1. BitsaBon

    "Going Green" Japanese maple progression

    Purchased this tree in a bit of haste when first getting into bonsai (outside of owning an indoor ficsus). I was attracted to it because of its apparent vigour/twin trunk, only to learn multiple reasons why this wasn't perhaps the best choice. These include vertical growth, node distance, leaf...
  2. P71guy

    Sapling division: Dragonmaster's Japanese Okame Cherry forest

    From these Okame cherry trees/cuttings I will put together a small forest. The pot in the middle has very recent cuttings which will hopefully take root. On the left is an appr. 3 year old tree. On the right is a rooted sapling from a cutting - about 10 months old.
  3. C

    Japanese Black Pine Seeds

    I'm not super picky about the cultivar (or parent cultivar, rather), but am looking for some Japanese black pine seeds. Ideally I would just buy a pinecone, but am open to loose seeds too.
  4. legobonsaipianoman

    Japanese Maple from Wal-Mart Advice Needed

    Hi everyone. I have been into bonsai for about 4 or 5 years now and have been wanting a Japanese Maple for a while. I bought some seedlings a few years ago or so from a garden center for around 2 dollars a piece, but killed them over the winter because I didn't water them. For some reason I...
  5. S

    Boxwood Advice for Older Boxwood

    Heyo, I am relatively new to bonsai and purchased an old boxwood transplant from a vendor in Colorado in mid-October (I live in Southern Nevada). I transferred from the nursery pot into the training pot pictured. The first picture shows the form before trimming and wiring. I figure I'd play...
  6. Bonsai Noodles

    Trident Maple vs. Japanese Maple cold tolerance? Difference between cold hardiness or tolerance to low-colds?

    When I look at the USDA Cold Hardiness ratings for the trident vs. Japanese maple, I saw that the trident maple can tolerate as low as zone 4, whereas Japanese maples can only go to zone 5. But when I read online, I saw that trident maples are a bit more susceptible to cold damage/death in...
  7. A

    Pruning Japanese Holly

    Hi all Ive had my Japanese Holly for about 4 months now and was given to me with lots of dense growth and leaves. It's been growing lots of new shoots in summer and I've come to pruning. It's now dropped a lot of its leaves in the past week and has revealed a totally Criss cross of branches...
  8. Y

    Free Japanese - English Translation

    Moderators: If this is in the wrong place, feel free to move it. Hi everyone, I made an earlier post trying to gauge interest on this topic and getting opinions, from some of you so thank you for your feedback. I've seen people requesting translations on this forum as well as others on several...
  9. Tbwilson33

    Pot ID help

    Can anyone ID the maker of this pot?
  10. Tbwilson33

    Got my first Japanese maple

    As the title says it’s my first I’m pretty excited. Just looking for some in put from the group I guess. I got a couple things I will do to it in the next couple days... like take that big crossing branch in the middle. Do you think that would root from a cutting? Here are the pics ?
  11. C

    Defoliating Japanese Maple

    From the posts I’ve read on here I’m a little confused and there seem to be conflicting thoughts on whether or not defoliating helps to thicken a trunk faster. What I currently have is an Acer Palmatum still in he nursery pot. I bought it this year and wanted to wait (at least) until next...
  12. C

    Bionide systemic insecticide?

    Does anyone have experience using bionide systemic granules for insecticide? I’ve used it for succulents and cacti in the past with great results for mealy bugs. Given that I’m new to this, I’m not really sure what a Japanese Maple can handle. I’m also thinking of using a bionide systemic...
  13. Azalea.jpg


    Japanese importered azalea. One of my favourite trees .... shhhh don’t tell the others ?
  14. B

    First Bonsai - Black Pine

    Hello, Im 20 Years old and just got my first tree, I bought it from eBay as I liked the idea that I could manipulate the tree and learn the skill before starting from seed in the future. Everything is going good, Im happy with the shape and so far looks good, Ive had it for a month now and its...
  15. ConorDash

    JM Acer P Pruning Advice

    Hello all, Feels like a while since I showed up on the forum at all. I had surgery recently and thats been.... fun. So I've not been doing much of anything. I think the time has finally come to do something, and that is give my trees a little care, I'm hoping ive not missed my opportunity for...
  16. ConorDash

    New Acer Palmatum, beginner advice

    Hello, I just bought an Acer Palmatum, Green Maple a few days ago from Kaizen, Graham Potter. It's an amazing looking to my eye, and really great tree for its price, quite unbelievable. I simply wanted some advice from the Maple experts on directions to go with it? It was only in transport...
  17. aframe


    This is a tree I bought from my teacher in March. He wanted me to wire it and put it in our club show back in April. But after studying it, I chose to repot it and begin addressing it's faults: S-curve trunk, with long straight sections Thick branching vs. trunk size Erratic nebari March 2015:
  18. JBP #1

    JBP #1

    1st branch raised; now we can see the trunk exit the soil. Bottom Jin will be reduce or removed. 1st branch will be reduced; but for now I'm going to use it to thicken the lower trunk.
  19. BLOODGOOD #1 042815

    BLOODGOOD #1 042815

  20. 042015-F


    repotted at new angle; tachiagari needs to develop before going back into a pot
  21. 042015-B


    repotted at new angle; tachiagari needs to develop before going back into a pot
  22. Acer palmatum #1; possible front

    Acer palmatum #1; possible front

    as of 3/21/15; beginning redesign of trunk above 2nd movement; will go into a training pot.
  23. Prunus Mume

    Prunus Mume

    Japanese Apricot
  24. aframe

    Red Japanese Quince

    Left for dead nursery reject; over a year of TLC and an August repot; finally rewarded.
  25. Japanese Larch ?

    Japanese Larch ?

    I was given this tree as a present about 3 years ago. It was supposedly a 3 year old bonsai from a mail order company. After removing about 20 cm from the top and some heavy thinning out some root training then repotting i was left with this.
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