1. A

    Leggy old Itoigawa

    Bought this yesterday for a good price (<£100) at the Bonsai Boot sale (for our non-UK readers, a carboot sale is normally junk sold out of the back of a trunk, equivalent to a garage sale). It's gotten away from the previous owner but there is some great foliage tight to the trunk up at the...
  2. electraus

    Working with naturally occurring deadwood on collected conifers.

    Hi everyone, I recently acquired one of my first pieces of collected material — a Mendocino Pygmy cypress— and I have a question about working with the naturally occurring jin when they still have their outer layer of bark on them and have not been bleached by the sun. Am I supposed to remove...
  3. T

    Deodar Cedar shaping

    Picked up this beauty at a local nursery for an awesome price, couldn’t let it go. It’s been in the current pot for 3-4 years. Started out pretty straggly so I’ve started to clean it up although now I’m stuck on what to do next! I have 2 possibly new leaders and I’m reaching out to the more...
  4. skjohnson37

    Styling jin on Peter Tea redwood

    I recently acquired this tree from Peter Tea, and absolutely love it. My question is about the jin. The hard chop seems a different look to the soft curves of the branches and trunk. Should I do anything to the jin? And styling or carving or dremel work? I have patience but no knowledge or...
  5. S

    Looking for J'inspiration

    Hey nuts! I have recently gotten my hands on my new favorite tree, a larch yamadori! Said tree is early in development, and there is one feature on the back that I am entirely unsure how to attack. I've created jins before, but never with a stump of this magnitude. Just wondering if you guys...
  6. L

    Lorax7 Shimpaku Juniper #4 progression

    Forgot to take a “before” picture. I’ve had this Shimpaku for a year or two but hadn’t previously done anything to it besides repotting and creating a few jin. Started on creating some shari and wired up a few of the branches to get some movement in them while it’s still relatively easy to do...
  7. G

    Scot’s pine Jin help

    Hi all, when Is the right time to create jins on new Scot’s pine in training? Thanks just attached a photo of them after being dug up and will post pics of them after wiring and jins
  8. G

    When to create Jin on Scot’s pine England

    Hello all, I am new to working with pines and I have a Scot’s pine I want to create jins on the branches I won’t be using but I’m unsure on what time of year is best and if the tree will bleed out if I were to. I’m in England and it’s currently winter thanks sean
  9. G

    When to create jins on Scot’s pine uk

    Hi everyone, would like any help on when to create Jins on a Scot’s pine here in the uk. Currently in winter and I am not sure if creating Jin will allow sap to bleed out and kill my tree thanks sean
  10. Jan JC

    Jin liquid substitute ?

    Hi everyone! I'm planning on doing a Jin on some of my bonsais, so I'll have to buy Jin liquid. The problem is that I won't use so much, maybe I just need to apply a few brush strokes to my bonsai , and Jin liquid is sold in very large quantities. Furthermore, I've only found it online, so I'd...
  11. M

    New to Bonsai. Asking for bald cypress development guidance

    Hello all, I just joined the forum and am quite excited to start my first bald cypress bonsai project. A little backstory: I collected this BC in southern Florida in 2019 while I was working down there, and moved it back with me to upstate NY in late summer 2019. I put it in a temporary pot for...
  12. Gottibonsai

    Mame Juniper cutting progression

    Hi! I'm an 18 years old italian guy and I'm into bonsai since 2016. That's my first thread ever on this forum and I'm so excited. I want to show you a brief evolution of this mame juniper that was gifted to me from a friend in 2018. It was already a 3 years old cutting. Unfortunately I don't...
  13. Saddler

    Picea Glauca Yamadori test tree.

    I was up north last week transporting an RV back to Vancouver and wanted to collect a few yamadori in various places along the back to test the conditions they were growing in for a future collecting excursion. I found one place that had some amazing trees. Dozens and dozens of trees worth...
  14. PiñonJ

    White Fir (Abies concolor) fall collection

    Collected this Abies concolor last weekend. I had seen it in the spring and passed it up because the buds were already opened. Here's the current front. Here's the right side. Something killed the top and everything on this side. There was new growth on that side in the spring, which was...
  15. E

    New Here, Questions about a Juniper

    I'm new to bonsai and new to this site. I've been purchasing nursery stock plants as pre-bonsai locally but have been having a hard time finding anything suitable or of significant enough size to do anything with. I'm being patient and trying to grow out some of these plants. Recently I found...
  16. Saddler

    Hinoki Cypress, is it a cascade style?

    I have had this tree a year and a half. I repotted it last spring and took it to my club last month to get tips on how to style it. Did I ever. This is how it turned out. before: Today Once the wire is off, I'll start work on refining the jins. Any suggestions for a pot? I...
  17. IMG_3502


    2nd Tree I styled beginning to be one of my favorite trees!
  18. RileyJFDB13


    Hello All, This pass week I have been at Yosemite National Park and I tried to take pictures when possible that some may draw inspiration from. Here are those photos: Root on rock, Crazy redwood Jin, Natural Clump styles Top that has died off and branch that took over.
  19. Lauren Shisler

    So I went to naturesway bonsai...

    I went in for a 101 class cause I clearly had no idea what I was doing.. And with the awesome help of Gary, I came out with a tree! I got to learn all the basics of tools, trimming, repotting, all sorts of care and wiring! Now. This thing by no means is a master piece, I think of it more as a...
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