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Here is another repot from this season. I purchased this tree the end of last season. What caught my eye was the wild, meandering was in an oversized pot at the time. Here is the tree after I picked a front, wired and repotted. The tree is not nearly as full as it looks in the pics. Actually, I am a bit concerned about the brannch on the right. It is very weak. Now that it is in great soil..I will just leave it alone to recover.

One thing about the tree is that whoever had it, used cement or a similar compound to fill in the shari going up the trunk. So the shari you are looking at, for the most part, is cement. I hope next season to bring the tree to a workshop and maybe try to add some character to the cement.

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That's a heck of a trunk. If you can successfully remove the cement, you have a classic tree. However, it looks heavy on the left side. Are both of the limbs necessary?
Hi Barry and thank you..Actually, the limb closer to the trunk is more of a back branch that comes down. I tried wiring it back and up. However, it seemed, in person anyway, more balnced with that gap filled. I am on the fence with it though. After the tree rests for awhile and I know that the branch on the right (the weak one) is going to survive, perhaps I will make some changes. If worst comes to worse, maybe that inner left branch can become a right branch.:D
Very nice. Almost looks like an exposed root system which is cool
I like the trunk line!
The trunk line is wicked hot. Love this tree. But, as noted, it does 'appear' too heavy at the top. After a proper recovery period I would thin it back some and properly jin a branch or two in the top region. Maybe even remove some of it to lighten it up.
Here are a couple of virts of a thinner top. Also, If it were mine, I think I might get rid of the jins half way up the trunk. I think its better to allow the eye to wander up that curvy trunk without the jins to interfer with the movement.


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Thanks for the comments everyone,,

Hello bonsai Tom..Yes, that is good advice.. The current problem is that the left side branch is very strong, but the right one is not..Also, the apex, which actually looks heavy is extrememly deceiving.. The apex is actually just a few young buds growing straight up off of a horizontal trunk.. This is the way the tree came to me. Also, that branch that looks like it is underneath the one on the left, is actually a back branch. In case something happenes to the one on the right. I might have to fall back on that one.. This tree is actually a lot of smoke and mirrors, so to speak.

Hello bonsai Barry..Yes, I agree.. There is another problem with the top... The apex looks thicker because I pulled a small branch back towards the area underneath the apex. Unfortunatley, the tree has this area with no foliage underneath it. Just a kind of slanted trunk. It looked kind of strange... Like a lollipop head sitting on top nf a slanted the tree does recover, I do plan on, somehow, incorporating the advice given...
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