1. RJG2

    Anyone? Korean mountain ash (Sorbus alnifolia)

    Has anyone seen or tried a Korean mountain ash bonsai? It seems like a great candidate. Unlike native mountain ash (Rowan), the leaves are not compound - plus, fall color and berries are great! My Google searches came up empty, aside from a couple passing comments here between @Leo in N E...
  2. Coach_

    Golden-Penny Hydrangea #1 Nursery Material (Help)

    I found this one tilted over in the discount area of my local garden store. Was covered in weeds in the soil and dead limbs, which ive since cleaned up. The gnarly base and cheapness of it made it a must buy. Problem is I do t know the first thing about Hydrangeas except they hate too much sun...
  3. oliviad

    Crab Apple Help

    Hello! I need some help with this crab apple… it’s no longer growing upright but jetting forward, and I have no idea what to do with it. I’m terrified of killing it, because this was one of my dad’s bonsais that I have been taking care of since he passed away. I’m fairly new to bonsai, still...
  4. FreshAirSunshine

    FreshAirSunshine's Urbanadori Twin Trunk Crabapple Development - Comments Welcome!

    This is a development thread for my urban collected twin trunk crabapple described here: https://www.bonsainut.com/threads/identification-help-crabapple-or-bradford-pear.58968/. This past year it was put into an 18" Anderson flat after significant chopping during and shortly after collection...
  5. SandSquid

    ‘Exbury’ Azalea?

    So my wife bought this ‘Exbury’ azalea last spring and then it just sat in the front yard in its nursery pot, up against the fence, and never got planted. Somewhere along the line the plastic nursery pot split open, exposing the root ball. I decided today to slip it into another pot for winter...
  6. RJG2

    Cascade bougainvillea

    From a cutting in 2020 I think. Surprised I don't have any earlier photos. Repotted into a cheap Chinese container and rewired today (only lost a few older flowers...). Guess I need a cascade stand now.
  7. S

    Question about a flowering male JBP

    Recently acquired a young (male, I assume) JBP that had flowered in between the time online pics were taken for sale and me receiving it. This means it has between 1-5 cm of missing needles on the lower parts of almost all its new shoots where the pollen-producing structures that develop in...
  8. MHBonsai

    Crabapple progression

    In 2017 I made an order with Brent with evergreen gardenworks for a one gallon malus… I think it is a sugar tyme variety. It was kind of a strange double trunk that I didn’t know what to do with and I knew I wanted size so I dropped into the ground for a season. It’s thickened up really...
  9. K

    Update on Satsuki Cuttings

    Hi all. I recently posted a thread asking some questions about Satsuki cuttings, in which I received a ton of helpful advice from experienced growers. Yesterday and today, I have been separating the cuttings from their pots and giving them their own pots, making sure not to disturb the root...
  10. Clorgan

    Fuchsia magellanica garden dig

    Posted this in fuchsia thread, so apologies if you're seeing twice! But aware that's a rather niche thread and may be missed (or just avoided 😂) Just dug up my ground fuchsia and potted. Hoping I've left enough roots?? Hoping I did, as this one could be rather nice! First photo is just dug...
  11. P

    Lavender star flowers

    Recently bought this lavender star a couple months ago and so far so good. It was starting to bud up alot more than when I first got it so I thought I was taking care of it well. But when the buds started flowering they only flower 1 at a time and by the time the next one flowers it will close...
  12. L

    Lorax7 Azalea “Hershey’s Red” #1 progression

    As usual, I forgot to take a picture of the nursery stock before working on it. Here it is in bloom, early summer 2020: Fall 2021:
  13. Pitoon

    For the love of Prunus mume...

    So I’m seriously working with Prunus mume, currently working with 22 cultivars. I’m doing some personal research on the best rootstock for grafting onto as well as which cultivars will root best by cuttings. Here’s a quick look on grafting a bud onto rootstock. If this bud survives and joins the...
  14. RJG2

    Old landscape Weigela

    Splitting it out into it's own thread from https://www.bonsainut.com/threads/rjgiis-threadless-projects.49075/ Seems to be doing well. June 22nd: Shoot selection and cut back (also June 22nd): July 15th:
  15. M

    New Sakuragata Satsuki, Need Some Help

    Hello friends, Today (May 20) I purchased a Sakuragata Satsuki azalea from Schley’s Bonsai nursery and I need help transforming it into something beautiful. I’m new to azalea bonsai. To begin, when is the best time to drastic prune this piece? Can I begin now (May)? Will duct seal work as...
  16. M

    Where to buy Satsuki?

    Hello friends, I have recently gained interest in having an azalea bonsai but I am stuck as to where I can find mature and thick trees to make one out of - particularly satsuki. I cannot find a single large, mature satsuki online that’s not already a bonsai and isn’t small. Does anyone know...
  17. Perrywinkle

    Wrightia religiosa variegata (and thoughts on variegated bonsai in general)

    Hello everyone. I was browsing online for tips on growing wrightia and I stumbled upon a rather impressive variegated form of Wrightia religiosa from Top Tropicals. Of course I instantly wondered whether this would make a good bonsai. It seems like just the new growth is white. Methinks it...
  18. I

    Impulse Bougie

    Yes, I suddenly bought this thing, it’s just nursery stock. I always look at bougies when I walk past tree shops, they’re always painfully straight and lollipop shaped. This one caught my attention because the flowers are tiny, it seems to have a triple trunk with good movement. I’ll only be...
  19. Melospiza

    Winter blooms of dwarf Serissa and Yaupon Holly

    My dwarf Yaupon holly and dwarf Serissa 'Kyoto' are bringing some cheer during this Arctic cold snap with their snowy, star-like blossoms. Both are in a pre-bonsai stage, and I may try to work on them this coming growing season. The holly is a male, and I have no female companions for him, so no...
  20. Rivka

    Rivka's Azalea 2020-2025 Contest Entry

    Been dragging my feet starting this entry, though following the contest since last winter and documenting my process, life, covid, and family being what it was, I half expected my entire collection to up and revolt. Well, my first Azalea I collected, lovingly by hand in March, did precisely that...
  21. Clorgan

    Spirea japonica, very root bound... Thoughts?

    Hello all! Spirea japonica - sparkling champagne. On sale, cheap cheap cheap, looks to have a pretty cool trunk/nebari... Good clump? It's very root bound, digging a little to see what's there. Some leaves fine, some not in the best nick at all. Reckon it'll be alright in current soil...
  22. Clicio

    My Prunus Mume is begging for your help (again!)

    The story is I was never really convinced this Ume could stay the way it was when I got it. Many of you helped me out with good suggestions last year, unfortunately airlayering it is out of question as it is almost impossible with Prunus. So today I woke up decided to chop it down (it's winter...
  23. Clorgan

    Lovely little Potentilla

    Ordered this shohin potentilla from Shoka Bonsai - I love it! Think it's got a lovely trunk line, great nebari and looks super healthy. And it came in a beautiful pot! Really pleased with it and excited to see where it can go. No immediate plans, but I can see this becoming a favourite of mine...
  24. Clorgan

    Azalea Japonica

    Hello all! Thread for my new azalea japonica, picked up cheap from a nursery near my work. This will be the last in my collection...for now ;) I wanted to try to develop a flowering bonsai, because who doesn't love flowers?! I read about choosing one that is a single plant rather than a...
  25. Amerssa

    Satsuki Problem

    Hi, this is my first post here, i´m kinda new to bonsai i´ve been practicing it for around 2 years now, last year my gf gave me this Satsuki Azalea (at least she said it was an Azalea, but i haven´t found any azaleas with similar leaves in my search.) and it was growing pretty well until last...
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