1. L

    Bougainvillea Pruning

    I'm in Southern California and was gifted this Bougainvillea. I'm not just new to Bonsai, but gardening all together. I'm not sure when and what to prune. I see what seem to be some dry branches, but don't want to remove anything without really knowing what I'm doing. Online research has given...
  2. E

    Which bougainvillea do you all prefer and why?

    I’ve been trying to source a bougie for about a week and finally found a vendor. These are all pictures that were sent to me. I selected the ones I liked most out of the bunch and would love to know which one you all like the most and why. I’m mostly asking this for the why part. I’m trying to...
  3. E

    Does this bougie have any sort of potential?

    In my endeavor to get better at selecting more mature ‘pre-bonsai’ material, I ran into this bougie stump going for $135. My main obstacle with selecting pre bonsai stock is that I can tell when something looks good and when it doesn’t, but I’m not sure why. This one seems like nothing special...
  4. E

    Good source for tropicals?

    Are there any reputable sources for more developed tropical pre-bonsai? I know there’s Wigert’s but I’m specifically looking for a bougainvillea and they don’t have one on their website at the moment. I don’t think there are any bonsai nurseries that even sell tropicals within driving distance...
  5. L

    Bougainvillea leaf reduction

    Question for those of you who have mature, ramified bougainvillea bonsai in refinement: How small are the leaves ultimately on a well-ramified tree (assuming it’s a regular non-dwarf variety)? I’m in the planning stages now for a root over statue planting and wanting to ensure that whatever I...
  6. S

    Bougainvillea help??

    Hello there everyone. So I have these two outside of my house in Las Vegas All summer long they flourished with leaves and flowers. They have been losing leaves and flowers for weeks now. I know some leaves falling is normal but these are almost embarrassing to have in the front yard. I haven’t...
  7. J

    Can I repot bougainvillea in the winter?

    Hi everyone, Really need some repotting advice. I just bought this 25-year-old bougainvillea. It didn't come within a pot. I understand bougainvillea likes to be repotted in the summer. But I really don't want to leave it in a plastic bag. Worried it could kill the plant. I live in an...
  8. Jupiter

    New bougainvillea, lots of questions

    Hey guys, so I have recently added a Bougainvillea to my collection. It is only a couple years old right now and because I live in canada, it will be spending its current time indoors until the night temp rises to about 15 degrees. It has some good growth at the top but it is heavily on one side...
  9. L

    Lorax7 Bougainvillea #1 progression

    Bought this one from a local bonsai club member a couple years ago. It was in a taller pot when I got it. Here it is in fall 2021:
  10. Apex37

    Too Late to Prune Bougainvillea

    I think I already know the answer to this, but I've been growing this bougainvillea out like crazy with no pruning and realized I forgot it amongst all my other plants on trimming it back in summer. Is it too late to prune hard? My need to prune is I'm worried I won't have space for it when I...
  11. Apex37

    Tips on Thickening Up Bougainvillea

    I got a few bougies recently at the local nursery. They actually had a yellow flower one, which seems harder to find. I was trying to find info on thickening up their trunks, but couldn't find a whole lot. I know ideally sticking them in the ground is probably best, but unfortunately I don't...
  12. I

    Impulse Bougie

    Yes, I suddenly bought this thing, it’s just nursery stock. I always look at bougies when I walk past tree shops, they’re always painfully straight and lollipop shaped. This one caught my attention because the flowers are tiny, it seems to have a triple trunk with good movement. I’ll only be...
  13. Moxie

    Bougainvillea Bonsai: Help Needed

    Hello, I am trying to figure out what's wrong with my bougainvillea bonsai tree:/ I am new to this and any help would be greatly appreciated. The leaves are turning yellow, curling up, and dropping - the plant looks almost bald on one side😭 is it getting too much or not enough water? I...
  14. Hartinez

    Bougie Broom

    Thought I’d start a thread for this Bougie, just for documentation purposes. It’s been posted in plenty of other threads because it mostly speaks for itself. It blooms and the colors are beautiful. The tree however has quite a few flaws that if I had the original tree now, I would have...
  15. boguz

    My bougainvilleas

    Hello nuts Here are my 2 bougies i purchased last year. I am not experienced on them, just trying to keep them green for now. If you have any advice it ll be great. Thanks
  16. fucious70

    Bougainvillea collecting (yamadori) check list

    First time collecting a bougainvillea. Requesting tips for collecting. Below is what I gathered so far in term of what to. Background: I live in southern California near Los Angeles. I think that is a zone 10. I found a bougainvillea that has fallen over. The land owner is allowing me to...
  17. L

    Awkward bougainvillea re-pot

    Spring is upon us here in Florida so I decided to redesign one of my bougainvilleas. I collected it from the landscape two years ago and it looked like this before today (with more foliage): I didn’t like all the commotion going on up top, too cluttered I thought. Didn’t want to bother with a...
  18. L

    Bougainvillea stock direction

    Ripped these two out of the landscape along with another I gifted away about two years ago. Grew a little too vigorously and thorny and weren’t flowering where they were planted. These things are hardy as hell. They had virtually zero roots left after I destroyed their known existence. The first...
  19. RobertB

    Bougainvillea Cuttings Started - Help with - Propogation Methods

    So I finally brought myself to purchase a bougainvillea this summer with plans on propagating some cuttings for bonsai training. I had always heard that bougies were some of the easiest to propagate. I haven't done anything to the mother plant yet besides snip some branches off on 7/22 to make...
  20. molivella

    To Cut Or Not To Cut....

    I found this bougainvillea yesterday at a nursery, tucked away under a bench and hidden from view behind several plants. It’s now in a 10” pot and as can be seen the trunk is 8” at the base. In time, with patience, pruning, etc. I hope to develop a triangular shaped canopy over the main trunk...
  21. molivella

    Should I Lop Off The Long Branch????

    I was able to pick this bougainvillea up yesterday. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to find it tucked away at a nursery under a bench, buried behind several trees. It’s now in a 10” pot and as can be seen the trunk is a massive 8” at the base. In time, with patience, pruning, etc. I hope to...
  22. cdefoe

    what do y'all think i should do with this bougainvillea

    i got this purple queen bougainvillea at the nursery in july. please be gentle with me as i've just started getting into bonsai this spring i chopped it back, cut the gallon container down, and repotted it in some bonsai soil. i've read mixed things about root pruning bougainvillea, but i...
  23. H

    Bougainvillea First Cut

    Picked up yesterday at a local nursery. Good price $14. I just teased the roots a little, replaced some soil, and gave it a prune. Hopefully gets some wiring done next weekend. Deciding on a front still.
  24. thumblessprimate1

    TP Bougainvillea

    Any potential here? Fifteen buck's for a purple one in a basket. I decided to not wait for next year.
  25. boguz

    My small Bougainvillea

    Hi guys. Last week i got this bougainvillea from a nursary. I made some little cuts, tried to keep its natural shape. Do you have any ideas Thanks
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