1. sLeepLess

    Reaching Out for 2nd Opinions

    Hello Everyone, I am obviously new to Bonsai Nut. I most likely have used this site in the past when searching for information but i use any and all sources available to me so i never settled down. If i used your knowledge before, it was just one among many but; Thank you! I suppose i am...
  2. A

    Strange Brown Spots on New Leaves on Juniper Leaves

    Hello Everyone! So, I currently live in San Diego but went back home for vacation in LA for a while and took my bonsai with me. About a week after my return to San Diego, I began to notice weird brown spots on the new leaves of my bonsai. They could be wiped of with my nail but I started to...
  3. jordystokes

    Need some help with juniper

    Looking for some help with my juniper. Personal Info: I have been practicing bonsai for only a season, but I got bit by the bug pretty hard. I have several trees, some bonsai, but mostly pre-bonsai. I have masters degree in biomolecular science, so I understand the basic biological processes...
  4. O

    My Juniper Might be Dying on Me.. Help!

    I purchased a couple, really good looking Juniper bonsais back in December, and they were healthy as can be.. My original post: However, as the weather has turned warmer, I've noticed that my Juniper has turned...
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