shimpaku juniper

  1. Clicio

    Itoigawa behaving like a teenager.

    One of my junipers, an Itoigawa, wasn't reppoted, hard pruned, trimmed or trashed around for one and a half years. The only work done to the tree was wiring it by the end of the winter. It is healthy and growing fast, but... As you can see, there is a mix of scale and juvenile shoots, and I see...
  2. K

    Chinese Juniper Growth Rates

    Hey guys, I have a few questions regarding chinese junipers and was hoping some of you kind souls could help me out :) 1. Does anyone know roughly how fast the unnamed Chinese Juniper grow (as in cm/in per year)? I'm hearing many different opinions and lengths regarding their growth rate. 2...
  3. amatbrewer

    Workshop shimpaku juniper

    I got this shimpaku in a workshop I attended a couple of years ago. After being damaged from a crash off the shelf during a storm, followed by a near death experience due to a irrigation failure, it spent the last two years or so recovering and now seems healthy. So I am beginning to contemplate...
  4. S

    Shimpaku Juniper Cuttings - Will they survive?

    Hi.. I planted these cuttings from bonsai tree two weeks. The cuttings have changed to this colour. The cutting was dipped in rooting powder before planting in akadama soil and used tea leaves. Will they survive?
  5. jaja87

    Update thread on shimpaku juniper in Canada

    Hello all, about a month ago I bought a shimpaku juniper from a bonsai nursery and repotted it that day as it was in a very small rock planter and was severely root bound. A month later and it's doing very well. Just watered it today and noticed the shoots are extending a little longer...
  6. BeebsBonsai

    Shimpaku Juniper- Live Vein Cleaning and What to do with Leaders?

    Hello all, I have a Shimpaku Juniper (Pics above) that I acquired from a local Bonsai nursery in January. I repotted it in late winter and it has responded with very vigorous growth (The leaders you see extending have grown 2 inches since March). I have a few questions with this tree...
  7. parhamr

    Shimpaku D progression

    This is how my fourth Shimpaku looked when acquired in May 2016. (My fence was in progress!) I paid $85 for it in a silent auction and felt good about what I paid. The trunk has a 2.25" diameter above a strong basal flare. I started pruning and found the tree was well overgrown, in sandy loam...
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