Sumo Trident Maple

Brian Underwood

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Santa Rosa, CA
Here is a larger SUMO style trident that I have for sale. This tree was field grown, and is quite a sight. I will ship anywhere in the US. It will be listed in my Ebay store with an end date of 4/4/10 @2100hrs. Worth a look! -=Brian=-


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Sorry guys, its up now. I did want to give the forum first dibs ;) Here is the link;

If you happen to win the auction, be sure to mention the forum and there will be a little extra gift for any forum member who buys a tree! Oh, there is also a pretty nice little crabapple on this week. Also, if you would like to PM me "an offer I cannot refuse" I can end the auction early, and the tree shall be yours. Thanks all, -=Brian=-
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You guys missed out! It only went for $280! Though the crabapple went for slightly more... Lots of trees coming up soon, pictures to follow.
New items available!!!

I have some nice pots, beautiful accent plantings, and handmade Jiita burl display slabs. As always, I still have field grown stock up for sale almost every week. Enjoy! -=Brian=-


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