1. L

    First year with wisteria, would love some advice.

    This Is my first year with this yamadori wisteria that I collected in the spring. It has grown very well over the spring and summer. We are about to get our first frost this week. And I know that in the ground they can withstand the cold. Just wondering if it should be ok in the pot as well...
  2. Cenovak

    Grafting wisteria to flower?

    Has anyone tried grafting a branch from a wisteria that flowers to one that does not? I have a huge old Japanese wisteria at least 30 years old that has never bloomed (not looking for advice on that), and a Chinese wisteria that blooms like a champ. (I would graft with a known-to-flower Japanese...
  3. Clorgan

    Claire's Wisteria

    Hi all, I have this Wisteria, supermarket buy. Always been intruiged by them, but impulse purchase - saw and bought. So didn't research prior. The flowers got me! Planned on having as a climber along the fence, however after research found it'll be too heavy when it matures, and poisenous to...
  4. A

    Chinese Wisteria, wondering where to train sacrificial branch

    Good morning all! I have a lovely Chinese wisteria (see above) that I’ve been training up rather nicely. I am about to re-wire it to day after letting it grow this spring for the new branches and allowing it to establish a sacrificial branch so that it’ll thicken up the trunk a bit faster. Now I...
  5. M

    Dug Up Wisteria

    Hi everyone. I just dug up this wisteria that my neighbor didn’t want. It’s very fat for a vine, but quite ugly. It’s about 8 inches wide at the base. Any styling suggestions? Should I just throw it out?
  6. cozmicat

    Any idea?

    Why are My Chinese wisteria growing like this? (See image) I am not familiar with Chinese wisteria, maybe this is just what they do. Is there something wrong with them?
  7. O

    Liana bonsai?

    I've seen some really cool pictures of liana's like entada rheedii and entada gigas. Does anyone know if it's possible to bonsai these? I've seen wisteria and grape bonsai which are both liana's.
  8. K

    Is my bonsai diseased?

    Hi, I started growing these wisteria bonsai a few months ago and 3 of the seeds sprouted and were initially doing really well but two of them aren’t looking so healthy now. Can anyone tell me if this is just winter hibernation or if they are diseased and should be separated / repotted? thanks...
  9. BTrees3

    Wisteria bonsai tree from seed

    Hello Bonsai People, I’m completely new to growing Bonsai tree’s. I haven’t grown a single thing my entire life up until now. I’ve got 2 wisteria seedlings I’m super proud of! They’re growing up so fast, and I was wondering if I could get any advice on things I should be doing now or in the...
  10. S

    How to start with wisteria

    I would like to grow myself a nice bonsai, but i don't really know where or how to start, i was thinking of propagating a wisteria bonsai because my grandmother has a big wisteria plant in her backyard and i think it's really beautiful.I would very much appreciate it if you could tell me how to...
  11. ags79

    First go at bonsai - soil/pot prep

    Hi all, this is my first year at doing bonsai and have been doing some research. Since there is a lot of different info out there I figured I should share my plan with some experienced people and get feedback before I repot all these plants. I bought several varieties of plants for my...
  12. amatbrewer

    What is this on my Chinese Wisteria?

    I noticed one of my Wisteria was looking stressed and then saw this leaf. I don't see any other leaf like this. I assume they are eggs of some kind.
  13. ConorDash

    Repotting seedlings

    Hello, I have 5 Wisteria seedlings, coming up to 2 years old now, they have just started showing signs of growth this year (always little anxious to see that first growth, my first seeds). They are currently planted in good size containers but garden soil, heavy organic nursery soil. I...
  14. Clicio

    Fuji Wisteria thickening & vines

    Hello all, I got this small Japanese wisteria (flowering, from a cutting) and now, end of the summer here, it's throwing vines all over. As it grows fast, but the trunk is still thin, is letting the vines go crazy help thickening the trunk or should I prune them now? Thanks in advance.
  15. ConorDash

    Next steps for Wisteria seedlings

    Hello, These are some seeds I’ve grown this season. I actually grew a good few last year and they grew well till about this stage then all died. I did nothing.. then this year started and 4 have grown to this! From.. what I thought was dead. Quite amazed but I’d really love to keep them alive...
  16. BaronSamedi

    New guy needs help with Chinese Wisteria

    I am new to growing bonsai trees. I bought Chinese Wisteria seeds about 2 months ago and one of them is growing very quickly. Well, when I initially started growing them I was in West Virginia and the bonsai produced very dark green leaves. I have since moved to Florida and now the leaves that...
  17. ConorDash

    Large Wisteria Air layer

    Hello, I thought I would get some peoples thoughts on air layering a few parts of this large, older Asian Wisteria that my neighbour has but is very much wildly growing over my side. Neighbours will be cutting it back but anything on my side, I can do whatever with and I have some rather large...
  18. Mr. Green

    Indoor Bonsai for Beginners

    Hi guys, Since I am completely new to this forum, I will give a quick intro: I am 23, German/French/Italian, studying in the Netherlands. I have always had a love for growing things, especially in early high school. After a few months of not being active on that side, my passion for plants has...
  19. Brandon Gilbert

    Wisteria cuttings flowering

    So I have some wisteria that I will be training in some totes for bonsai. The cutting I received were hardwood, I have a few setting in water and a few that are in some perilite. About three days ago the cuttings developed, at the time I thought, leafbuds. Now the growths are more prominent and...
  20. Ceijay

    Noob with a wisteria

    Six years old. Grown from a seed. Should I make it a bonsai??? Just gonna keep this short and sweet and I'll answer any questions about them in the comments should anyone be interested. Also I have a mountain of questions of my own as usual. Anyway I don't wanna sound rude or lazy but...
  21. Wisteria


    When this tree was bought at the nursery (one year before the photo), it had to be dug out of the ground because the roots had gone through the bottom of the pot and deep into the earth.
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