shimpaku juniper

  1. jaja87

    Update thread on shimpaku juniper in Canada

    Hello all, about a month ago I bought a shimpaku juniper from a bonsai nursery and repotted it that day as it was in a very small rock planter and was severely root bound. A month later and it's doing very well. Just watered it today and noticed the shoots are extending a little longer...
  2. BeebsBonsai

    Shimpaku Juniper- Live Vein Cleaning and What to do with Leaders?

    Hello all, I have a Shimpaku Juniper (Pics above) that I acquired from a local Bonsai nursery in January. I repotted it in late winter and it has responded with very vigorous growth (The leaders you see extending have grown 2 inches since March). I have a few questions with this tree...
  3. parhamr

    Shimpaku D progression

    This is how my fourth Shimpaku looked when acquired in May 2016. (My fence was in progress!) I paid $85 for it in a silent auction and felt good about what I paid. The trunk has a 2.25" diameter above a strong basal flare. I started pruning and found the tree was well overgrown, in sandy loam...