer

    Hi all, I have a baby Chinese Elm that I'm hoping to make into a bonsai over time. I'm curious about fertilizer application. I have the Dyna-Grow Bonsai-Pro 7-9-5 which I've mixed to the proper concentration of 1/2tsp per gallon. With a well-diluted water-fertilizer solution like this, am I...
  19. B

    When should I start to fertilize my 2 week old seedling?

    It is a Delonix Regia that I am keeping indoors until the weather permits otherwise. This is the first tree seed that I’ve planted. Also, what kind of fertilizer should I use and should I put it in another “pot”. This one came with the kit and I’m not sure how sufficient it is. I have...
  20. Stacey


    Hi, I just got my first bonsai tree about three weeks ago so I am new to this. Has anyone used this fertilizer? If so did you have good results? Also after the solution is mixed with a gallon of water, at what point should I remake it? I have only used a small portion of the water and was...
  21. Ryan H

    Clover as a Companion??

    Hi all, On different page I came upon the idea of using clover as a companion plant for bonsai in order to add nitrogen and prevent water loss from inorganic soil in arid climates. I live in Phoenix and was wondering if anyone has tried/has opinion on the subject. From what I have read, a...
  22. falling_snow

    Best Fertilizer for Fukien Tea

    Hey everybody! I'm thinking of getting a Fukien Tea bonsai, but before I take the plunge I have a quick question. I was reading in a book on Bonsai that Fukien Tea does best with a low-nitrogen fertilizer, but I'm not sure what qualifies as "low-nitrogen" or what proportions the potassium and...
  23. Baldemotions

    Sumo Cakes

    I would like to introduce you to Sumo Cakes. 55 Cakes for $10 www.sumocakes.com Sumo Cakes are a balanced slow-release organic bonsai fertilizer product created by using 17 High Quality Ingredients that provide an abundance of natural Vitamins & Minerals to help promote Healthy and Strong...
  24. M

    Brush Cherry Advice

    I just bought this brush cherry from a local nursery. I repotted it 2 days ago with a basic bonsai soil and some basic bonsail fertilizer pellets since the soil it was in retained waaaay too much water and was definitely going to drown it. I like in nebraska and it gets hot and muggy so I leave...
  25. barrosinc

    rhizotonic, do you use it?

    I read this article from Harry Harrington at Bonsai4me It really caught my attention. It is very expensive I think. Have you used it?
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