1. Apex37

    Newer to Pine and Just Wanted to Check

    I just wanted to make sure this wasn't a fungal or pest problem and just sap. I'm still fairly new to pines so wanna be sure.
  2. LeoMame

    Akamatsu yamadori - shari, resin, questions/doubts

    Hello everyone, I start this thread because I was a bit unsuccessful in finding info about this. I recently acquired a Japanese Red Pine, of yamadori origin, with a spectacular shari that runs over the whole lenght of the trunk (I will follow with some pictures). The question I have for you is...
  3. LeoMame

    insect ID + advice with flaky bark bonsais

    Hello Bonsai people, this morning I spotted 3 or 4 of these tiny insects on the trunk of one my JRP, and as I have no idea of what they could be, let's see if anyone might have some suggestions. These are dark red, not really moving (but when removed from the tree I could see some wee legs...
  4. ecalvillo7

    Pine question... growth without candles?

    Hi Bonsai Nuts! I got a pine from a friend some months ago and started to see some budding in the needles that were cut. It seems as if it does not grow by candles but by budding where the cut was made... so, now i don´t know if it is really a pine, or is it a different species of tree? Any help...
  5. Rivian

    Do pines bud back from internodes?

    I dont know pines well. I saw one that was maybe 1.6m tall and the space between its whorls was up to 50cm. Pinus sylvestris I believe. But I think they can grow branches from all those goosebumps? So internodes are not a concern on Pines?
  6. Clicio

    JRP Cascade Styling - T bar branches have to go?

    Hello all. My Red Pine is healthy and growing well under the first warm days of Autumn (it was horrible for almost 4 months of summer; 100ºF and above every day). Trouble is, I need some ideas. I got it one year ago as a present from a good friend, that had grown it from seedling, so it was his...
  7. Clicio

    JRP yellowing needle tips

    It's Spring here in South America and some needles of my cascade red pine are turning yellow on the tips. New growth (this year's) is blue/green with no yellowing; but old needles have visibly damaged tips. I have searched online, and at other bonsai forums, but apparently could be from "normal"...
  8. oliviad

    Tiny Bugs Big Pine

    Hi All - My pine has tiny beetles! Well, bugs. Not sure if they’re beetles. This white fungus(?) appeared on the trunk this season and the little buggers have followed. I’m worried because this is an old, old, OLD tree. Any help would be great. Pics attached. Olivia
  9. B

    Picea Abies dying

    Been growing without issues until recently. Don't know why. Watered 1 - 2 time daily. Any help is appreciated.
  10. Z

    Any ideas for pruning this nursery pine?

    I got rid of a few unsightly branches and now im stumped with what to do with it... im not going for an "instant bonsai" but i have little experience with pines and need some kind of idea. Don't plan to repot for a while.. Any tips will help
  11. Forest Bean

    Collected pine seedlings

    Hello nuts, I collected these three pine seedlings while I was out. I got them in the state of Maryland. They have 4-5 needles in each fascicle. The only 5-needle pine I know that is native to my area is Pinus strobus the Eastern white pine. Here is a photo of a Pinus strobus seedling I...
  12. jriddell88

    Southwestern white pine; strobiformis

    Collected by Alvaro in 2016 . Seemed to be vigorous pushing buds has a pot full of fine rootage , so we smashed it down , rootball will be looked at in the spring and .......... Let it grow
  13. Pachycaul

    Air Layering Pinus edulis

    Since @PiñonJ asked for it:eek:! As posted earlier in 'Air layering a short needled pine in Southern Louisiana,' this is my second attempt to layer a branch of mature wood from a native pinon. In addition to the documented difficulty of layering pines in general, this particular tree is...
  14. jriddell88

    Couple of ugly ducklings

    American elm from @Stickroot finally got the chop this year and a new pot finally I carved away all the dead wood ,took a handful of root cuttings from the left side a few didn't make it but I'll post some pictures later , and a poor little shohin yatsubusa black pine with a burl. Half are...
  15. J

    Critique and Style advice wanted for JBP

    Hi All, I am relatively new to the forum and just diving back into bonsai after a 10 year hiatus. I didn't want to start completely fresh again so I dove in head first and bought this Japanese Black Pine. Now that I have it, and have had a chance to really look at it, it seems too textbook...
  16. J

    Advice needed on repotting a recently shipped JBP

    Hello everyone, I just received a large Japanese Black Pine. The previous owner suggested I repot it this Spring but I am concerned about doing it too soon after receiving it. It arrived from Oregon to Louisiana, both Zone 8, but spent 4 Days in a box during transit. Depending on the source...
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