New bougainvillea, lots of questions


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london ontario canada
Hey guys, so I have recently added a Bougainvillea to my collection. It is only a couple years old right now and because I live in canada, it will be spending its current time indoors until the night temp rises to about 15 degrees. It has some good growth at the top but it is heavily on one side of the tree. I was curious about potentially trunk chopping. Ideally this tree will remain small in the finished state. maybe 10 inches tops. I would like to add some movement to the trunk as it will be a small finished work. How far down can I actually go? I have read that they back bud well. Since I repotted after getting it I figure over the winter I will let it be. When could I potentially look at chopping? I also would like to start some root placement. I think they have some pretty fragile roots as I tore out a few while repotting. Does anyone have any tips for being able to place roots without ripping them apart completely?
Thank you in advance for any additional information, as always it is greatly appreciated!
As far as timing goes, mid-summer when it's growing well is the time to do significant work on a bouganvillea. I can't comment on trunk chopping specifically though because I haven't had a reason to do that with mine. I can confirm that the roots are indeed fragile. Brittle is the word I'd use to describe them. One runs into similar problems with wiring branches. Wiring quickly becomes impossible. Either a branch gets wired when it is new tender green growth or it doesn't get wired at all. Clip 'n grow ends up being the dominant mode for developing branches.
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