1. F

    How To Properly care for a Japanese Maple Bonsai in the winter?

    Hello this is my first post and my first Bonsai. I was gifted this "Kryptonite Japanese Maple" as a secret Santa gift. I have always wanted a Bonsai but never learned how to care for them so I never bought one. I have bought 2 books on bonsai care and I have been watching videos and reading...
  2. Carapace

    How to train/care for ponderosa pines???

    Hi guys, I just got a 2 yo ponderosa pine, I plan on making it a very tall literati and with what I've watched on youtube and read online about them, I understood that I shouldn't decandle them and. Does this mean that I shouldn't touch the candles at all or just that I need to cut them above a...
  3. Carapace

    I will be trying Sub-Alpine fir var. arizonica as bonsai. Any tips?

    Hi, I am getting a couple of sub-alpine fir's, tiny guys really, just 30-ish centimeters. I am planning on repotting them into nice bonsai soil next spring and I was wondering if you guys know any care tips on them? It gets pretty hot on my south facing balcony in summer but I do have a north...
  4. Carapace

    Lads, any Giant Sequoia tips????

    So I bought 3 little giant sequoia, two of which I will be planting in the garden and 1 that I will try to make into a bonsai. I was wondering if you got any tips on care and pruning them? Thanks.
  5. Carapace

    Any tips on Hinoki Cypress nana ?

    Hi, I bought a very small hinoki cypress nana ( 10 cm ) and I would like to know if there are any tips on growing them as in any particular disease I should be wary off or how wet they like to stay? Thx.
  6. W

    Can a nutrient deficient appear spontaneously (Chinese Elm)

    Hi About a week or two ago I posted a thread regarding what I thought at the time was a form of fungal infection or pest on my Chinese elm, and a few kind people replied, with the majority of them deeming it to be a nutrient deficiency (mainly N). Initially this seemed like a reasonable...
  7. W

    Tutorial Pinus sylvestris care cheat sheet / care guide 1.0

    A small guide to.. Guide people in the care of pinus sylvestris techniques. If you are missing something important that's not very obvious to a plant owner (I think water pH and watering are obvious, for instance) Please let me know in a PM so I can improve in version 2.
  8. M

    Sierra juniper yamadori questions: pumice size, hormone/fertilizer, etc

    I am collecting Sierra Juniper at 8k+ feet (and coming back to Oakland, Bay Area) and have some questions I've been unable to find specific answers for despite looking in Nick Lenz's book, forums on this site, youtube, etc. Lenz's book speaks on the differences between ground, field, and rocky...
  9. goth_gardener

    Potting mix/Care for large Weeping Maple bonsai

    Hello nuts ! I rescued this beautiful maple tree on sale from my local nursery today and am curious about doing a larger bonsai situation in this pot… here is the tree resting on some previous potting soil in the container (will be acid loving later ofc), a larger pic of location just for fun...
  10. JuniperSol

    What I have learned about Escambron

    I am mainly starting this thread because I feel like there is not a ton of information out there on Escambrons, which I feel is a disservice to the species because of how wonderful they are to work with. I hope to share what I know, have I have learned, and let others contribute with their...
  11. DiveBarDiva

    Which window is best for my Fukien tea

    I just got a Fukien tea as my first bonsai tree. (Dallas, zone 8b) I’m not off to a great start. The tree was stuck in its box for a couple extra days because my husband didn’t read the box and didn’t tell me it came. It seems to be doing so so but it’s dropping a few leaves but it’s still...
  12. K

    I need some advice for my Azaleea Satsuki

    Hello! I have this Azaleea Bonsai, whose leaves started to turn grey-brownish. I would like to know what could be the cause of this. I water it about every second day, and since 2 weeks i am using a liquid fertilizer. I attached the images to my post. Thank you in advance
  13. sticky_paws

    Absolute Beginner *Chinese Elm*

    Hi wonderful knowledgeable fellow bonsai enthusiasts!! I have jumped in to the world of indoor bonsai with both feet and bought myself a beautiful Chinese Elm approx 10 years old. i’m an absolute beginner in the UK and would appreciate all the help & advice I can get please. So far Yoshi, (yes...
  14. D

    Please help! Green tips have turned brown

    Hi, I just joined the site/forum because I’m really hoping to get some help and advice. I was gifted a beautiful 19 year old juniper bonsai for my birthday in March. It lives outside in my backyard in Washington DC and it’s from New York so we were assured it’s in the proper climate. For the...
  15. JuniperSol

    Advice for my Brazilian Raintree

    So I am a recent owner of a Brazilian Raintree. I’ve been doing my best to take care of it (keeping it under a large grow light while it was indoors [moved it outside today in the shade to integrate it], watering when needed, fertilizing, etc.) but want to get some advice. I’ve attached photos...
  16. M

    Recently collected Japanese boxwood after-care.

    Hi all, am I very new to bonsai so forgive any mistakes I might have made. I recently collected about 8 of what I think are Japanese boxwood. And was wondering if anyone could give me any tips on how to make sure they stay alive and well established. Here is a bit of context. I collected them...
  17. O

    Dying Seedlings - Please Help

    Hi. This (pine?) seedling has been growing since late April but recently the tips have started to turn brown. This is also the case with the smaller (birch?) seedling whose leaves are also turning brown after sprouting a few weeks ago. Please can someone identify the seedlings and let me know...
  18. L

    Health of Tree?

    Hey, I’m super new to bonsai and I need some help. I’ve tried to wire my bonsai for the first time and it turned out pretty bad but that’s not why I’m here haha. I was wondering if anyone knew why certain parts of my bonsai were browning. I also was wondering if anyone could give me...
  19. Minas

    Juniper care after repotting

    Hello, my friends, I just got two junipers (Juniperus horizontalis and Juniperus chinensis) and I had to repot them due to inappropriate soil. I was wondering how to process in the next days. Should I protect them from direct sunlight?
  20. TurkishTree

    Procumbens nana juniper, need information.

    I bought a Procumbens Juniper yesterday, Firstly I need to know about watering. Second can it live in balcony? Third about the fertilization. Please help me to learn these
  21. J

    New Bonsai Tree - Trying to verify if I am giving it what it needs

    For Christmas, my mother gifted me a bonsai tree. I do not have a lot of windows in my apartment so growing lights are a must. I got these 18W LED flexible growing lights and both strips are focused on the tree for 12 hours of the day. My tree is next to a window and does receive some light but...
  22. BonsaiVirgin2018

    Help identifying my new bonsai!

    Hi All, I am new to Bonsai care. I’ve bought this tree today and I’m wanting to identify it’s species for ideal care & maintenance. Can anyone help? I’ve looked on many bonsai identification websites and can’t find anything similar. Any tips will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  23. Mad Furiosa


    This is my first bonsai. It's a chinese elm and I grew it from a seed. Always indoors, watered daily with a little diluted fertilizer, mist it sometimes. Southern Alberta. It seems healthy growing lots but all a sudden I notice one of the newer leaves has a brown tip? and the older leaves have...
  24. Munir Atalla

    Gardenia rapidly dying please assist

    I received this plant a few weeks ago. I've been watering it every 2-3 days as recommended. It sits on my desk in a room with big windows-- but no direct sunlight. It's losing its leaves quickly--they're yellowing and growing spots. I have no idea why, but one theory is that even at night here...
  25. Aaron V

    Newbie needing advice on first bonsai!

    Today I finally picked up my first bonsai tree which is a 7 year old Juniper (not sure the exact species) and it looks great! I have done a ton of research and it seems that the more I search, the more questions I have. Any advice on Juniper care helps a ton considering there isn't much of a...
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