I may need a little outside help.....


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Tomorrow I will decandle this red pine, for those of you who are Christians, say a prayer for me, the rest keep you fingers crossed.



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It does look a little late... however the tree looks very robust. My red pines are already pushing their 2nd candles.
I don't think that I can grow red pines down here...I'm not going to try them. But I will be trying 2000 black pines (seeds) next spring. :D:D:D:D:D

Maybe it's my old eyes, but I don't see a single candle on that tree.
I sent Marco a picture of the tree 2 days ago and this was his response:

Yes cut the new candle all the way down and now is the right
time, but please don't cut the very long one right now,
first of all cut the small ones, then after 2 weeks the very
long ones like the one in the picture you just send me, if
you see buds which they hardly developed then don't cut
them, just let them grow. This is the picture, only a close up for Marco.

Where is "down here" exactly?

Down here is South Louisiana! :) Brent's said that JRP cannot take heat with wind, so I could probably do this one here since it's not really windy and also humid, but right now I don't want to. Maybe in the future, if I find one with potential...


PS: Harry, sounds like you will be fine. I know that you can do this to JBP but then again JBP seem to be bulletproof...in any case, good luck! I like the looks of this tree.
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