1. kevinlovett86

    Tree suggestions for my “pot” please

    I had this awesome chicken soup that gets cooked in a coconut. After emptying all the nuttiness out I figured it will look interesting if I planted something in it. I’m just not sure what’s gonna work. Of course I need to stabilise it somehow so it doesn’t roll around. What kinda tree can I...
  2. defra

    Berberis thunbergii

    Ive been on the look out for a berberis for a while now but all the small ones i came across were multiple shoots coming up from the roots But today i was Lucky! Single trunk taper and hopefully some nice roots. Not the healthyest of the bunch but ill provide it with great care so i wil get...
  3. Saddler

    Shohin Maple Trunk

    I wired this trunk while still on the parent tree and removed it about three years ago. I’ve had it at a friends the whole time and missed repotting it every year. I’ll repot it next spring. This fall I want to cut it back to the primary branches and grow the leader out to thicken the top...
  4. defra

    Zelkova nire

    Saturday on noelanders i bought this small zelkova nire i bought it because i saw a good informal upright tree in there Also were does nire stand for? As the buds are already swollen up It does need to be repoted soon but also means i need to give it some extra winter protection i hope to...
  5. cockroach

    Roach's Junies

    I currently only have three shohin sized Juniper chinensis. I may get more in the future if I spot something nice at the right size and price. Here is my shohin literati. I got it in 2014 and grew it to make sure it was healthy. In 2015 I wired the whole tree like this. After it had grown like...
  6. Micci

    Willow fig shohin, 1st chop ever

    Hey there community! Ive been into bonsai for 1.5 yrs now and this was my first shohin attempt on a willow fig. My sensei couldnt watch shen i cut his beauty but when i went back to see him in a few month, it was a happu specimen
  7. markyscott

    Shohin black pine from seed

    Here’s a 10 year old seedling cutting I purchased from the grower about a year ago: It has a very nice twist near the base and I was motivated to build a shohin black pine from this tree. Issue is that the branches aren’t low enough to pull off a shohin. It’ll need a key branch at the...
  8. Fishtank307

    Shohin Siebold's crabapple

    I just got this tiny shohin crabapple (Malus sieboldii). The previous owner chopped the trunk 3 years ago. It's growing very vigorously! The top has a nice taper and there are a lot of branches to work with. The scar is still very visible, but healing nicely. The branch at the top will be cut...
  9. boguz

    My small Bougainvillea

    Hi guys. Last week i got this bougainvillea from a nursary. I made some little cuts, tried to keep its natural shape. Do you have any ideas Thanks
  10. RileyJFDB13

    Sumo Olive

    Bought an olive for 15$ And ended it ended up being two seperate trees and this is one of them. Because of all of the branches in one area it created a natural swelling but it makes a nice sumo style olvie. I plan on makeing a dead wood feature out of the long portion for interest but...
  11. petegreg

    11th Floor Shohin thread

    Told myself to make this thread to add and share some of my in a time and their development. Cork bark elm, spent some time to find the best front and do the cuts to remove reverse taper... acquired in 2015: before the first haircut:
  12. Gdy2000

    Shohin Japanese Quince Project

    Short story, long. I received a pretty nice Japanese quince from @Stickroot over the xmas holiday. Before I go screwing that one up, I thought I'd try to work with a similar, but smaller JQ. So I recently picked up this little guy for about $7.00. I've read/researched that they can take...
  13. parhamr

    Reid's shohin thread

    I have about 20 shohin, all of which are in fairly early development. Most are beyond the stick-in-pot state. Shimpaku Procumbens White birch Mugo pine Bigleaf maple Hokkaido elm
  14. ConorDash

    Starting a shohin

    Hello, This was just a wondering.. but how does one start to train a tree for the purpose of it becoming a shohin? With their small size but usually large base and extreme tapering, how would one go about beginning that? All I can think is chopping a tree with a good base and nebari, down very...
  15. backroadstraveler

    Shohin/Mame Small Leaf Olive For Sale

    I have listed this really nice and very healthy tree on ebay as an auction. Starting bid $250, with free USPS Priority Mail shipping. Just seeing if anyone here is interested. Check it out...
  16. markyscott

    Kotohime shohin clump

    Here's a cutting grown kotohime clump that needs repotting. Soil mass is solid and roots are growing through the drainage holes. Surface is full of weeds. I'll go through it all, just how I was taught. This is the perfect time to repot Japanese maple. See how the buds are beginning to...
  17. Saddler

    A Blue Bill Buxus Built To Be a Broom

    I picked up this boxwood as a tester in early April to see how they respond to a heavy hand as it was pretty mangy and lethargic looking. In the first picture I already had the tree for about a month and fertilized it heavily. It sprang back from more yellow then green to what you see. I had...
  18. Grant Hamby

    Shohin Crabapple Project

    Here's another crabapple air layer I made this year. I'm hoping to keep this one in the shohin size range. My current plan is to sort out the roots and pot into a pond basket this spring and let the main branches thicken up. I'll have to smooth out the chop transition eventually, as well. I'm...
  19. markyscott

    Building a shohin black pine

    Here's a small Japanese Black Pine I bought from Mike Hansen in Phlugerville TX about 7 or 8 years ago. It was before all of his health issues. He used to run a Japanese Black Pine school back then - in fact, I think that he pioneered the culture of Japanese Black Pine in Texas. Back in the...
  20. Grant Hamby

    My First JBP

    Just got my first Japanese Black Pine, still pretty new to pines in general. I picked this one up on Muranaka's ebay page. I feel like it has great potential. I've always loved shohin pines and I've done a fair amount of reading on here and Bonsai Tonight. The concepts are just beginning to make...
  21. Grant Hamby

    Shohin Olive

    Just wanted to start a thread to track this little guy's progress. This is my first olive. I got it today. I put a little wire on it and slipped it into a pond basket with zero root disturbance. I already like the basic size and structure of the tree, I'd just like to refine it. (I know my...
  22. parhamr

    Progression of my second shohin Shimpaku

    On this tree I plan to continue studying the finely ramified, triangular canopy, shohin Shimpaku informal upright shtick. I want a twisted trunk and stunning dead wood to be important features, as if this were more of a yamadori-inspired tree. I am intending at least 3–5 years of further...
  23. parhamr

    Progression of my first Shimpaku shohin

    This thread will track my progression of Shimpaku juniper nursery stock into an informal upright shohin bonsai. I'm targeting a final height of 6–8 inches and I'm planning to grow almost an entirely new canopy. This is a multi-year project. Obtained June 2015 in a 1-gallon nursery pot for...
  24. Grant Hamby

    Tiny Elm

    I found this little guy at a local garden center. I was attracted to it because it had the thickest trunk and I saw an opportunity to chop it for taper. Since the chop, it's put out some strong growth, although not in the most desirable locations along the bends. Maybe spring will bring some new...
  25. markyscott

    Team shohin display

    I find that setting up a shohin display is really hard. First, you have to have a lot of trees. Second, they need to be in a variety of styles and containers. AND they need to be a variety of species. AND they need to all be looking good at the same time. AND you need lots of stands. I think...
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