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Hello all........Here is a progression of a tree I picked up about 1 1/2 years ago... I found this tree at a Home Depot for about $15. What caught my eye was how there was a sort of natural shari.. Unusual for a home depot tree.. Anyway, I noticed that it had a single thick trunk and some workable low branches...

Pic 1 and 2 is the tree after purchase.. Originally, the tree was about 14-15 inches tall.

Pics 3 and 4 are the tree right after the initial styling, but still in the nursery container. After reviewing my work, the first anchoring branch that I guy wired was bothering me. Although as far as the future forming of pads was concerned, it may have looked good. However, the way the branch emanated from the trunk was displeasing. It was coming from an inside curve and also it almost looked like the tree was throwing up the

Pic 5 is the tree with the bottom branch removed and it put into a grow pot. Sometimes when I look at the pics, I wonder if I did the right thing by removing the low branch. However, I believe that, aesthetics wise, it would be the best look for the tree in the future.... Over the last year the tree has grown incredibly (not pictured). It has almost reverted back into a bush. Which is fine, because I needed to the tree to ramify and have the young buds turn into branches.

All comments are welcome and feel free to give your opinion on the removal of that first branch.. Although it is a little late



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How kewl is that. Nice series. Thanx for sharing.
Plant is looking good.

I would have contemplated the removal of said branch for one more year.

Thanks for the comments everyone...

Smoke, I do agree... all be it too late now.. However, the tree has grown incredibly and the new anchoring branch has grown well and was trained to swoop pretty far down. So, when it is all said and done (say 4 years of training, total) there should be a nice pad right where the first outside curve of the trunk begins.

Al, are you talking about leaving that branch, so as not to remove too much at the first styling??

Good for you Rob, had a similar one from HD too, some reason or other it went to the finished bonsai pile, possibly took off too much at first styling.
Nice little shohin, which can be a daunting thing when it comes to yews. As mentioned before the branch removal might of waited. However, as strong as this looks it should have minimal impact. My one suggestion is to keep these pads light. You will find that buds will pop from everywhere and can quickly overwhelm the tree. In spring rub out selected buds before they get away from you.

Nicely done :)
thanks Bil and Tachigi... And yes, Tachigi. It has back budded everywhere.. The subtle buds you see that made up the apex, are actually workable, decent thickness branches now.

The tree has almost reverted back into a bush, so come late winter/early spring. I will just go with what the tree has given me to work with.

Here is a virt similar to what I would like within the next 2 years...



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Although late... Here it is with that branch added back.. Notice the composition looks better, However, the way the branch emanates fro mthe trunk is just displeasing to me.



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I have worked with a few yews. I currently do not have any in my collection as good ones on the west coast are hard to come by.

I was wondering about flexibility. It seems yews can take an awefull lot of bending without breaking. Was also wondering if it was tried to get a better exit direction on that branch before removeing. I mean if your thought might be to remove it, then drastic shapeing can be serindipitious.

Hello Smoke... As far as bendability..... I believe that they can be somewhat tough to bend. However, they seem to be able to withstand a lot before breaking. It is just that the wood seems very dense. Also, I tried to get a better angle for a front. However, that angle was the best to show the trunk and the beautiful natural taper. The tree has grown so much that the branches that were left, grew very long and strong. So, I will be able to create pads lower on the trunk after they are pulled down. Actually, the branches took well to training are already have a nice swoop to them.


I love your little yew... that thing will go CRAZY in your care... you make trees go like few I know. Well done! I'll look forward to seeing it again next year. :)

Hello noissee It is a yew... I think it might be taxus densiformis.

Hello Vic..good to see your comment. Thanks for the vote of confidence... I hope the tree shares your confidence in

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