1. jbhampton31

    Shimpakus Browing after late.frost

    Hey... So have a question about 2 shimpaku's I have... Here in East TN zone 7a have been having some major temp swings this weekend.. We have been having 60 deg or higher weather during the day and the past 2 morning Sat and today Sunday the lows have been at 29 degs with freeze warnings for...
  2. N

    Japanese Black Pine Browning/Yellowing Advice

    Hey All! Got a Japanese black pine from the nursery a month ago and planted it into the ground this summer. I planted it on a mound to help with drainage and have been watering ~ 3 days or so. It gets about 5-8h hours of sunlight a day. I got my soil tested and nutrients are plentiful with...
  3. B

    Chinese plum wilting

    Hello everyone, I have a Chinese sweet plum for almost a year now. It was always healthy and growing out. Recently, the leaves are tuning brown at the end , leaves seemed to be dry and wilting and in general, complete tree is dropping. I added fertilizer 5-7-4.NPK superbly bonsai last week. It...
  4. S

    Brown Spots on Trident Leaves

    Hello All, I am a newbie and have collected a few nursery stock junipers to practice working on - and after a couple of trips to Fuji Bonsai Nursery in Sylmar I found myself walking out with some elm trees and a trident maple. I repotted the maple back in February and it has been doing just...
  5. J

    Browning needles

    I recently got a juniper bonsai and I am noticing some needles browning. It’s outside all day with half day sun. It’s currently around 80 degrees F and I water it everyday. Why is it browning? Pictures attached
  6. D

    Please help! Green tips have turned brown

    Hi, I just joined the site/forum because I’m really hoping to get some help and advice. I was gifted a beautiful 19 year old juniper bonsai for my birthday in March. It lives outside in my backyard in Washington DC and it’s from New York so we were assured it’s in the proper climate. For the...
  7. O

    Dying Seedlings - Please Help

    Hi. This (pine?) seedling has been growing since late April but recently the tips have started to turn brown. This is also the case with the smaller (birch?) seedling whose leaves are also turning brown after sprouting a few weeks ago. Please can someone identify the seedlings and let me know...
  8. O

    Dwarf Hinoki Cypress turning brown!! HELP!!!

    I received this bonsai as a gift a year ago now and things were going really well. Coming up to winter in Australia and I’ve only just realised (I should’ve noticed earlier I know) that one side is turning completely brown and dry! Is there anyway to save the plant? I love it a lot and feel...
  9. sLeepLess

    Reaching Out for 2nd Opinions

    Hello Everyone, I am obviously new to Bonsai Nut. I most likely have used this site in the past when searching for information but i use any and all sources available to me so i never settled down. If i used your knowledge before, it was just one among many but; Thank you! I suppose i am...
  10. A

    Strange Brown Spots on New Leaves on Juniper Leaves

    Hello Everyone! So, I currently live in San Diego but went back home for vacation in LA for a while and took my bonsai with me. About a week after my return to San Diego, I began to notice weird brown spots on the new leaves of my bonsai. They could be wiped of with my nail but I started to...
  11. jordystokes

    Need some help with juniper

    Looking for some help with my juniper. Personal Info: I have been practicing bonsai for only a season, but I got bit by the bug pretty hard. I have several trees, some bonsai, but mostly pre-bonsai. I have masters degree in biomolecular science, so I understand the basic biological processes...
  12. O

    My Juniper Might be Dying on Me.. Help!

    I purchased a couple, really good looking Juniper bonsais back in December, and they were healthy as can be.. My original post: However, as the weather has turned warmer, I've noticed that my Juniper has turned...
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