1. ConorDash

    Next steps for Wisteria seedlings

    Hello, These are some seeds I’ve grown this season. I actually grew a good few last year and they grew well till about this stage then all died. I did nothing.. then this year started and 4 have grown to this! From.. what I thought was dead. Quite amazed but I’d really love to keep them alive...
  2. BaronSamedi

    New guy needs help with Chinese Wisteria

    I am new to growing bonsai trees. I bought Chinese Wisteria seeds about 2 months ago and one of them is growing very quickly. Well, when I initially started growing them I was in West Virginia and the bonsai produced very dark green leaves. I have since moved to Florida and now the leaves that...
  3. ConorDash

    Large Wisteria Air layer

    Hello, I thought I would get some peoples thoughts on air layering a few parts of this large, older Asian Wisteria that my neighbour has but is very much wildly growing over my side. Neighbours will be cutting it back but anything on my side, I can do whatever with and I have some rather large...
  4. Mr. Green

    Indoor Bonsai for Beginners

    Hi guys, Since I am completely new to this forum, I will give a quick intro: I am 23, German/French/Italian, studying in the Netherlands. I have always had a love for growing things, especially in early high school. After a few months of not being active on that side, my passion for plants has...
  5. Brandon Gilbert

    Wisteria cuttings flowering

    So I have some wisteria that I will be training in some totes for bonsai. The cutting I received were hardwood, I have a few setting in water and a few that are in some perilite. About three days ago the cuttings developed, at the time I thought, leafbuds. Now the growths are more prominent and...
  6. Ceijay

    Noob with a wisteria

    Six years old. Grown from a seed. Should I make it a bonsai??? Just gonna keep this short and sweet and I'll answer any questions about them in the comments should anyone be interested. Also I have a mountain of questions of my own as usual. Anyway I don't wanna sound rude or lazy but...
  7. Wisteria


    When this tree was bought at the nursery (one year before the photo), it had to be dug out of the ground because the roots had gone through the bottom of the pot and deep into the earth.