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This Juniper was hand-picked from 15 other massive Nick's Compact Junipers. I am attempting a triple trunk windswept. The last picture is a crude virt of where I would like it to end up. Any thoughts?


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I like it and I usually don't like windswept. Never heard of this type of juni. Do you have a scientific name for it ?
In your virt, bring the branch on the tree to the far right in front of the trunk....I think you might like it, and I also think it would go well with the unconventional but somehow pleasing vision you have.

I think you have the start to something nice down the road. I would ( if it were mine) do a few tweaks.

#1 in the picture shows a U shaped image. Somehow not really pleasing to the eye. While it does depict motion and energy it conflicts with the lower trunk and some of the lower branches which indicate downward movement and the one in question shows upward movement. I think for the purposes of aesthetics and to be polite ;) that part of the trunk at the very least needs to be either cranked down to the back just slightly higher than the branch right below it. This would give more depth and and rid you of the U shaped trunk split. The other choice and probably the better would be to rid yourself of that trunk and create a Jin

#2 In keeping with harmony of the tree, a slight adjustment to the upper foliage on right hand tree. I think placement in a little closer (down and towards the front) to the composition would suit it more and fill in the void that #1 created.

#3 Is in keeping with #2. The upper right hand trunk has a bow in it, a drastic right hand curve. This to me is in conflict with the rest of your composition. If the top of the right tree was brought down as described above the curve could be made more convincing.

I think your on the right path, take my suggestions for what there worth. Sit back and re-evaluate your tree and pick out what conflicts with each other in the tree. In a windswept, flow+ movement +harmony is a key ingredient to sell the image. A convincing windswept is a very hard thing to achieve. In my opinion probably one of the hardest styles to do correctly in bonsai. Keep at it :)


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It is Juniperus chinensis 'Nick's Compact': "A relatively flat-topped, wide spreading form - 2' by 6' in eight years. Maybe same as 'Pfitzeriana compacta'."
I have another one with a monster 3" trunk that I'm working in. I'll show it when I get a chance.
Thanks everyone for your input!
Thanks for your thoughts. See the virts below.

Branch 1 actually comes toward the viewer at the circled part and curves up 2" from the main trunk. I could put more of an angled bend on it instead of a gentle curve. I could bend branch 1 toward the viewer and THEN put a more angled "windswept" bend on it OR eliminate it (to make a Jin) as you recommended. The virt shows removing it. I can then bend the top of the right hand branch to be more windswept and fill the void left from branch 1. Branch 2 grows toward the back but I think I could use it to give the composition more depth without ruining the harmony. Ideas?


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Now your cooking. I think a much better solution. It still gives the tension of movement and it is for the most part in harmony, or as much harmony as a virt will allow.;) Way to go!

By the way Dwight, My big juniper in the photo section is a Nick's Compact. It is a very accommodating juniper. Its only misgiving is that it touchy about its toes being tickled. I believe that is how I lost the living vein that ran up the front.:( Still all and all a fantastic tree. I'm currently working on lifting 13 of them. The smallest nebari being 9 inches the largest being 16. They are all 40 years about wood. Its been a true test of patience I've been working the last two years to reduce foliage and bring back the roots. In the spring of '08 they hopefully will be ready to lift.
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I thought I'd post an update after some more refinement. I'm not going to do anything else to it this year. It's had enough! ;)

The virt is where I want to head with the foliage refinement.
Any thoughts on a proper pot style and color?
Great follow through Ric. Its on its way. As Will said a slab or a long shallow pot. Windswepts seem to look best in a container with a low profile if horticulturally possible.
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