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Houthalen, Belgium
This is a Bald Cypress I am working on...

I found it last summer in a nursery in the neighbourhood. It was about 4,50 meters high when I bought it, and I instantly chopped it back at the nursery to about 60 -70 cm. Wouldn't fit in my car anyway...:D

When I potted it, I pruned some of the main roots which were a bit disturbing to me.. I gave the tree enough water, and always kept the soil moist enough..


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This month I had the opportunity to follow a workshop with François Jeker from France, who is known for his work on dead wood. So I decided to do some work on this tree. First picture is the tree before the workshop..

I decided which frontside and on this side there was a smaller shari, which I made bigger by removing the bark down to the roots. You can see this on the second picture...

I first examined what part of the tree lived, and what was dead. Once again I removed the bark of the dead part. Then we worked on the top. To get better taper some carving was needed. François did the carving with a die grinder...


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After the carving the taper was much better. (picture 1)

Time to get out my micro torch, and burn the deadwood... Afterwards I cleaned the burned wood with a steelbrush..

And this is the result for now. Still lots of work to do... but I keep that for another time..

Kind regards from Belgium,


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Looking good Hans, I will look forward to the progression and branch selection. I am guessing that the branches will have the drooping appearance.

very nice end result.....surely it will improve with more work...

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