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Fresno, CA
Whats wrong with this display?

Whats right about this display?


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Although I think all three could work out alright, they need to be closer together.
They are too far apart. Too much empty space between the elements - they look like they are swimming in a sea of white. Otherwise I like the display if things were tightened up.
I don't think the three items belong together. The tree reminds one of the mountains. The accent looks to be a maple. The scroll looks to be of bamboo.

They don't harmonize.

The scroll is also too small for the tree that is displayed. I feel I would have to walk over and lean into the display to see what the scroll is representing.
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I would like to join in the fun, but the truth is, I know less about displays than I do women.

I agree with Mac, that the three items do not harmonize well. In addition to the scroll being too small, I believe the frame for it is too busy. While the idea may have been that this would add visual weight, I do not believe that it has been accomplished.

I like this one!

This display, in my opinion, is one of the finest in the group show. In fact, BETTER than the top three display winners. Only having ONE judged who has studied bonsai display is not a good idea in my opinion.

This display shows an excellent bonsai, combined with a smaller bonsai and perfect scroll, all carefully and thoughtfully combined to present their best to the viewer.

A very refined display!

I like the spacing, especially the scroll placement.

THIS artist has classical taste. Perhaps it does not "present a story", but all classical bonsai do not!

About the only thing I would change is the wooden slab under the maple accessory. It matches the same shape and color as the main bonsai. Perhaps an irregular darker slab might improve this outstanding display!

Just my thoughts today and congratulations to the exhibitor.


PS: Who arranged this display? Whoever did should be teaching display aesthetics.
You have a very good eye Bill. I would love to see you here for this event next year.

Gremel and I had a good disscussion about him being two for two at paying events with cascades no less.

I will fill you in Monday after a others have had a chance to make some critiques. It will be no surprise to you. Of course the placement will.

April 24,25. We had a blast. Hideko Metaxis lecture on Sunday with the museum set up lecture style was great. We have two portable Tokonoma's and one was set up for Hideko to do her lecture with. We had a great time.
Well, now that I know that Bill Valavanis likes it....

I really like the sparseness of this composition. For me, the empty space suggests the spareness of haiku or the openness of the sky.

I'm not aware of a narrative in this display, but I'm not sure that it's important in this composition. What is striking to me is the careful arrangement and eye for detail: The foliage of the bonsai leads my eye to the scroll. The diagonal line of the bonsai (from the lower left to the upper right) resonates with the outline of the mountain in the scroll. The shape of the leaves in the kusamono in the foreground resonates with the leaves in the foreground of the scroll.

The placement of the three elements is also interesting: the kusamono in the foreground and the bonsai in the middleground leads my eye to the scroll in the background. The small size of the scroll gives me the impression of great distance. I like the placement of the scroll to the right of center, and the triangle created by the three elements. The way the three elements scale with each other is also very interesting.

The color of the kusamono pot is interesting and maybe unexpected: I like the splash of color in the foreground in contrast to the browns and greens of the rest of the composition. I wonder if the artist had something specific in mind. Maybe the suggestion of water?

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