tree id

  1. BonsaiNaga13

    Maple ID help

    I was on a bike ride earlier and found this maple tree with seeds on it. It looked like Acer japonicum to me but I'm not sure. It was leggy and maybe 10 feet tall.
  2. jcrossett

    New spot

    Okay so went to my new place last night and the back yard is over grown in the corners and back side. Wanted to see if any of you would try to save some of this. I'm still new so not sure what can and can't be used. And some of this looks way to mature and over grown. There are also 2 yews...
  3. Heavy_Set

    2 unknown pines collected today...

    ....was walking one of my dogs this morning and spotted these little pines about to get mowed by the ditch gang. I asked them if they could leave em so i could come back and get them later, but that was a no go. So with no tools on me, one hand holding on to my dogs leash, did the ol' grab and...
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