red maple

  1. Bigggtuna

    Long term progression sapling maple tips

    Hi all, I’m looking for some tips on long term progression of red maple saplings. I harvested this sapling from a field last year and it’s overwintered wonderfully buried in this plastic pot. Because of the angle that it’s growing, I want to eventually show this as a shohin semicascade, but at...
  2. S

    Taking on a Shishio/Chishio Improved Cutting

    I purchased this young cutting online as a new project. This will be my second maple and I am definitely still a bonsai rookie. I’ve posted a pic of the tree as well as the planter I intend on using for the next couple of years. Reason for my post is that I want to make sure I do this very...
  3. Forrestford

    5yr Native Tree Challenge Forrestford's Acer Rubrum

    Here is my contest tree. Red maple dug March2020. I gave it all season to recover Here it is in fall and then today
  4. B

    Collecting Acer Rubrum

    Hi everyone, I’m located in New England, USA and know just enough of bonsai yo be dangerous haha . I was hoping to get some guidance and advice for collecting one or two Red Maples I have come across ranging between 3-5 inches at the base and show potential as bonsai. Attached are pics of the 4...
  5. LeftHandLuke

    Advice for Red Maple Recently Air-layered

    Would very much appreciate advice on choosing a leader for this recently grown air-layered red maple. I'm new to the art and chose this odd branch back in April because of the odd twisting fork. I didn't know any better (and probably still don't :)) so I figured it would be interesting in some...
  6. Orion_metalhead

    Acer Rubrum (Red Maple) #3

    End of year. Still has some color. Looking ok but bud development is not as strong as other Rubrum which I have. Age: 2yr Training: 1yr Width: .25 Height: 7" Front: From right: Back: From left:
  7. Orion_metalhead

    Acer Rubrum (Red Maple) #2

    End of year: Age: 2 Training: 1 Width: .28" Height: 9" Front: From Right: Back: From left:
  8. Orion_metalhead

    Red Maple #1

    This was my first Red Maple. I collected it at the same time as my Boxelder Maple from the front garden. It was originally collected in late July 2018 and potted into a 4" plastic pot. It was overwintered with my Boxelder Maple. Overwintering... this was when the roots had completely frozen...
  9. Orion_metalhead

    Acer Rubrum #5

    Wired this tree today. It has an interesting root base which I plan on using as root over rock. Currently growing the roots over a stone under the soil. Collected this spring in front garden. Soil is 8822 topdressed with Sphagnum Moss. Fertilized with osmocote 14-14-14 all purpose slow release...
  10. drew33998

    Dirty south red hawg

    Here is Judy's piglet less refined, dirty south cousin. 3 years in the making. Year one I chopped the tree down while it was still in the ground. Year two I chopped it again from the new leaders it had grown and did some basic trunk selections leaving about 5 or so. Year three I dug up all...
  11. J

    Wintering A Red Maple - Zone 7

    I searched the existing posts without luck....So I am hoping for some advice. I have two red maples which I started from seed two years ago. In wintering them, I can't remember exactly what I did last year, I think I put them on the back deck under the roof overhang and left them. There is...
  12. Bonsaikev1985

    Any advice on this newly collected Red Maple!!

    Hey guys, this is actually my first post on here. Been doing Bonsai about 2 years now and have about 50+ trees. Have learned a lot in a short period of time... my question is about this newly collected Red Maple. I know it's really late in the year to collect here in New Jersey, but a friend of...
  13. J

    Red Maple From Seed

    I am a complete novice in the practice sense of bonsai but I've done a fair amount of reading. The issue is a planted a number of red maple seeds (want to start a bonsai from seed) mid to late summer (I live in Maryland) in peat pots. I left them outside and nothing happened for 3 or 4 months...
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