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  1. I

    Trident Maple Scale - Foliage Changing

    Hi all. I’ve been following a number of your threads for quite a while, so thanks for all the help you’ve already shared. I live in Georgia and have a Trident Maple that’s been battling scale for most of the summer. I’d done the rubbing alcohol, q-tip, then fungicidal soap and neem oil...
  2. R

    Tips or experience with Trident Maple “Miyasama Yatsubusa”

    Today I picked up a young Trident Miyasama Yatsubusa and I was wondering what experiences other people have had with this kind of maple. I know they are dwarf and I have read some places that they tend to grow slow, bur does anyone have any tips or info they could share about this sub species?
  3. memehongkong

    Trident Maple #2 progress

    Very happy to find this trident maple at a local bonsai meet yesterday. Interesting trunk and in the price range I can afford. ;) It's June here in S. California so I will sit on my hands and not do any work until next Spring. I will be on the lookout for a bigger nicer pot for this tree...
  4. B

    How to cold stratify Trident Maple seeds?

    Hello, I recently acquired some Trident Maple seeds from online and was wondering if others could check my process. I scarified them with hot water, and currently have them in sealed plastic bags at 39 degrees F in the fridge. However, I was worried about mold and other stuff growing on the...
  5. Apex37

    Triple Trunk Trident

    Picked this trident up at Bjorn’s back a couple months ago for a steal. Been trying to decide which would make a best front. I personally am leaning more towards option 2 or 3, but would love to hear y’all’s thoughts. Plan is to cut back each trunk to the next major branch to start working on...
  6. K

    Trident Maple hasn't dropped its leaves yet

    Hello all. I'm a newbie and this is my first post. My trident maple has not dropped its leaves, even though we've had below freezing temps. Is this something to be concerned about? And I was wondering if I should put it in my attic, which has temps in the high 50s/low 60s, instead of leaving...
  7. invaderzim

    Beginner with too many questions? Probably..

    Hi everyone, Was always interested in bonsai and got really into it after attending a local show and joining the local club. Held off on buying anything off the bat since I wanted to research more, but was able to score a cedar elm and Chinese elm seedling from a door drawing during the meeting...
  8. Y

    Trident maple in ground

    Hello! Longtime lurker, so fascinating to watch y'all do your thing. I'm a rookie tree killer and live east of Atlanta GA USA (zone 8a). I planted a trident maple many years ago not realizing how larger it would eventually become and since then my landscaping plans have changed. I'm going to...
  9. Apex37

    Worth $300?

    I'm on the fence, mostly because I've had a hard time finding any decent trident maples in my area. I came across this guy and curious if you guys think he's worth $300? Nebari: 2 1/4" Height: 9" You guys are the only people I can ask for honest opinions. 🤣
  10. Nicks_Bonsai

    Urgent Trident Maple Help!

    Needs some urgent help Not sure if this is normal but my Shohin Trident Maple which I purchased back in December has come into leaf like a month back however the leaves were looking a bit tangled and bunched together, after a few weeks I left it outside a few weeks back when the night temp went...
  11. jaycraig

    trident maple

    so i just got this trident maple and shimpaku juniper in the mail on friday ( picture below). i wanted to pot them up in 5mm - 6mm perlite but all i had was a fine 1mm-3mm perlite which i bought on accident. so i decided to not wait till i get the bigger grade perlite and pop my repot cherry and...
  12. rollwithak

    I need help on plan for Trident

    Hello Again Nutties, This tree started as a big tree I purchased at a nurseries ugly plant sale. It still has a massive root base but I have started chopping down and working on regrowing shoots. I need your opinions and advice on how to do that. Do I get out of this big pot and cut the roots...
  13. D

    Reopening callous timing

    Got a few trident chops I need to finish carving. On the first chop, the callous has stopped rolling over. The second one I haven't worked yet. Should I go ahead and reopen them both now, or wait until spring after the first flush has hardened, to speed healing? Also, should I remove the dead...
  14. B

    Purchasing bare-root seedlings in winter

    Hello I was thinking of buying some bare-root trident maple seedlings. The problem is that they ship immediately and I live in zone 6B where it can remain cold for a while. Is there any way I can protect the seedlings in the mean time? I was hoping to plant them in the ground this year, but I...
  15. JBP_85

    End of Season Update

    Hi Everyone, With summer ending I wanted to give an update on how my RoR Trident Maple progress as well as share some other progress pics of my other trees. I've taken the advice of others here and decided to just let the seedlings grow. I think they've done quite well bit welcome thoughts...
  16. J

    Trident Maple - To chop or not to chop

    I recently got this maple, but I am not happy with the trunk line/y-split (I feel the branch on the left is to massive). I seek advice on how i should the design further. I see a couple of options as I see it, but feel free to suggest options I might have missed. Option 1: chop main trunk, repot...
  17. ScottNYC

    trident maple leaves not maturing to dark green

    Have a trident maple with some of its leaves that stay the yellowish red color from when they were new, looks as if they never mature to dark green. been the same since spring. anyone know what that can mean?
  18. S

    Trident Maple

    Looking to buy a trident maple pre-bonsai. Hoping to find a natural-looking trunk with character. Budget up to $250-300.
  19. D

    Help - Trident Maple Disease

    Hello all, I have a trident maple thats very dear to me that is sick and i cant solve it. I've tried a few things that have been sugested to me - I treated it with a spray for fungus as instructed on its lable and added a fortifying mixture that is sold here in Portugal. The tree has been in...
  20. dlquick

    Trident & Shishio looking.. rough?

    After receiving both of these trees from a nursery, I fear for the future on both of them. First pictures are right after I unpackaged them (in a box for 4 days/received on 8/19), and second pictures are from today, just 4 days of watering twice a day (90 plus degrees/high humidity in NC). Being...
  21. dlquick

    Trident & Shishio Improved Maples

    Just picked up these two from Brent @ EvergreenGardenWorks. Should I do anything to these right away (pruning/shaping), or let them grow for a couple years. Neither have much movement in the trunks, and are about 3/8"-7/16" diameter at the base. I'd like to get these around 1-1/2-2" at the base...
  22. Scrogdor

    Starter Trident Maple not looking so good: Help!!!

    How's it going everyone, I'm new to bonsai and having some trouble with my first one :(. I picked up a starter trident maple that came in a tiny tiny plastic pot about two weeks ago. I repotted it, teased the roots out gently, filled with bonsai soil and put it on my balcony which receives 6-8...
  23. Rivian

    Trident nutrient deficiency?

    I have a tree (~4m) that was dug up in spring and I guess barerooted and put into coco fiber/ gravel mix and then sent to me. I had no place to plant it yet so its still in that pot. Seems like an ok potting medium and I found some healthy roots when I dug into the pot. I threw some fertilizer...
  24. Fan Tan Fannie

    Pest on Triden Maple

    Hello, I noticed on my Trident maple bonsai has these small white cotton (marshmellow) like under the leaves. Not sure what they are. Could it be Mealy bugs? They don't seem to move. Please let me know what they are and how to get rid of them. Thank you!
  25. Rodrigo

    Large Trident Progression

    In October 2017 I purchased this trident maple trunk from a local nursery. It was about 7-8 feet tall and wasn't quite ready to chop so I had to leave it at that nursery since it didn't fit in my balcony. In March 2018, I did a light repot there at the nursery into a Sara Rayner pot which I...
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