Is it worth the price?


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Louisville, KY
I was looking online at the pricing for Bonsai Focus. Apparently they combines Bonsai Today and Bonsai Europe together into one mag.

To me 6 issues at $54.95 seems a little steep. Never looked at one of these mags but seems like most mags today are nothing but adds with little in the way of quality reading.

No offense to anyone that may have been or currently attempting to be published in this publication.

Anyone have any insight? Thanks in advance

I think the price is fair...
And yes I get it...
And yes I like it...
And no not to many adds..
It's worth it.
thanks for the quick replies. I will deffinatley check into getting a subscription probably in a month or two. Still trying to recover from school shopping with my 13 year old daughter.
If one was to consider the copious amounts we spend doing bonsai, whether it be on material, literature, tools etc... the price of the subscription is like spitting in the ocean as far as I'm concerned.
Hi all. I can tell you that its definetly worth every penny, as for the adverts most have websites attached, and its always good to look around at what people have got to offer. Once youve got your first issue youll be waiting for the next, its just a shame they merged as i enloyed recieving two different magazines!
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