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  3. ragenmoan

    "folding" ume branches

    I came across this Japanese Youtube video where they crush prunus mume branches and bend them downwards, very similar to "super cropping" cannabis plants to increase budding. Anyone know or have tried this and know if it achieves anything more than creating an extreme angular bend? Maybe...
  4. M

    Baby Prunus Mume not entering dormancy, should I be worried?

    A couple months ago I got a baby Prunus Mume 'Hokkai Bungo' from Brent at EGG, and it still has all its leaves which are still green. The other prunus species I have already dropped their leaves, and I'm getting concerned that I'm not seeing it enter dormancy. I live in SoCal (Ventura County)...
  5. Perrywinkle

    Is Prunus mume the best flowering fruit tree for bonsai?

    I have been looking into Prunus species for bonsai and can only find information on Prunus mume and sometimes Prunus serrulata. I understand that oftentimes the most common species is used for a reason, and that Prunus mume is more hardy to disease than some other species. But is it really that...
  6. R3x

    Interesting video on Prunus Mume branch wiring

    Found this today: Interesting approach on getting sharp bends.
  7. Pitoon

    For the love of Prunus mume...

    So I’m seriously working with Prunus mume, currently working with 22 cultivars. I’m doing some personal research on the best rootstock for grafting onto as well as which cultivars will root best by cuttings. Here’s a quick look on grafting a bud onto rootstock. If this bud survives and joins the...
  8. K

    Ground-layering to get rid of grafts

    Hey guys, I recently came across two articles, that, if I understand them correctly, state you can use ground-layering to remove grafts from 1. JWPs ( and 2. Prunus mume (
  9. Kadebe

    Kadebe's Prunus Mume

    Two months ago I planted three Prunus Mume. My plan for these trees: - All three have a tourniquet - In 2022, work the roots for the first time, place them in a pond basket and dig them back into the ground. - Shaping and pruning at appropriate times - In 2024, working on roots and perhaps...
  10. LeoMame

    What to do with this ume nebari?

    Hello everyone, I have a question that maybe the community here can help me figuring out. I realised that the nebari of my prunus mume -which I thought it was just one solid piece- is actually made by two separate "units" (I don't know either calling them trunks or roots). Here's a photo of...
  11. Clicio

    Tutorial Prunus Mume care Calendar

    @Brian Van Fleet kindly provided a comprehensive calendar for Prunus Mume care, as follows: NORTHERN HEMISPHERE Winter: DECEMBER - Prune lightly to a good shape for the flowers. - Carefully wire it if needed. Don’t wire if there is a chance you will knock off flower or leaf buds, they’re...
  12. LeoMame

    Orange/brown spots on Prunus Mume

    Hello Bonsai people, I'm writing to you in order to understand if what I see on the bark of my Prunus Mume is ok or should I be worried. I purchased the tree one month ago and the bark was exactly like this; I inquired about it, out of curiosity (and ignorance) and the seller told me it was...
  13. IMG_20200727_213643_652.jpg


    Prunus Mume fruit (apricot)
  14. Clicio

    My Prunus Mume is begging for your help (again!)

    The story is I was never really convinced this Ume could stay the way it was when I got it. Many of you helped me out with good suggestions last year, unfortunately airlayering it is out of question as it is almost impossible with Prunus. So today I woke up decided to chop it down (it's winter...
  15. Clicio

    Prunus Mume curling leaves (Summer here)

    My Ume after flowering beautifully last winter had a very fast growth rate in Spring. Now it's middle of the summer in the Southern hemisphere and its leaves are curling and some (not all) are showing holes, like insect bites. It's on a bench, outside with other bonsai and none show the same...
  16. Clicio

    To bury or not to bury?

    I have this Ume with a twisted lower trunk which I don't like. If I bury part of this trunk to hide it will it be bad for the health of the tree?
  17. ptrickc

    Nursery with prunus mume

    Hey guys! I was curious if anyone had any leads on a nursery that sells prunus mume ‘Omoi-no-mama’ seedlings or cuttings? Other white flower varieties too. I contacted camforest but they don’t have any and don’t plan on getting them anymore and currently Brent at gardenworks doesn’t have that...
  18. Brian Van Fleet

    Prunus mume stock from Evergreen Gardenworks

    Here is an ume I bought from Brent in a 1-gal can in January 2010. It was planted deep, and I potted it higher when I transplanted it to that terra cotta pot (bottom of the photo) a couple months later, somewhere around a 1/2" thick trunk. The tree after 4 seasons in the ground. The tag is...
  19. Prunus Mume

    Prunus Mume

    1/15/2017Full Bloom
  20. Prunus Mume

    Prunus Mume

    Japanese Apricot
  21. Nybonsai12

    Prunus mume questions

    Usuiro chirmen I picked up from Brent a year ago. I planted it on a tile just fed it over this last season. I tried searching but couldn't find much on chop times and the response to same. I thought BVF had one he was growing out but can't find it. I know mine is not ready for that yet as the...
  22. Brian Van Fleet

    Prunus Mume

    Looks like the ume may flower this year. I worked on it with Peter in April, let it grow out all spring, then wired it mid-summer. After the leaves fell, the buds just kept swelling; the thing just doesn't go dormant. The flower buds are the swelling buds, flanking the smaller leaf buds...
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