japaneese maple

  1. Rivian

    Are your landscape JMs still full of seeds?

    I was wondering when mature (seed-bearing) Japanese maples lose their seeds. Helps in deciding when to buy large JMs, if you want the seeds too. Have they lost most of their seeds by now, in your area? Also curious how deep a freeze kills exposed, dormant JM seeds.
  2. A

    Japanese Maple Sprouting New Growth and Leaves in September. What Should I do?

    Hi Everyone, I am new to the forum - hope this is an appropriate place for this, sorry if its not. I have a potted Japanese maple (6 inches tall) that I dug out of my mother in law's back yard in the early spring, it is not yet a bonsai but I want to train it into one. I brought it inside...
  3. Ming dynasty

    Where to buy?

    Hi everyone, the book I’m reading provided some nursery which I can buy seedlings/liners from. But it requires that I buy a wholesale amount or require some sort of licensing. Question where do y’all source for tree/seedlings, substrates and supply. Any recommendations are welcome have a good...
  4. Ming dynasty

    Seigen, arakawa, Deshojo Katsura

    Hi y’all I recently got into Bonsai world and dove in head first. I’m looking for someone with exp to guide me on the next few steps to get these tree towards the right direction. i repotted the seigen and arakawa (in wooded box) over a month ago before realizing that’s not the right thing to...
  5. Stweed

    Arakawa leaf burn or fungal?

    Hi all! I just noticed some spots on my Arakawa’s leaves and I’m wondering if it’s leaf burn or perhaps something fungal? Any thoughts are appreciated!
  6. Apex37

    Deformed Maple Leaves

    I'm thinking this is either fungal or light related. I have a Kentaro san JM which the newer leaves have tighter ridges, more defined lobes, some deformed and only having 3 points. I've treated earlier in the year with Bonide granular fungicide and insecticide. I'm guessing it's about time I...
  7. Apex37

    I Call This One....

    A miracle if it survives. 🤣 Seriously I haven't seen such bad roots before. I have no idea why this was in a 3 gal container. Most of the root mass was attached to what appeared to be a tap or main root that shot out at a weird angle straight down. The other half of the roots had VERY few...
  8. spiderland

    Repot my Japanese Maple?

    Hello everyone! I need some help as to whether or not I should repot my JM that I got from a nursery. The main reason isn’t for aesthetic, percolation, or nebari issues. It’s mostly to do with the size of the trunk. It just makes it to 1” in diameter, and I know that now is a good time to repot...
  9. L

    Lorax7 Autumn Moon #1 progression

    Japanese maple ‘Autumn Moon’ air layer harvested about a month ago. Showing some signs of life with new growth. This one struggled for a while after separation from the host tree. Not sure how it will fare over the winter. Hopefully, it will have a chance to recover some energy before the leaves...
  10. L

    Lorax7 Japanese Maple ‘Orange Dream’ #1 progression

    Nursery stock purchased this spring and repotted in Boon mix in a mesh bottom tray. My plan right now is to start taking air layers from it next year and eventually end up with a shorter tree in the process.
  11. L

    Lorax7 Japanese Maple ‘Fireglow’ #2 progression

    This is a Japanese Maple ‘Fireglow’ air layer harvested about a month ago.
  12. L

    Lorax7 Shishigashira #2 progression

    Japanese Maple ’Shishigashira’ bought from the nursery in spring 2021, repotted it and took an air layer from it. Here it is in fall 2021. Spray paint can for size reference.
  13. L

    Lorax7 Japanese Maple #1 progression

    This one is plain Japanese Maple, not a cultivar. First picture is from early summer 2018. I’d already repotted it out of its original nursery can by this point. Here’s a picture of it in summer 2020 healing after the first trunk chop: Fall 2021 Cleaned up a couple leftover dead bits...
  14. L

    Lorax7 Shishigashira #1 progression

    Bought the parent tree this spring. Repotted it and started this air layer at about the same time. Harvested this air layer about a month ago and potted in a mesh bottom tray. Here it is in fall 2021:
  15. L

    Lorax7 Japanese Maple dissectum #1 progression

    I think this one is a Crimson Queen JM, but I’d have to look around the garage to find the original tag to confirm. Here it is after it’s first repotting (2017): I hadn’t yet figured out at that point that you really need to cut off any branches occurring below the graft. Summer 2018: Fall...
  16. L

    Lorax7 Katsura #1 progression

    Air layer started in spring 2021 and harvested in the fall:
  17. L

    Lorax7 Arakawa #1 progression

    Air layer started this spring and harvested about a month ago:
  18. L

    Lorax7 Sango Kaku #2 progression

    Sango Kaku JM air layer (2021): The parent tree is Sango Kaku #1. I started the air layer in spring, shortly after it pushed the new leaves. Girdled the branch with a grafting knife, scraped the cambium layer off, and wrapped with moist sphagnum moss. Harvested the layer about a month ago and...
  19. L

    Lorax7 Bihou #1 progression

    Repotted into wooden box to grow, spring 2021. Here it is in fall, before and after doing some bending to put a bit of movement in the trunk. Broke one branch in the process, so I planted bits from that as cuttings. Haven’t had great luck with cuttings, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Note for...
  20. L

    Lorax7 Sango Kaku #1 progression

    I’m bad about remembering to take pictures before I start working on a tree and this is no exception. Fall 2019, after I’d repotted it into bonsai soil in this large planter with the intention of growing it out and thickening up the trunk a bit while I take air layers off the top: I’ve since...
  21. Bonsai Orange County

    New Japanese Maple potting Question

    Hi All. First, I’d like to take a moment to say how appreciative I am to be a part of the bonsa community. Although new to it I’ve learned SO much from reading this forum and loved every minute of it. This is my first post so thanks in advance for any/all responses. Since I’m new to bonsai, I...
  22. cornfed

    JM leaves look unhealthy. What have I done?

  23. cozmicat

    Any idea what’s wrong?

    Hey everyone, little background on this maple. Hey traded for an Alberta spruce in late April of 2021. I didn’t think anything of the maple at the time as I still had some maples that were waking up. Now that we are in the very last few days of spring in the PNW. I believe there is something...
  24. Apex37

    When to Trunk Chop?

    So I have a little cork bark JM that I picked up from Brent at Evergreen Gardenworks. I'm thinking it's going to need a trunk chop due to how far up the first branching starts. I'm not sure air-layering will provide much and not even sure I can do successfully with it being this young. I've read...
  25. Apex37

    Acer Palmatum 'Ibo Nishiki' - Cork Bark Maple #1

    This was my first purchase from Brent at Evergreen Gardenworks and I can't say I'm disappointed! Trees came in super healthy and honestly bigger than I thought. I could use some advice or care tips from here. This is tree #1. This guy has nice movement and then it's pretty straight till about...
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