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  1. JEads

    Ligustrum obtusifolium - Japanese privit

    I keep seeing amazing Ligustrum obtusifolium in a bunch of the Japanese show books, especially gafu-ten (shohin). Since it is invasive and consuming the upper Midwest, y'all mind digging some of those out and sharing the wealth? ;) Help save your native forests to boot!
  2. TwilightTrees

    Taxus baccata yamadori timing

    I have a big Taxus baccata in my parents garden. It is very bushy wide and around 2 meter high and with a trunk width approx a feet. My parents might sell their house within a year, but im promised i can dig up the yew before. Is a bit emotional, since the bush was my childhood hide out. Now i...
  3. M

    Big cuts on a new Yamadori

    Hi, I have recently collected this tree (2 days ago, it was now or never) from a forest near my grandads house. I have potted it up in a plastic pot with regular potting soil (all that I have available) and given it a deep watering. In the photos you can see where I have cut the tree in order to...
  4. J

    Yamadori first time

    So today I collected a plant. I think it’s an elm, but not so sure. Can anyone tell me what it is? Still having a hard thing telling it myself. Advices, opinions regarding the plant are accepted. Tell me whatever you think. I put in a fairly light soil to promote root growth(around 60-70%...
  5. S

    Can I Bring This Olive Back From the Dead?

    Hi bonsai lovers, There’s a huge olive stump/growth at the base of a tree at work. I’ve never seen it with foliage and I’m wondering if it’s even alive. I’ve dug down a bit and found some old roots but there’s some rot on the trunk. Would it be possible to dig it up, saw it off, and get it to...
  6. Big Country Bonsai

    Collecting Juniper in Texas. Please help!

    I have an awesome opportunity to collect whatever I want according to the land owners...this doesn’t mean I will just try and pull everything out of the ground. I want to do it right and give the trees the best chance of survival possible so I’m looking for advice and possible hands on help to...
  7. D

    Yamadori Chinese Elm newbie help

    Hi everyone, this is my first attempt at bonsai and I started with a Yamadori 3 months ago and I already got some life into this Chinese elm... So far so good, I think the tree is out of the woods. I live in Los Angeles and the tree is outdoors. It rarely goes below 50 F in the winter so I'm...
  8. ParticleCollider

    Yamadori collection license in Colorado?

    Hey everyone I wanted to see if anyone had information on potential licenses or permits to collect Yamadori in the state of Colorado? maybe a seasonal collection or particular area of the state? Any information here would be much appreciated!
  9. Stillwater

    Yamadori Fundraiser & Labor Drive (Sept 29th & 30th)

    Live in New England? Come join us for an afternoon of food, fun, talking bonsai & digging some great larch. We've started work on our new nursery location in Chester Maine ! Due to heavy rains this summer, we cannot get the heavy machines in to clear cut the land until the ground freezes. To...
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