Collected Cedar Elm need help with carvin direction

Looking good. Thanks for the update Travis. Please continue to provide updates.
You'll probably hate this idea but if this is mine, I will consider chopping it down as marked come spring. I may leave a snag higher for more deadwood but will remove the bark to get the growth where it is marked.

The reason, the right trunk is shorter but it is thicker...should not be the case. Also because the left branch is way too long (for my taste).

Just an idea.


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I don't hate a helpful suggestion. Ain't no hater here! You are giving me options and that is what I came here for.
From the picture it does look like 2 trunks with the right side being thicker. Actually, it is 3 trunks. If you look at the first pic posted from the top down you can sorta see that but not real well. There was originally a new branch growing in between the right 2 trunks that has been removed. Maybe I need to show that feature better by removing a little material. That left trunk gives it all of its character and tells the story of this tree as I found it. I would like to work it in some how. My vision is to create a tree that survived a lightning strike down the middle.

Any how, come spring I will have you over to the house and we can have a good long stare at it. No trunk chops now in late summer anyway!
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