trident maple

  1. rollwithak

    I need help on plan for Trident

    Hello Again Nutties, This tree started as a big tree I purchased at a nurseries ugly plant sale. It still has a massive root base but I have started chopping down and working on regrowing shoots. I need your opinions and advice on how to do that. Do I get out of this big pot and cut the roots...
  2. Vajra

    Reopening callous timing

    Got a few trident chops I need to finish carving. On the first chop, the callous has stopped rolling over. The second one I haven't worked yet. Should I go ahead and reopen them both now, or wait until spring after the first flush has hardened, to speed healing? Also, should I remove the dead...
  3. B

    Purchasing bare-root seedlings in winter

    Hello I was thinking of buying some bare-root trident maple seedlings. The problem is that they ship immediately and I live in zone 6B where it can remain cold for a while. Is there any way I can protect the seedlings in the mean time? I was hoping to plant them in the ground this year, but I...
  4. JBP_85

    End of Season Update

    Hi Everyone, With summer ending I wanted to give an update on how my RoR Trident Maple progress as well as share some other progress pics of my other trees. I've taken the advice of others here and decided to just let the seedlings grow. I think they've done quite well bit welcome thoughts...
  5. J

    Trident Maple - To chop or not to chop

    I recently got this maple, but I am not happy with the trunk line/y-split (I feel the branch on the left is to massive). I seek advice on how i should the design further. I see a couple of options as I see it, but feel free to suggest options I might have missed. Option 1: chop main trunk, repot...
  6. ScottNYC

    trident maple leaves not maturing to dark green

    Have a trident maple with some of its leaves that stay the yellowish red color from when they were new, looks as if they never mature to dark green. been the same since spring. anyone know what that can mean?
  7. S

    Trident Maple

    Looking to buy a trident maple pre-bonsai. Hoping to find a natural-looking trunk with character. Budget up to $250-300.
  8. D

    Help - Trident Maple Disease

    Hello all, I have a trident maple thats very dear to me that is sick and i cant solve it. I've tried a few things that have been sugested to me - I treated it with a spray for fungus as instructed on its lable and added a fortifying mixture that is sold here in Portugal. The tree has been in...
  9. dlquick

    Trident & Shishio looking.. rough?

    After receiving both of these trees from a nursery, I fear for the future on both of them. First pictures are right after I unpackaged them (in a box for 4 days/received on 8/19), and second pictures are from today, just 4 days of watering twice a day (90 plus degrees/high humidity in NC). Being...
  10. dlquick

    Trident & Shishio Improved Maples

    Just picked up these two from Brent @ EvergreenGardenWorks. Should I do anything to these right away (pruning/shaping), or let them grow for a couple years. Neither have much movement in the trunks, and are about 3/8"-7/16" diameter at the base. I'd like to get these around 1-1/2-2" at the base...
  11. Scrogdor

    Starter Trident Maple not looking so good: Help!!!

    How's it going everyone, I'm new to bonsai and having some trouble with my first one :(. I picked up a starter trident maple that came in a tiny tiny plastic pot about two weeks ago. I repotted it, teased the roots out gently, filled with bonsai soil and put it on my balcony which receives 6-8...
  12. Rivian

    Trident nutrient deficiency?

    I have a tree (~4m) that was dug up in spring and I guess barerooted and put into coco fiber/ gravel mix and then sent to me. I had no place to plant it yet so its still in that pot. Seems like an ok potting medium and I found some healthy roots when I dug into the pot. I threw some fertilizer...
  13. Fan Tan Fannie

    Pest on Triden Maple

    Hello, I noticed on my Trident maple bonsai has these small white cotton (marshmellow) like under the leaves. Not sure what they are. Could it be Mealy bugs? They don't seem to move. Please let me know what they are and how to get rid of them. Thank you!
  14. Rodrigo

    Large Trident Progression

    In October 2017 I purchased this trident maple trunk from a local nursery. It was about 7-8 feet tall and wasn't quite ready to chop so I had to leave it at that nursery since it didn't fit in my balcony. In March 2018, I did a light repot there at the nursery into a Sara Rayner pot which I...
  15. J

    Problem trident maple leaves

    Hello everyone. I would like to know if there was a treatment for my trident maple seedling. It’s new leaf seemed kinda discoloured and somewhat shriveled up. The new growth isn’t so green either. I keep it in my balcony where it receives full sun from 10-14 o’clock. Then receive partial shade...
  16. B

    Trident maple inverse taper help

    Where should I cut back to on this field grown Trident maple? The top where it was cut back by the previous owner has a fair amount of inverse taper and I am unsure of where the best place to start a new leader would be.
  17. L

    Young Trident Maple Help

    So I just purchased this trident maple as a long-term project and was wondering how I can best take care of it and train it for bonsai? I was thinking of just planting it in the ground to maximize growth, but is there anything else I should do to it? Anything I should do immediately? I also...
  18. BarkLeafTrees

    Tiny Shohin Trident Maple... What to do

    Hi everyone! What would be the next step for this little Trident? I’m thinking get it repotted into a larger container maybe a pond basket and grow it out for a few years before any styling takes place. How would I improve the nebari during the next few years if I was to plant it in a pond basket.
  19. BarkLeafTrees

    Trident Maple Repot

    Spent a bit of time repotting this trident maple yesterday the leaves are opening out so didn’t have much choice. Got a cold couple of weeks so hopefully my protection is adequate. There’s still a couple of crossing branches but I think I’ll just leave those for this year and see how it leafs...
  20. B

    Nurseries with Japanese or Trident maples in NJ?

    Hey I was wondering if anyone from the Jersey area had any recommendations for nurseries with decently priced maples. I'm looking for either Trident Maples or Japanese Maples. Unfortunately I think most of the places around me sell either either grafted or very expensive maples. I'm in the...
  21. JBP_85

    New Trees

    Hi Everyone, I just acquired some new trees and figured I’d share them with the group. @cbroad mentioned that Meehans Miniatures in Maryland was in my area so I went with them and ordered a Dawn Redwood, Trident Maple, and a Bald Cypress. Once I am able to more freely travel I plan on going...
  22. Clicio

    Avoid bleeding Maples at repotting and pruning times.

    According to Peter Adam's book on maples, if correctly done, the feared bleeding in early Spring or late Summer will be minimum on Palmatums and Buergerianums. There is a watering variable when repotting and/or hard pruning the tree that avoids or at least lessens the issue. Excerpt from the...
  23. NewtotheArt

    Defoliating Trident Maple

    A question I have that I can never find a straight answer to is should I begin defoliating my Trident Maple forest before the Winter hits or should I let the leaves fall off naturally with time? I’ve been told both answers but not quite sure what to do. The leaves are just now beginning to die...
  24. KKBonsai

    Trident Maple advice needed.

    Hi Guys, I got this little guy about 4 months ago and I chopped it. It's now growing like crazy. Should I just let it grow? Alos one side has little to no growth occurring. Any advice?
  25. B

    Need help asap please

    I recently purchased a trident maple on the 9th of September, and something is wrong with several of the leaves and I need help figuring out what's wrong so I can fix it asap please. When my bonsai arrived, several of the leaves had portions of black/grey areas that I assume are dead/dying, I'm...
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