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  2. M

    Do NOT order from Brussel's Bonsai in the winter.

    Recently converted a sunroom in my house to be sort of a slightly humid grow room for my tropicals (I live in Wisconsin). Needed to fill it up with more plants and trees, so I ordered a cheap starter tree from Brussel's. Have ordered from them in the past quite a lot and always received trees of...
  3. G

    When to create Jin on Scot’s pine England

    Hello all, I am new to working with pines and I have a Scot’s pine I want to create jins on the branches I won’t be using but I’m unsure on what time of year is best and if the tree will bleed out if I were to. I’m in England and it’s currently winter thanks sean
  4. JamesBondsai

    1yr old Pinus Mugo Pumilio - Help!

    Please help ☺️ Hello all, I'm very new to the world of Bonsai and have been growing a Pinus Mugo Pumilio from the seed. I've got a 1yr old seedling and I'm looking for guidance. (I'm located in Southern England, for seasonal reference). I planted it towards the end of Autumn 2020 and simulated...
  5. A

    Do Coastal Live Oaks Grow During Winter?

    I know that Coast Live Oaks will keep its foliage during winter, but do they also continue to grow? I live in San Francisco, so our winters are very mild and will likely never reach freezing. If they do continue to grow, should I continue fertilization?
  6. J

    Growing in the Midwest

    Hello all! I just got my first Juniper Bonsai this summer and I am slowing figuring it out. I am thinking ahead to the winter time and I have a few questions. I live in the Midwest where it drops to the 20’s and 10’s fahrenheit often. I know that Junipers love to be outside and they need to be...
  7. L

    yamadori question

    So today is the first snow of winter and temperatures are starting to get colder. I pass by this stump on my morning commute into work. It was cut down to a stump this autumn because high winds took down most of the tree. I am thinking about collecting this stump for a bonsai. I'm pretty...
  8. B

    Overwintering apple tree sapling indoors?

    Hello everybody, very new to this site and to Bonsai. I found a sprouting seed in an apple I was eating in May, and so I decided to give growing it out a go. I know I won’t really be getting proper apples from this plant because I’m growing it from seed, and that’s alright with me, I just...
  9. B

    Overwintering and soil

    From my understanding it is best to have soil with good drainage to overwinter your trees. I live in zone 5b so it gets really cold here. I have several trees that I've gotten from nurseries that are in black soil and a couple of baldies in muck. Im somewhat concerned about the amount of water...
  10. S

    chinese sweet plumb

    I live in Manchester and have a chinese sweet plumb. I have been keeping it outside however with the winter coming will it be ok outside or should I bring it inside. In the past when I brought it inside it tended to lose leaves. What do people think
  11. T

    First indoor setup! tips and tricks wanted!

    bit the bullet and got my indoor setup running- temps are already hitting 35°-40°f at night up here. 2'x4'x6-1/2" shelving unit. i wanted to line the trays with lava rock but that plan fell through, maybe next year. ended up using 3/8" "egg crate" light diffusers to add some depth for a...
  12. Bonsai Noodles

    Overwintering with a mini-greenhouse?

    I read a few threads on how greenhouses are a bad idea for overwintering trees — especially temperate ones. But would it work for me though, since I live in Zone 4a (Minnesota). That means winters can dip as low as -20/-30 F, and average winter temperature high/lows are 30-10 F. If the...
  13. Bonsai Noodles

    "Pipe wrap" bubble film to keep trees insulated in their pots?

    I've heard some people use bubble wrap to insulate bonsai pots for the winter. Has anyone used this "pipe wrap" bubble film? It looks like it might do better than plain-old bubble wrap... Or not. What are your guys' thoughts? Being in Minnesota, I wanted to make sure my trees were...
  14. M

    Tips for winter growth?

    Hi everyone! Writing from England, I’m starting my first seed growth this week, giving them a fake winter for two months and hopefully have some shoots in July. I am just looking for some tips and support for helping young seedlings through the coming winter, how to best care for them and grow...
  15. IMG_20200108_210434917~2.jpg


    Deshojo Maple...roll on spring
  16. M

    How long is too long?

    Rookie question here, but it's one I cannot seem to find the answer to. It's winter, so my plants aren't getting a ton of sun. I've read that 4 may be enough to keep them alive. 6 hours would be better. 8 hours even more ideal. But where do I draw the line? Why not give them 15 hours (like in...
  17. ChildishGrahambino

    Satsuki Azalea Turning Brown in Winter...Not Sure What to Do

    Hi! I'm new to bonsai care. I live in Ohio and I'm not sure whether my plant is suffering due to winter dormancy, overwatering, underwatering, or what. I will post pictures, but most leaves are brown. Up until a few weeks ago, I would constantly see new dead leaves that have fallen to the...
  18. j evans

    Does a Quince plant need dormancy?

    It is time to put away the plants for the winter. There is some thought that it would be nice to have one of our Quince plants in the garage. It stays about 48 - 55 in there most of the winter with modest grow lights. Any thoughts?
  19. Cerauno

    Alpine species: Indoor or Outdoor?

    I live in Montana, USA, in the Northern Rocky Mountains. I've been attempting to grow three seedlings which I took out of the "wild" (if you can call around my neighborhood wild), all of which are native subalpine/alpine trees. I have two Rocky Mountain Maple babies, and a tiny Douglas fir. I...
  20. Adamantium

    Trident Maple from 9b to 7a

    I just picked up a beautiful trident maple from Florida. My...
  21. hierophant

    Winter in zone 8b (Louisiana)?

    Hi folks, I'm spending my first winter here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (hardiness zone 8b) and I'm curious what I should be doing with my bonsai. Currently the weather is vacillating between highs in the 70s and lows in the 40s. It might get a little colder, but it doesn't often get much lower...
  22. Mad Furiosa


    My bonsai is an indoor one due to Alberta weather.. hail..+40C/-40C..heavy snow.. intense sun (think dry intense heat) Anyways what should I do for winter? Our basement doesn't really cool and our garage will still be -30C at least. My bonsai is just a seedling. It's my picture. Suggestions?
  23. j evans

    I'm tired of it!

    All I see on here is look at my tree, it's leafing out, look at my flowers, how pretty. Here are my "nice junk trees" Under about 2 feet and more coming. What's fair about this? Just kidding I love all your trees, just letting winter wear me down. Only another month. Carry on! Don't forget...
  24. ajm55555

    Maximum lowest temperature for Japanese Maples

    Can you guys tell me what is the lowest minimum temperature a Japanese maple will bear and for how long? Are the various cultivars very different in resistance to child? Thanks!
  25. jordystokes

    Watering with ice cubes???

    This is my first winter, so please excuse any nonsensical thoughts, misconceptions, or just plain ignorance. :) I read a lot of posts and blogs in preparation for winter. In one of my readings it said that you should never water a frozen tree or water when the temperature is below freezing...
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