1. Clorgan

    Spirea japonica, very root bound... Thoughts?

    Hello all! Spirea japonica - sparkling champagne. On sale, cheap cheap cheap, looks to have a pretty cool trunk/nebari... Good clump? It's very root bound, digging a little to see what's there. Some leaves fine, some not in the best nick at all. Reckon it'll be alright in current soil...
  2. Clicio

    My Prunus Mume is begging for your help (again!)

    The story is I was never really convinced this Ume could stay the way it was when I got it. Many of you helped me out with good suggestions last year, unfortunately airlayering it is out of question as it is almost impossible with Prunus. So today I woke up decided to chop it down (it's winter...
  3. Clorgan

    Lovely little Potentilla

    Ordered this shohin potentilla from Shoka Bonsai - I love it! Think it's got a lovely trunk line, great nebari and looks super healthy. And it came in a beautiful pot! Really pleased with it and excited to see where it can go. No immediate plans, but I can see this becoming a favourite of mine...
  4. Clorgan

    Azalea Japonica

    Hello all! Thread for my new azalea japonica, picked up cheap from a nursery near my work. This will be the last in my collection...for now ;) I wanted to try to develop a flowering bonsai, because who doesn't love flowers?! I read about choosing one that is a single plant rather than a...
  5. Amerssa

    Satsuki Problem

    Hi, this is my first post here, i´m kinda new to bonsai i´ve been practicing it for around 2 years now, last year my gf gave me this Satsuki Azalea (at least she said it was an Azalea, but i haven´t found any azaleas with similar leaves in my search.) and it was growing pretty well until last...
  6. Maw

    My trees 🌴🌳🌲🌵🌱

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and wanted to share my trees. 👋 The trees are Chinese Privat, Ficus brothers and sister, Brush Cherry and Serissa Foetida(snow rose) I have been into bonsai for over 1 year now. I got really happy seeing the flower on the Serissa yesterday! 😍 Tips...
  7. SeanS

    My (ex) Pom-pom Cotoneaster

    I bought this small cotoneaster back at the beginning of Feb, purely because it was cheap (R150 - $8) and because I’d seen some cotoneaster bonsais on Bnut and wasn’t sure if they were common or not in South Africa, so thought why not! TBH back then (even if it was only 2 months ago) I didn’t...
  8. T

    Anacacho Orchid Progression

    I'm starting this thread to document the progress of my Anacacho Orchid seedlings over the coming years. The species (Bauhinia lunarioides) is a rare TX native that I'm very excited about, although not sure how it will eventually work as bonsai (only one way to find out!). Perhaps this will be...
  9. T

    The $1.00 Treasure...

    While Houston was flooding today, we were touring garden centers. Unfortunately most nurseries were closed but the Lowe’s wasn’t. While I was walking around disappointed that I couldn’t find a small ficus to fiddle with, the hubs goes and finds this. I have no idea if it’s good or not, but it...
  10. milehigh_7

    Vitex agnus-castus 'corteza áspera' On Auction for 100% for Roy Minarai and his Family

    Up for auction is a One-year-old cutting grown new variety of Vitex agnus-castus that I have identified and will be releasing. I'm calling it, Vitex agnus-castus 'corteza áspera' (rough bark in Spanish) as a tip of the hat to how well it performs in the Southwest. (It's also called Chaste Tree...
  11. Saddler

    Azalea Lost It’s ID

    I’m hoping someone here can help me identify this azalea. I have had them a year and a half. The previous owner doesn’t know either.
  12. onlyrey

    Texas Sage

    Found these couple of Texas Sage (Leucophyllum frutescens) at a local nursery here in St. Petersburg. These two are maybe around 1-1/2 trunks with a nice spread... a little crazy roots. They had been hit by the cold snap we had a few weeks ago, so they chopped them down a bit. Any tips on...
  13. cockroach

    Duranta Erecta Thread

    I have seen very few "Golden Dewdrop" bonsai online and none yet in person. I found this bush next to a friend's driveway, it was getting shaded out and slowing growth. So two summers ago, it was raining for about 3 weeks and the soil was waterlogged. I touch the plant, realized it was loose...
  14. Gdy2000

    Shohin Japanese Quince Project

    Short story, long. I received a pretty nice Japanese quince from @Stickroot over the xmas holiday. Before I go screwing that one up, I thought I'd try to work with a similar, but smaller JQ. So I recently picked up this little guy for about $7.00. I've read/researched that they can take...
  15. ColinFraser

    A Wee BottleBrush (Callistemon) Stump

    I noticed that the new neighbors of a family member were re-landscaping their recently purchased home. For as long as I can remember, there has been a bottlebrush at the entrance to the driveway, usually under a large sphere of foliage and flowers as seen in this google street view from a few...
  16. J

    Umes flowering

    These are my new year additions and it has just been truly something else watching these bloom. I got the two pink umes from older club memebers and the little cuttings from a club raffle. The pink ones dont know what variety they are but they are around 25 years old or more they belonged to...
  17. AppleBonsai

    Nejikan Pomegranate For Sale #6

    **Pom #6- $15 + shipping (Continental US only) USPS Priority Mail only. It's usually $13.45 for the medium box to most zip codes and can combine shipping if you purchase more than one tree from me. I will be posting as fast as I can. -First to reply gets it. I will then PM you my PayPal and you...
  18. AppleBonsai

    Japanese Flowering Crabapple For Sale

    - $15 + shipping (Continental US only) USPS Priority Mail only. It's usually about $13 for the Medium Priority Mail box to most zip codes and can combine shipping if you purchase more than one tree from me. I will be posting as fast as I can! -First to reply gets it. I will then PM you my PayPal...
  19. Gdy2000

    Flowering Hibiscus

    Had the opportunity to hang out with @Stickroot yesterday and grab some great stuff. Being the great guy he is, he threw this one in at the end. Not only did it flower this morning, but my wife loves it, which sort of makes up for all the trees I brought home! Thanks again Adam, you're the best!
  20. camikins

    Tips to get crabapple to flower

    Hi - I've had a crabapple for a number of yrs (about 4 I think). It's happy and healthy, but has not flowered. Are there any particular pruning, or feeding tricks that I'm not doing right? I basically just feed once leaves are out, and repot every 2 to 3 yrs as needed, and try not to feed from...
  21. A Random User

    Cool new tree!

    Just picked up a rather sweet piece of material this past weekend... that is full of Flowers! A very, very old Singapore Holly (Malpighia coccigera). Plans? Not actually much... just clean up some of the problem areas. Will be treating this more like a Flowering Quince. Going with a...
  22. ColinFraser

    A Couple of Crabapples

    At the Shohin Convention last month I bought a few crabapples to play with - one of them appears to be dead, not dormant! Oops. Anyway, the two that are supposed to have white flowers are leafing out now. They're kind of ridiculous looking - a squat trunk with long straight upward shooting...
  23. V

    Korean Cherry

    Picked up this Korean Cherry from @bonsaibp's nursery today..Chopped it down, wired a few branches, bent the trunk and threw it in a pond basket where it'll stay for the next year or two....
  24. ColinFraser

    Nanking Cherry (Prunus tomentosa)

  25. aframe

    Red Japanese Quince

    Left for dead nursery reject; over a year of TLC and an August repot; finally rewarded.