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  1. LunaticTree

    Yamadori Construction side collection

    Check thoose out! As a Landscapegardener I regulary come across unwnated Trees and saplings, those two here have ben at a recent constructioin site and have ben dug up before they came with the bulldozer to eliminate whatever was left of the Trees. As you can see they are a little bit "sad"...
  2. Y

    First Bonsai.

    Hello all! Brand new to the forum and this is my first post. Also brand new to bonsai. Got my first juniper the other week at the mall. ( yes I know that’s a terrible place to get one). When I brought it home it was in a very tiny ceramic pot with very thick organic soil. The first thing I did...
  3. J

    Browning needles

    I recently got a juniper bonsai and I am noticing some needles browning. It’s outside all day with half day sun. It’s currently around 80 degrees F and I water it everyday. Why is it browning? Pictures attached
  4. J

    Growing in the Midwest

    Hello all! I just got my first Juniper Bonsai this summer and I am slowing figuring it out. I am thinking ahead to the winter time and I have a few questions. I live in the Midwest where it drops to the 20’s and 10’s fahrenheit often. I know that Junipers love to be outside and they need to be...
  5. Hartinez

    Nursery Shimpaku Progression

    This Shimpaku can also be found in this thread Here. Along with another nursery shimpaku found. The other one was put in the 3 year vault so I decided to start a dedicated thread for this Tree. I bought this tree September of 2020 and left it be till this spring. This tree was part of a...
  6. AnutterBonsai

    Uppotting mallsai

    Hello all! My first post, long time lurker. I have three mallsai, one Chinese elm and two junipers; my question is: I’d like to uppot them for thickening of trunk and growth and development of the trees. What type of soil will I need for both types of trees? I live in Houston, TX Bonus question...
  7. B

    Itoigawa Shimpaku Yellowing & Browning Help?

    Over the last couple of weeks my beautiful tree has been turning yellow and browning at the tips. I've been in constant care for this tree since I got it and now I'm not sure what is happening. Is anyone familiar with this coloring and cause?
  8. D

    Please help! Green tips have turned brown

    Hi, I just joined the site/forum because I’m really hoping to get some help and advice. I was gifted a beautiful 19 year old juniper bonsai for my birthday in March. It lives outside in my backyard in Washington DC and it’s from New York so we were assured it’s in the proper climate. For the...
  9. F

    How to style?

    Any idea on how I should style this Shimpaku?
  10. Apex37

    Juniper Styling -- Apex

    Well finally got around to trimming and styling this juniperus virginiana I bought from Lowe's for $2 back in February. I got him when I first was starting up bonsai and really had no idea what I was doing. I hadn't done anything with him other than trying to keep him alive as he looked rough...
  11. C

    Will this branch survive?

    Greetings! I am very new at bonsai and definitely need some specific advice. I was wiring a branch and the tip of the wire twisted under the bark and completely removed it as I wound the wire around the branch. I realize my mistake there (should have left some slack on the wire where I started)...
  12. Apex37

    Struggling Junipers

    Hi all, I have been really struggling with Junipers and I feel like my problem is lack of sunlight, but maybe I'm wrong. Either way, I could really use some tips. My house is kinda in a bad spot for full sun trees and I'm finding this out as our neighbor's tree has grown excessively the past...
  13. A

    Any Good Advice on Bonsai Forests?

    Hello! I am somewhat new to Bonsai and I have been practicing for a few years now. I live in zone 10a in West Palm Beach, Fl. I have a desire to create another Bonsai Forest, but what thinking of doing an evergreen style look. I understand our local pines have too long of needles, so I was...
  14. Shogun610

    Browning Tips on Juniperus Chinensis

    Figured I’d post in here to ask. So I had small branches near the apex that was wired up last fall.. Coming out of dormancy these branches were all brown and looked like we’re dying ... 2 weeks ago I repotted this in a mostly pumice substrate with some lava and hard akadama. It didn’t look so...
  15. Apex37

    Browning on Juniper

    Not sure if this should even be of concern, but I noticed some brown spots on some portions of my juniper. I got him from eBay probably 2 weeks ago. I just rather play it safe than sorry and reach out to those who know probably more. I haven't watered him in about 4-5 days, so I did that to...
  16. Apex37

    Help ID This Juniper

    Can someone help ID what specific type of juniper this is? It was sold as juniperus horizontalis, but just wanted to verify. I appreciate any help!
  17. BeneficialCucumber

    Opinion and Help for new Juniperus Chinensis Pre-Bonsai

    Hello everyone! I'm new to Bonsai and I need help with my first Pre-Bonsai, I've only been shaping 2 year old trees until now. The tree is a 20cm (about 7.8 inches) 17 year old Juniperus Chinensis. I know the bonsai styling choices are very personal, so I'd like to ask what the first thing that...
  18. J

    Juniper Issues

    Hello everyone I have a questions of Juniper given to me as gift. I currently live in New Jersey and have it outside in un heated sunroom in a east facing window. I noticed the rocks on top of soil seemed to be glued on so removed and added plastic to protect from cold in winter. My issue is...
  19. JBP_85

    Foundling Juniper (Juniperus virginiana??)

    Hi Everyone, I was walking my dogs through a local park yesterday and came across a downed oak tree. We’ve had a lot of rain and high winds lately. When the oak fell it uprooted some other plants at its base. This Juniper (at least I think it’s a juniper, possibly juniperus virginiana from...
  20. Clicio

    Itoigawa behaving like a teenager.

    One of my junipers, an Itoigawa, wasn't reppoted, hard pruned, trimmed or trashed around for one and a half years. The only work done to the tree was wiring it by the end of the winter. It is healthy and growing fast, but... As you can see, there is a mix of scale and juvenile shoots, and I see...
  21. Gottibonsai

    Mame Juniper cutting progression

    Hi! I'm an 18 years old italian guy and I'm into bonsai since 2016. That's my first thread ever on this forum and I'm so excited. I want to show you a brief evolution of this mame juniper that was gifted to me from a friend in 2018. It was already a 3 years old cutting. Unfortunately I don't...
  22. Hartinez

    You be the judge. Blue Pfitzer Juniper

    Sup Nuts. Thought I’d have a little fun with this one. I’ve always done as I pleased in terms of styling, but I thought I’d open the floor on this Blue Pfitzer Juniper I bought for $30. Purchased this one just over a month ago. And all I did was run a few skewers through the dense root ball...
  23. W

    What type of juniper is this

    Hi guys, I bought 2 junipers from a local nursery a few years apart. Both were sold as Itoigawas, however the new one looks very different to the one I got a couple years back. any help identifying them would be great. thanks
  24. Hartinez


    Hey Everyone. Been pretty silent on here lately. Though I've still been quite busy with Bonsai stuff. Personal life has been all over the place. Sold a house, moved, bought land, moved again, designing a new house, 3 KIDS ALL DAY EVERY DAY, trying to keep my business afloat, KIDS ALL DAY...
  25. F

    Is this an itoigawa Juniper?

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