Pictures from the National Arboretum


One of John Naka’s California juniper. It looks a bit unkempt and could use some more dignified styling, in my opinion. But great deadwood and it’s always good to see a tree from the old master. Thank you John!

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I’m moving about an hour or so west of DC in Fauquier county. I have a contract on some rural propery near Upperville. Beautiful area. I’d love to make contact with some other bonsai folks in the area.

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Nice! There's quite a few BNut members here in the DMV area.

Get ready for them taxes.....coming from a no state tax state! VA even has a yearly property tax on personal vehicles.
When will you actually move? I want to own one of your tree. Are you going to let some go?
Next May - I’ve sold/traded a few already and I may move a few more. Some hard decisions to make between now and then though.

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Imperial sized JBP from the Imperial Garden in Japan. Doesn’t look as though it has been decandled this year, but the pictures don’t do the scale of the tree justice. It’s a monster.

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That one is actually a JRP, and you’re right, it’s huge!
Here it was three years ago in April:
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