1. J

    Umes flowering

    These are my new year additions and it has just been truly something else watching these bloom. I got the two pink umes from older club memebers and the little cuttings from a club raffle. The pink ones dont know what variety they are but they are around 25 years old or more they belonged to...
  2. J

    Looking for Ume in Bay Area,CA

    Hello if anyone has different varieties of ume or maybe some cuttings I would love to find more. I have some but they still need work. I have one that I was told flowers pink ( the one my dog chewed the tip). The little group was told they are Omoi no Mame. Thank you for any advice or info. The...
  3. J

    New to forum. Bonsai beginner. My collection. pic dump.

    Hello all I am fairly new to bonsai. My dad has been doing it for some years but about 8 months ago i decided to go all in. My trees still need lots of work. I think i got some decent material but I hope you guys could tell me your honest opinion. I have crapapple,ume,shimpaku varieties include...
  4. BonsaiButler

    More plums

    I have quite a few wild plums. Here are some recent pics of two of them including a new air layer from this season.
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