trident maple

  1. B-rad in GR

    Trident Cuttings Success

    First attempt at trident maple cuttings, taken from purchased pre-material. Simply a learning exercise for me, excited to see success. April 4 planted in Bonsai soil, kept indoors inside sealed plastic bin with bottom heating pad. Hardwood before buds showing (taken off trunk-chopped limbs from...
  2. Crassula king

    2019 summer plants

    This is a small pinion pine that I collected from relatives land in Utah. It is doing well so far in a mix of fine washed diotomacious earth treating with liquid fertilizer most waterings. I am pretty confident in my ability to keep it healthy, but don't know much about conifer development. Any...
  3. B-rad in GR

    Trident Surgery - Feedback Welcomed

    My first major surgery on a "sort of more ish mature" piece of material. Trident Maple incremental trunk chop, heavy root prune, and repot. These wash basins are of course for future growth and not meant to be aesthetically pleasing. So happy that the tree is doing well this spring and...
  4. BonsaiNaga13

    My first trident from seed

    I bought a pack of 25 trident maple seeds last autumn, after stratification only 4 sprouted but of those 4 only 1 survived. It recently grew enough to write it so I gave my first attempt at wiring
  5. IMG_20190207_142459.jpg


    Trident maple from seed now planted in tiny Chinese pot.
  6. K

    Trident Maple Earth Layering Advice

    I've bought this trident maple online as a 3 years seedling. Apparently it is much older than that and, despite the scars and bad nebari, to me it has a nice tapering for a shohin bonsai which I wanted it to be. First thig I want to correc is the nebari. I was planning to repot it as it...
  7. Trident maple 60+ years old

    Trident maple 60+ years old

    Trident maple 60+ years old
  8. Trident maple 60+ years old

    Trident maple 60+ years old

    Trident maple 60+ years old
  9. Trident Maple

    Trident Maple

  10. D

    Trident maple trunk chop problems

    Hello all, I have a trident maple growing over a rock that I trunk chopped three seasons ago. No buds appeared after the first year. The second year I tried some grafting that did not take. This is the third season, and I’m at a bit of a loss. I know the tree is still alive because of the...
  11. Trident maple 16” base 80+ years old, Black pine and white pine Bonsai’s

    Trident maple 16” base 80+ years old, Black pine and white pine Bonsai’s

    Trident maple 16” base 80+ years old, Black pine and white pine Bonsai’s
  12. Gsquared

    Defoliation Day

    My maples have lengthened and lignified, so I took the day to defoliate three. I’ve not done it for years, but the growth was so vigorous in their new home, decided this was the year. FIVE GALLONS OF LEAVES! Considering it was only 3 trees, sure seemed like a heck of a lot of leaves. I did...
  13. DanteDandre

    Trident Maple - Leaves showing my lack of knowledge/experience

    Hi There, :) My beloved trident male is confirming my lack of knowledge and care regarding the species. My leaves started to show signs of leaf burn as the only available place I have for this plant is in a place that receives the last 3-4hours of partial shade sunlight of the day. The rest...
  14. E

    Azalea Bonsai Experiment - Measuring Precise Nutrient Levels & Garden Update

    Hey folks, Just wanted to share my thoughts on measuring nutrients and applied some ideas from Hydroponics growers <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  15. Adamantium

    Trident Maple from 9b to 7a

    I just picked up a beautiful trident maple from Florida. My...
  16. G

    Out of my element...Trident Maple

    So my brother-in-law gave me this bonsai because he claimed it was too far gone to fix. I KNOW it isn't but I also know that I don't know how to fix it. I figured this was the best place to ask since I have absolutely zero experience in this stuff. Three questions for the experts: 1. Is it a...
  17. Gdy2000

    Trident Maple - Stick-in-a-Pot - Progression

    The first bonsai tree I ever purchases was a Trident maple from Brussels Bonsai. It was your stereotypical Stick-in-a-Pot. As purchased in the fall of 2015. Unlike most of the trees I bought back when I first started, I didn't do anything with this tree for over a year. Here's how she...
  18. BeebsBonsai

    Tile Method- Repotting of Trident

    Hello fellow Nuts, I have a very young Trident Maple that @Eric Group sold me. I will be repotting it next year into a pond basket or other similar growing container. In addition to a full repot, I would like to employ the tile method. Does anybody have any hands-on tips that they can...
  19. E

    Root Over Rock Project - Rock Highlight and plan

    Hello everyone, I've been keeping an eye out for a rock for an upcoming root-over-rock project. After months of passively searching, I found this little gem: While it has numerous wonderful features, it looks like it will come with it's share of difficulties. I go over these in the video...
  20. Maloghurst

    Pacific Northwest bonsai museum

    I made a really quick stop at the PNW bonsai museum last week and snapped a few pics. Thought I would share them! I exactly ten minutes to see the exhibit so I might be wrong on some Tree names. Hornbeam? Not sure on this one. Japanese maple Japanese Yew Name this one? Flowering of some...
  21. Grant Hamby

    Knobby Trident

    Just thought I'd start a thread on this trident I picked up on the FB auction. It's got some issues, but I'm excited to see where I can take it. The obvious issue is the lack of taper in the upper section. I've been searching for a new leader to cut back to. Here is my first idea...
  22. 10-brink

    small trident forest -styling help

    hi, looking for some advice for my trident maple forest. I'd like to keep it this general size and develop better branching. what should I trim? should i re-arrange the trees? four are in a line with one sitting behind. currrent front: back: here it is in leaf
  23. Shan Anand

    RoR Trident Maple [Rocky]

    I am so excited today after acquiring this RoR Trident Maple from a club member! My first pics after I got it back home!
  24. George Small

    Trident getting naked..

  25. hemmy

    Trident Chop Advice : This one got away from me a little

    Here's a trident that's been in the ground since spring 2014. I was envisioning a smaller tree (2-3" dia) with a more naturalistic canopy, but it's really starting to get top heavy where all the branches join. I probably should have removed a branch or 2 last year but was getting greedy on...
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