Who sell's JBP seedlings from cutting?


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Nipomo, CA
I"m wondering if anyone sell's black pine seedlings from cuttings? I don't mean normal cuttings, but seedlings which have the tap root removed while still very young promoting radial roots?
They talked about this process in bonsai today and in the bonsai today pines book.

Thank you
You are referring to the method of Kusida Matsuo outlined in Bonsai Today #20 (and republished in the Stone Lantern Pine book). I just finished writing my shohin bonsai column for an upcoming International Bonsai on this very topic. I really doubt any commercial place is taking the time to do that - you might find a hobbyist specializing in black pines from seeds doing it. However,why don't you try it yourself? Black pine seeds are easy to come by and the process is not that difficult. I've done it numerous times successfully. You would only be gaining maybe 6 months - 1 year by buying seedlings. You still have time to stratify the seeds and start them in later spring.
John Romano
Yes that is exactly what I was talking about John. Yah, I could do it myself but for this time, I was just hoping I could find someone who did this. I'll try it myself unless someone know's someone who does this.

If I recall - the grower in Japan was trying to develop shohin material - so the goal was to get a small powerful trunk in the fastest time; his technique of cutting the newly sprouted seedling and then getting this to root results in low branches which helps build a trunk fast. John is right in pointing out that this is not commercially available - even on a small scale. Your best bet is to search this forum for JBP and find a small scale grower or hobbyist - that you might persuade into selling you a few. You can try it yourself of course - but it does take some practice, trial/error to get the cut seedling to take on new roots. Damping-off can be a problem with this technique. I look forward to reading John's article about this topic. John's latest article in International Bonsai regarding Ponderosa Pine developed as shohin is also very good. Tom
I believe the purpose of cutting off the tap root is more to produce a radial root spread and improve the nebari. My teacher basically told me it's most definetly worth my time to do this, or find someone who did it for me. If your going to spend 20+years on developing a tree might as well start it out right.
Hi Yenling83,
If I was you, I would start to do seedling myself ASAP. Those are some of my 22 months old Korean black pine. I have 52 of them. Their tap roots were cut long time ago. Their trunks are growing fast. All of them have been wired and initially styled. I just grafted cork JBP to 2 of them (very low grafting - at trunk base). I believe in 7-10 more years, I will have a very nice stock. Bonhe


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