1. Bonsilot

    Help Rooting Olive Cuttings

    Yesterday I removed several thick cuttings from my European Olive because I'm removing a branch. I've potted them up in a mix of about 50/50 potting soil and pumice. The containers all have drainage holes in the bottom and sides. I trimmed much of the foliage, covered the major cuts with putty...
  2. Apex37

    Brown Spot on Japanese Holly Cuttings

    Just curious if anyone has insight as to what might be going on here. Probably a very basic question with a lot of possibilities, but I’m still trying to nail down propagation. I have these guys in pure perlite and noticed some are browning on leaves. Moisture looks to be fine, but maybe they’re...
  3. B

    Maple cuttings failing in propagation box, user error?

    Hi, I'm relatively new to propagating maple cuttings and need some more experienced advice. My Japanese maple cuttings last summer dried out while under the deck. Even after misting half a dozen times a day, the high heat, humidity, and wind won. This year I tried a clear tote propagation...
  4. F

    Strong U.K. rooting hormone

    Hello all, I'm wondering if anyone might be able to point me towards a industrial strength rooting hormone that is available in the U.K.? I have read some threads talking about "Hormodin 3" but unfortunately, its not obtainable here. I'm looking for something primarily for Acer cuttings, which...
  5. Dank Piscean

    First Air Layer of Red Maple in Front Yard

    It's through bonsai that I discovered what "air layering" was so I thought I'd give it a try on this Red Maple I have in my front yard. I believe its a bloodgood and there's a couple others on the same and neighboring blocks since they seem to be popular here. I love the color they give during...
  6. S

    Propagating Cherry Blossom Cuttings

    Hi, I was watching a video and i'm confused on which method i should do, currently i have the cuttings like this, should i put them in soil instead?
  7. P

    Hong kong Kumquat/ Kinzu

    Hello Everyone, Does anyone have experience with Kinzu as bonsai? I've seen allot of pictures of them in Japanese exhibitions, but information on them seems practically non-existent. Also, are they able to be grown as cuttings, or do they need to be seed grown? Thankyou
  8. Insect

    Ficus nerifolia propagated in a large outdoor pot

    So this tree was a little clipping on February 2021, now it is shaped nice. I had it in a 3 gallon pot, outdoors since May, topsoil. The roots were mostly fine and radial, did a 10% root reduction and 10% off the top. Goal: To reduce the height by 2" and get new branches where the lower...
  9. K

    Growth rate many airlayers vs single plant

    Hey guys, Lately I've been quite obsessed🥴 with propagating japanese maple cultivars via air layers and being as efficient as possible at it, i.e. maximizing growth/gains. I keep wondering whether having many smaller plants of the same cultivar produces a generally higher amount of accumulated...
  10. henrykiser

    Accidental Groundlayer Adventure

    We just closed on a great new place and I’ve been taking stock of the flora on the property. At first I was annoyed with the messy unkempt beds of azaleas that hadn’t been cleared of fallen leaves but realized many had thrown ground layers under the rotten leaves! Will try to leave some to...
  11. Rivian

    Help me propagate a red JM in August

    This is about the tiny leaf JM I found. 1.4m tall, upright, non-dissected red leaves. Well I found the nursery it was bought from, went there and they didnt have it there and couldnt even name the cultivar. I want to get my claws on this already xD So one way or another I will attempt to...
  12. rollwithak

    Seed Starting: Success Stories, Problems, Ect.

    Hi All, I tried to look for a similar thread and couldn’t find! I have started my indoor seed starter operation and am just looking to have a place where we can share tips/tricks, what’s worked for people and what hasn’t. Perhaps find some common issues that are easily avoided. I have been...
  13. hemi71cuda

    Ezo Spruce cuttings

    My friend gave me an ezo spruce this summer because I’d been talking about taking cuttings and trying to propagate more for the future. I’m lucky enough to have started bonsai relatively young(30’s) so this is a project I’ll be able to see through. I recently completed my first attempt and took...
  14. I

    Zone 10 Japanese Maple

    I’ve got 10 of these right outside my dorm. I never really bothered with them but now I’m getting curious whether I could pull it off. Now, I figured it might be too hot but then I remembered that if you pot a tree it jumps down 2 zones. I can clearly see that the trees that get some afternoon...
  15. D

    Best time to air layer azalea?

    My friend has a cool looking azalea (not sure what variety) that his parents want to propagate. They've tried taking cuttings but they have failed to take root. I live in zone 8b.
  16. RobertB

    Bougainvillea Cuttings Started - Help with - Propogation Methods

    So I finally brought myself to purchase a bougainvillea this summer with plans on propagating some cuttings for bonsai training. I had always heard that bougies were some of the easiest to propagate. I haven't done anything to the mother plant yet besides snip some branches off on 7/22 to make...
  17. milehigh_7

    Article Dr. Norman Deno: 2nd Supplement to Seed Germination Theory and Practice 2018-01-02

    The Second Edition of Seed Germination Theory and Practice and the First and Second Supplements provide data on the germination of about five thousand species. These data provide a basis for either exactly knowing the germination pattern or for making a reasonable prediction of the germination...
  18. milehigh_7

    Article Dr. Norman Deno: 1st Supplement to Seed Germination Theory and Practice 2018-01-01

    I INTRODUCTION This is the First Supplement to the Second Edition of Seed Germination Theory and Practice. Contained herein are data on 40 new families, 518 new genera, 1117 new species, and updates of earlier work on 282 species. In general, the principles and germination patterns presented in...
  19. milehigh_7

    Article Seed Germination Theory and Practice -- Dr. Norman Deno 2nd Edition

    Dr. Norman Deno's book lists over 2500+ species and gives pretreatments if any to assist in the removal of delay mechanisms. EVERY SPECIES OF PLANT HAS ONE OR MORE MECHANISMS FOR DELAYING GERMINATION. UNTIL THE SEED IS DISPERSED (Chapters 5-12). This principle pervades every aspect of seed...
  20. milehigh_7

    Grow mat thermostat

    I need some recommendations on economical thermostats. Please and thanks!
  21. sparklemotion

    Humidity Tray "grid" - there's got to be a better way

    For ease of watering (and upping the local humidity) I'd like to put some of my tropicals on humidity trays. I am not a fan of the tray+gravel+pot method, even though the gravel does look pretty. I'd prefer a nice, sciencey looking grid, like these Humidi-Grow trays that Bonsai Boy has. The...
  22. parhamr

    Trays of 16+ established rooted cuttings (Western N America natives)

    I am offering trays of 16+ strongly rooted cuttings from trees native to Western North America. At first I will have Western Hemlock (Tsuga heterophylla) and Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii var. menziesii). In the future I may have Port Orford cedar (Chamaecyparis lawsoniana), Western...
  23. parhamr

    Shishigashira project (air layering)

    I've wanted some fancy maple cultivars, so I trekked down to "Garden World" where premium landscaping trees are sold on consignment by local growers. For $75, I got a 6' tall Shishigashira Japanese Maple in a 6 gallon nursery can. It appears to be grafted about 5" above the soil line, but it's...
  24. parhamr

    So I bought 225 native tree seedlings…

    …what a time to be alive! This Weyerhaeuser nursery in Oregon produces 11 million seedlings each year. They’re sold in bags of 80–200; here’s what you see when opening a bag of 125 Western Hemlock: Our friend @Vance Wood has bemoaned that the nursery trades do not make these species readily...
  25. Cerauno

    Whitebark Pine — Propagating from Cones

    Hello! Let me start off by saying that I've set out on a very ambitious project; propagate at least one whitebark pine sapling from harvested pine cones. • Why I Want Whitebark Pine: - I moved to Montana several years ago and was struck by how beautiful this endangered (and naturally rare)...
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