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  1. A

    Help with care for Hinoki cypress / juniper. Browning, white marks.

    Hi! So im pretty experienced with atlantic cypress in my own time having grown bonsai - but ive recently been given a small tree by a friend who was struggling to care for it. They've told me it was sold to them as 'Chamaecyparis Obtusa - Hinoki cypress / Juniper' to be kept indoors (we're in...
  2. SmallTreeGuy

    Gray tips on foliage and dull color

    Hey everyone, A couple of weeks ago I posted a Juniper that was and still is pretty sickly. I’m trying to get it happier. A lot of the foliage is growing but I have a section that has just been at a standstill and not grown at all since I’ve been tending to it. I believe the juniper has...
  3. robertonotte

    Learning how to design: Feedback needed

    I'm learning how to design and looking for feedback to improve my skills. I'm sending the before and after of a plant I just modeled. Kindly give me your opinion, including tips on what could have been done differently.
  4. W

    Shaping Juniper Bonsai

    Hi Everyone I was gifted a Juniper Bonsai back in December and I have been recently thinking about trying to shape and prune it. Right now it’s in a nursery pot and is looking quite bushy. It has one main stem that goes up then curves to the side with other branches coming off of it. Ideally...
  5. SmallTreeGuy

    Help styling Juniper with beautiful trunk

    Hello everyone! I’m in Texas, zone 8a. I’ve had this Parson’s juniper for about 2 years I I’ve let it recover for a couple of growing seasons, as I had given it a few pretty good insults since I bought it from nursery stock. (ie. changing potting angle, working roots and getting the king whips...
  6. R

    Juniperus chinensis "Pyramidalis" multi-trunk beginning

    Hi folks, I did a bit of snipping at some nursery stock over the May bank holiday and thought Id come on here for a bit of advice. I'm still very much a novice, but I think there's a nice multi-trunk bonsai in here with a few years' work. The tip I found recently about clipping out the large...
  7. Clicio

    Itoigawa help needed.

    I want to ask for help. I have a juniper tree that has been behaving the same way for 2 years: it sprouts normally, starts to elongate and dries from the inside out. Other than that, the tree is healthy. In the pictures you can see two types of sprouting, scales and spiky (a sign of stress), but...
  8. Tntthunder

    Juniper branches died over winter, Why?

    So mid autumn I wired up my first trees. Two junipers that I bought at a nursery. They then spent most of the winter ranging from -3 to -22 Celcius buried under snow on my apartments balcony as I protected them from the wind as best as possible One juniper I wired 3/4 branches, the other I...
  9. Andre_J

    Is this normal spring growth?

    Temps have been in the 50s and 60s the last week and I’ve noticed some lighter foliage on my Shimpaku. Little white flowers are also coming out around the entire tree. Any advice or reassurance would be great. Thanks.
  10. J

    Should I prune discolored branches from my juniper?

    My juniper recently suffered a spider mite attack, and I’ve been treating it with neem oil spray for a while. I managed to get rid of the spider mites, but they managed to harm several branches where the infestation began. I was wondering if I should prune the dead parts away now or wait until...
  11. Y

    Juniper is Dying

    Posted a few weeks ago and since then my juniper has declined even more. Any ideas on what I could be dealing with? Do I need to cut everything off except for the one tiny healthy branch? Little black spots everywhere. You can kind of see them in the pictures but the main concern is all the tips!
  12. M

    Is my Juniper dead?

    Hello, I bought a Juniper a week ago but I didnt do a scratch test to check the cambium layer. Now, after a week I did a check and it's white inside on various places. At the trunk as wel as the branches. Is this normal during colder periods or is there no life in the tree anymore? Since the...
  13. Hartinez

    Tall and slender one seed juniper

    Collected this tree last fall. From the moment I collected it, it showed little to no signs of stress, and through this season threw out a ton of new growth, all of which was mature. When I potted it, I actually significantly shallowed the root ball and reduced its circumference. This thing...
  14. Tntthunder

    A couple of questions about Chinese Junipers

    I keep seeing Junipers like these and they look absolutely beautiful. First how do they make the trunks on Junipers so thick? All the ones I tend to see at nurseries are small and thin. Secondly what is all the dead wood called? How is it created? Is that old parts of the tree or have they...
  15. Stanny

    Design help

    I’m new to bonsai and I’ve figured out the front but been kinda stuck on the design of this juniper. I wonder if I should have the lower branches go lower. Any thoughts?
  16. RhyleeRebecca

    White mold? Mineral deposits?

    Hello all, I’m a newbie (2 yrs ish) and my juniper has developed this bumpy looking white / tan stuff on the visible roots / lower trunk, this is my first encounter with any health issues in a tree so I’m wondering - does it look like white mold? Mineral deposits? (See photos attached) Any...
  17. RhyleeRebecca

    Juniper has bits of sap on trunk

    Hello all! My juniper has developed tiny drops (maybe 0.5cm at largest) of sap on its trunk - I’m fairly new to bonsai, this tree is kept outdoors full time, 6+ hours of sun per day, have been watering normally, has been fertilized normally, minimal pruning of mature foliage I haven’t really...
  18. RhyleeRebecca

    Twin trunk juniper styling help

    I’m rather new (couple years) to bonsai and I picked up this (what was labeled as) Grey Owl Juniper at a local nursery. It’s a good healthy tree and came already with some wire on it, and I’m not sure the best way to style this tree. It’s a twin trunk at the moment but feels a bit clunky...
  19. JaiDoubleU

    Need Shaping Advice

    I received this little juniper for Christmas and would like some advice on shaping it. Any thoughts would be appreciated
  20. brennobonsai

    Help me to style my shohin juniperus bonsai

    Hi! It's been a while since I posted anything here because all my plants are still very small and thin and some were planted in the ground to thicken. But I still have some in my backyard like this Juniperus strickta (I don't know exactly). It's in this big pot but it's only in organic soil that...
  21. RELogan887

    New to Bonsai, Juniper Procumbens

    Hey all, Just got a Juniper and wondering if I can repot it to a nice ceramic I got with it. It’s cold one here in Ontario now but I got it from just down the street. Though it was a greenhouse with a nice climate, my window is bit cooler. I haven’t watered yet and just wondering if it’s ok to...
  22. Clicio

    Shimpaku Literati styling

    Two versions of this tree, as it is now and a virtual, taking off the lower left branch. I think it feels lighter and more elegant without the branch, but my concern is with the health of the tree; too little foliage and junipers struggle. Should I jin it anyway and hope for the best? As it is...
  23. A

    Hello Everyone !

    I am Andres, I am a beginner in the need of help on getting in to the bonsai world, I have been watching videos and reading a lot, but I realized there are so many things I may need to ask. I hope to get your advice and hopefully not to get confused with the amount of information there may be...
  24. A

    Shaping a Nana Juniper

    I have been working with bonsai for about a year and a half, so I am familiar with many of the basic ideas of how to trim and shape trees. However, this last year got away from me with this juniper, these runners kept growing and at first I was going to move this tree into a training pot, but...
  25. J

    RMJ Design Advice

    Hey Bonsai Nuts, Here is an RMJ I was able to repot this year in early spring. I have not designed too many bonsais yet, so my experience in designing is very little. I've decided on two fronts but I really need help narrowing it down. I've marked where I'm imagining where I could possibly...
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