trident maple

  1. NewtotheArt

    Defoliating Trident Maple

    A question I have that I can never find a straight answer to is should I begin defoliating my Trident Maple forest before the Winter hits or should I let the leaves fall off naturally with time? I’ve been told both answers but not quite sure what to do. The leaves are just now beginning to die...
  2. KKBonsai

    Trident Maple advice needed.

    Hi Guys, I got this little guy about 4 months ago and I chopped it. It's now growing like crazy. Should I just let it grow? Alos one side has little to no growth occurring. Any advice?
  3. B

    Need help asap please

    I recently purchased a trident maple on the 9th of September, and something is wrong with several of the leaves and I need help figuring out what's wrong so I can fix it asap please. When my bonsai arrived, several of the leaves had portions of black/grey areas that I assume are dead/dying, I'm...
  4. T

    Aiming for graceful trident

    Trident maple under my care. Caliper is maybe 1.5-1.75 below soil surface. Nice flare at base especially right side. Nearly inverse taper on left but essentially flat down to the roots. Trying to think about how low to chop and being new to this, when specifically to do so. The most...
  5. Jhervi

    Root aphid problem. What has worked for you?

    Hi Yall, With various different products on the market, I wanted to see what yall were using to rid your bonsai of aphids? Did it work? I understand that most people use preventative measures before a problem occurs, but sadly I overlooked this and now a few of my trees have a small root aphid...
  6. R

    Duckfeet Trident?

    This does not look like the tridents I had (I killed them...). The leaves on mine were kinda boring maple like in shape, dunno how to describe it. Anyone know if this is a named cultivar, or have any other trident maple cultivar recommendations?
  7. boguz

    Air layering Trident maple

    Hello Last week i air-layered my trident. I used spagnum moss and cocopeat as layering medium. I hope i'll share good results :)
  8. Catclow

    Potting up

    Hello, I live in North Alabama and have only been immersing myself in bonsai for about 3 years or so. In the very beginning, I somewhat foolishly purchased a Trident Maple forest from an online mass-producer of bonsai trees. It remains very vigorous after the few years I've had it. It is the...
  9. Sn0W

    Shaping 300 Maple Saplings

    I purchased some Japanese Maple and Trident Maple saplings on ebay from an end of year clearance. I've ended up with about 250 Japanese maples and 50 Trident maples. I was looking for an easier/faster way to put movement into them rather than wiring 300 individual plants. Someone mentioned on...
  10. thumblessprimate1

    Root Over Rock Trident Maple

    I must have been inspired by @Brian Van Fleet to do a root over rock trident maple when I started this who knows maybe 3 years back? I got the cutting from @Eric Group. I cant remember but I think it's spent its time growing in containers. This time I'll continue but will let roots escape. I...
  11. IMG_20191117_094322~2.jpg


    2 years from seed. 8 months in this pot.
  12. Orion_metalhead

    Acer Buergerianum (Trident Maple) #1

    Gifted to me. Age: about 10yrs Width: 1.03" Height: 20" There are some heavy branches in apex which need to be removed to create a more believable branching. Close up of upper branching:
  13. parhamr

    Acer buergerianum A progression

    I’m working on an upright Trident Maple. It’s one of many trees where I’m attempting a fairly conventional and traditional aesthetic to build some of my skills. I’ll update this thread over time with progress. I got the tree in 2014 as a $14 sapling with a pencil-thin trunk in a 4" pot. I moved...
  14. Brad in GR

    Trident Cuttings Success

    First attempt at trident maple cuttings, taken from purchased pre-material. Simply a learning exercise for me, excited to see success. April 4 planted in Bonsai soil, kept indoors inside sealed plastic bin with bottom heating pad. Hardwood before buds showing (taken off trunk-chopped limbs from...
  15. Crassula king

    2019 summer plants

    This is a small pinion pine that I collected from relatives land in Utah. It is doing well so far in a mix of fine washed diotomacious earth treating with liquid fertilizer most waterings. I am pretty confident in my ability to keep it healthy, but don't know much about conifer development. Any...
  16. Brad in GR

    Trident Surgery - Feedback Welcomed

    My first major surgery on a "sort of more ish mature" piece of material. Trident Maple incremental trunk chop, heavy root prune, and repot. These wash basins are of course for future growth and not meant to be aesthetically pleasing. So happy that the tree is doing well this spring and...
  17. BonsaiNaga13

    My first trident from seed

    I bought a pack of 25 trident maple seeds last autumn, after stratification only 4 sprouted but of those 4 only 1 survived. It recently grew enough to write it so I gave my first attempt at wiring
  18. IMG_20190207_142459.jpg


    Trident maple from seed now planted in tiny Chinese pot.
  19. K

    Trident Maple Earth Layering Advice

    I've bought this trident maple online as a 3 years seedling. Apparently it is much older than that and, despite the scars and bad nebari, to me it has a nice tapering for a shohin bonsai which I wanted it to be. First thig I want to correc is the nebari. I was planning to repot it as it...
  20. Trident Maple

    Trident Maple

  21. D

    Trident maple trunk chop problems

    Hello all, I have a trident maple growing over a rock that I trunk chopped three seasons ago. No buds appeared after the first year. The second year I tried some grafting that did not take. This is the third season, and I’m at a bit of a loss. I know the tree is still alive because of the...
  22. Trident maple 16” base 80+ years old, Black pine and white pine Bonsai’s

    Trident maple 16” base 80+ years old, Black pine and white pine Bonsai’s

    Trident maple 16” base 80+ years old, Black pine and white pine Bonsai’s
  23. Gsquared

    Defoliation Day

    My maples have lengthened and lignified, so I took the day to defoliate three. I’ve not done it for years, but the growth was so vigorous in their new home, decided this was the year. FIVE GALLONS OF LEAVES! Considering it was only 3 trees, sure seemed like a heck of a lot of leaves. I did...
  24. DanteDandre

    Trident Maple - Leaves showing my lack of knowledge/experience

    Hi There, :) My beloved trident male is confirming my lack of knowledge and care regarding the species. My leaves started to show signs of leaf burn as the only available place I have for this plant is in a place that receives the last 3-4hours of partial shade sunlight of the day. The rest...
  25. ekim046

    Azalea Bonsai Experiment - Measuring Precise Nutrient Levels & Garden Update

    Hey folks, Just wanted to share my thoughts on measuring nutrients and applied some ideas from Hydroponics growers <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>