japaneese maple

  1. MiyagiFan

    Sango Kaku Thoughts?

    Hello Bonsai Nuts! I'm new here and have been reading about the art of Bonsai for years but with very little practice. The extra time at home has re-inspired me to try again and take it a little more seriously this time. Very cool forum here with alot to sift through but would be interested in...
  2. Wilko

    Japanese Maple help for beginner

    Hello everyone I'm relatively new to bonsai and have a few Japanese maples I've been growing in pots a couple of years. Here is one of them I think its a 'Katsura' but could be wrong. So I'm after some suggestions on what to do. At the moment I'm planning on waiting till the buds start...
  3. j evans

    Help ID JM

    I have this different looking JM. Can anyone help me id it, let me know about it and is it worth keeping? Thanks for the help.
  4. Acer palmatum

    Acer palmatum

    Spooky Maple
  5. E

    Japanese Maples in Australia

    To whom this may concern, I was wondering on how it is possible to grow Japanese Maples in places like Brisbane, Australia, where the temperature never really drops down low enough to induce the natural, required dormancy period that Japanese Maples need to survive. Yet, I have found a couple...
  6. mwar15

    Japanese Maple Air Layer Help

    I air layered this Japanese Maple and cut it off the mother tree in April. It was 1 out of the 3 I tried on the Mother tree. It is on a single trunk I just buried it lower to keep it from moving and disrupting the soil. My Question is what to do as far as the next step? My thought is to...
  7. Grant Hamby

    Cut-Below-The-Graft Experiment

    I'm sure this has been done many times, but here's the idea: I got a couple weird Japanese maple varieties on clearance at a garden center. Both were grafted and both had long whips of the rootstock extending just below the graft. Last year I cut them below the graft so that the long whip...
  8. j evans

    J Maple Cuttings

    I have been trying to get cuttings off of my oversized landscape JM to root. I have tried planting them in the ground, planting in a pot with course soil mixture, in a pot with course soil mixture and a plastic bag over them. All were wounded and treated with growth hormone. I could get...