1. C

    Maple guess

    Any idea what kind of acer palmatum is this ? Photo made today.
  2. LeoMame

    Curious pattern on palmatum's bark

    Hello bonsai people, I wondered what this curious pattern on my maple's bark could be. There are patches, here and there, and they're most visible when the trunk is wet. Any ideas? Thanks!
  3. Caleb Campbell

    Japanese Maple Field Growing Progression Thread

    I just planted some of my smaller palmatums in the ground, and I want to get a sense of their development speed. I have had a hard time finding any threads showcasing Japanese maples' speed of trunk growth in the ground over the course of years. I see lots of refinement progressions, but not...
  4. Fishtank307

    A. palmatum 'kotohime' clump

    It's been a long time since I posted here! I want to start a thread to follow the progress of this kotohime clump I got last year: It started to leaf out last week, so I repotted it into this oval pot: I'm planning on airlayering one or two branches that are growing inward. The overall...
  5. I

    Surprise Me Maples

    A month or so ago I bought a few maple seedlings to make a fusion/forest type deal. Now I reckoned i wanna play around and make a mame, or even a shito. I didn’t take a cutting from my tree because I wanna boost growth a bit, so I just bought another since they’re only 6 or 6 RMB (about 1...
  6. JTrips

    Help ID Old A. Palmatum variety

    On my stroll down Main St. today, noting tree progress and scavenging seed, I came upon a large A. palmatum (I'm new here so don't trust me). It has a high resolution twig profile, and a small leaf. There are few seeds hanging still, but enough to help ID the seeds deposited in the tree...
  7. Deshojo Maple 03.jpg

    Deshojo Maple 03.jpg

    Leafing out. 1st March 2020
  8. Deshojo Maple 02.jpg

    Deshojo Maple 02.jpg

    First re-pot
  9. Deshojo Maple 01.jpg

    Deshojo Maple 01.jpg

    Bought from Herons Bonsai. January 2020
  10. Shirikatsu

    Airlayering Arakawa main trunk to remove grafted rootstock?

    Apologies if this question has been asked before. I can only find questions about vanilla air layering Arakawa Maples. I've found a few sources of Arakawa pre-bonsai that have established root bases but there's a very clear line between the non-Arakawa root stock and the graft point where the...
  11. ConorDash

    A health timeline? Or I’m silly?

    Hi, Been a while since I posted much here, busy with life, but the trees are simply growing and increasing in health and vigor, I hope. I have seen good signs from my maple, and the pics below show a few branches of it. What it seems like, and I could be wrong but it seems like the branch is...
  12. ConorDash

    Acer P leaves

    Hey look, I made another leaf thread about my maple! Bloody thing... Apparently it is just never happy! Anyways, what do people think of this.. Leaves seemed more hardened off now, not as pale. It's being fertilised with miracle grow liquid fert, with some seaweed extract, once a week. It...
  13. Saddler

    RoR Acer P. on Nephrite

    When I moved into my townhouse almost two years ago, a maple had been growing from seed in an overgrown pot in the backyard with roots that went almost straight down. I was gutting the yard and nothing was going to be left back there so it either had to die or get repotted. I have a few pieces...
  14. jordystokes

    Something black on the branches of my Acer palmatum viridis dissectum

    Didn't have time to take a picture this morning. Sorry. I will describe the best I can and add pictures later. Tree: Acer palmatum - viridis dissectum. Not a bonsai yet, in a large pot. Has leaf burn from the summer. Leaves are starting to turn to their fall color. As I can tell it is...
  15. ColinFraser

    $35 Trunk

    I picked up this japanese maple at a landscape nursery on my way home from work this evening . . . at a reduced price because it's damaged ;) So am I - we should get along fine.
  16. N

    Fat Japanese Maple, where to chop?

    Just picked up this fat kashima palmatum. The top is a jumble of options, I plan on trying for some cuttings. I bought it with the intent of some sort of sumo, but I'm not sure how far I should take it down. Thoughts on where to cut? I'm not afraid of starting from a stump, as that was the...
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