JWP from seeds


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Clarksville, Tennessee
Hello I just scored some JWP seeds...anyone have any advice on how to grow these? I've heard that you need to do multiple cycles of warm/cold stratifcation to get these to germinate...any thoughts?
I wish I could offer advice. Last year I grew some JBP and JM from seed just for fun, but I can't offer you advice on JWP - with one exception. I was surprised how many seedlings I lost to birds / critters. Make sure you put a net over your seedling tray or whatever vessel you are using once you move the seeds into soil.
Got them to sprout by soak over night. Then plant in fall. Let them freeze through the winter and come up naturally in spring. I only get 50% germination this way, but that is good enough for me. Might do better on sprouting mat after freezing. Getting them to maturity is difficult in my grow zone. We have very hot summers and it was dry last year. They do far better in the northern zones as they need to freeze seems like it was minimum 2-3 weeks.
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