Hello, Everyone!!!Glad to be here!!


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Gordon, Nebraska
Hello, Everyone!!!I am glad to be here. You ALL make the new persons feel so welcome: thank you!!!

I am new to bonsai, but not to the art and compassion of gardening and horticulture. I also love art and watching things grow ( my husband thinks I am strange when I sit out in the rain and "listen to the plants grow". Bonsai is the perfect blend of art/passion/obsession/horticulture and a logical step for me.

I have so much to learn and have read everything I can, copying information from the internet to put in a notebook to ordering books online such as John Naka's notebooks, "Bonsai Techiques 1 and 2":wonderful bibles!!!"(nothing out here in Gordon NE for hundreds of miles; internet is the best way to go. )This is another reason I am happy to be part of a bonsai site like this, as there is no other way for me to learn save by bonsai sites, reading, and trying.)

..I have only shaped and pruned and wired my potentsei: nothing in bonsai pots yet. I am still trying to figure out how to download pics to this site, but as yet: my pics are too big to download, and I have nothing post-worthy.:eek:

Working on 4 junipers, 2 english box, 1 cotoneaster, malus (growing out trunk and air-layering top) maple (trunk again) blue spruce (saved from the dollar store "Alco": not watered, in clay, roots chopped off to fit pot, browning needles: looking now like he might just make it....but we shall see after I start shaping, might yet not),forsynthia,lilac, alberta spuce and white pine (the last two I am growing out as yet ,considering what to do with them.:confused:

A lot of what I have read states to,"be brave, go forth, shape, prune!!" And, also, "you will learn as you go!!" This I trust to be gospil, but I still sit with scissors in hand alot considering....
I am excited about the journey, and believe the journey is the important part.:)

Thank you for letting me be a part. I look forward to learning and, eventually, sharing.
1959heidim welcome to the nut house. :)
"I sit out in the rain and "listen to the plants grow"'

I like your style. Welcome.
I sit out on my patio when it rains... My neighbors probably think im nuts...

Same here, but it is the back covered deck!
It Soothes my soul.
I sit on my deck and think about rain... and spray a hose on my kids :)

I can't remember the last "real" rain storm we have had out here. I think it was back in January (no kidding).
Hey Heidi, was wondering when you would find your way into here, Welcome!
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