Hemlock Development

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Piedmont NC
I have several Hemlocks, collected from the wild. These are Eastern Hemlock or Tsuga Canadensis.

Does anyone have experience with these trees? Right now I am getting buds opening and lengthening on the ends of branches. The budding seems to only happen on the end of branches, I am not seeing any buds develop and open back from the ends of even the smallest of branches.

Do you let the new growth develop and then cut it back to a few needles to force budding back on the branches? Do you pull the cluster of new leaves off cleanly and get multiple buds at the branch ends like pines? Do you let the new growth go on until it hardens off and then cut it back in the fall?

Anyone found what works best to develop back budding and ramification with them. I have found them to be very slow to grow except the diameter of branches seems to increase very rapidly and you have to watch wires very closely or they will cut in before you know it.

I can post photos if needed but I think anyone that has seen them grow will understand what I am talking about.
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