1. Chinese Juniper shito

    Chinese Juniper shito

    Has a large (for a shito) root ball. Will try to keep this small as long as possible.
  2. A

    Mame Juniperus Sargentii - how to tighten up

    Hey, so for a couple of years I’ve done little bits of work here and there on this juniper whip. Now, I wouldn’t class myself as a completely green beginner but I am about to ask a beginner question. How do I get this foliage to tighten up?? I get that it isn’t a shimpaku but sargentii is still...
  3. MattE

    More of my 3d printed and painted pots.

    Hey all just wanted to share some of my 3d printed pots and pre bonsai..also my serissa is flowering so had to add that lol ( I love when they flower ) The pre bonsais are Tiger bark focus chinese elm portulacaria Thanks for looking.
  4. MattE

    My 3D printed Mame pot

    Just wanted to share a pot and stand I printed for my little mame "in progress" portulacaria afa. After alittle elbow grease , paint and sealer and im calling it done for now. Thanks for looking!
  5. brennobonsai

    Citrus mame bonsai development thread.

    I decided to start my first bonsai development progress thread. It's going to be a mame probably. I got the seedling as a gift from my grandmother and decided to wire it up to see if it turned into something good. Here are some pictures from less than a week when I planted it in a plastic pot...
  6. brennobonsai

    Help me ID this citrus seedling

    I got this seedling as a gift from my grandmother and I wanted help identifying it because I want to create a thread to follow the evolution of this plant. I know it will take a while but I want to make a mame of this plant. I was told it was from Citrus reticulata but I wanted to certify it...
  7. Sticks 'n' Triangles

    Mame Abies Koreana Piccolo

    Hi guys, my first post! I have been lurking for a while, but decided I could do with some advice. (not sure if this should be in the styling thread or what, but as It's my first post, I stuck it here.) I have this dwarf Korean fir, which I bought back in April, around when I first got into...
  8. K

    Mame Bonsai making

    Bonsai is an Art of Making Plants small and giving them a form of natural look to the plant. It's a skilled art and how Nature Plays a main role in shaping plants. In Bonsai Art Plants are acquiring a Tree shape in masters hands just like in Nature. We are trying to keep our Bonsai Plants as...
  9. Pitoon

    Mame pots on a mini pottery wheel

    A couple months ago while looking for something on Amazon, I came across this mini pottery wheel. Despite the reviews of it being under powered I thought it could be usable to make mame pots. So yesterday I finally had some free time to really try it out. At the end of my testing of...
  10. Gottibonsai

    Mame Juniper cutting progression

    Hi! I'm an 18 years old italian guy and I'm into bonsai since 2016. That's my first thread ever on this forum and I'm so excited. I want to show you a brief evolution of this mame juniper that was gifted to me from a friend in 2018. It was already a 3 years old cutting. Unfortunately I don't...
  11. walawelo

    My first Mame bonsai (Symphoricarpos sp.)

    I was training this little Symphoricarpos sp. root cutting to be a mame bonsai and was planning to pot it in this clay pot (recycled candle base). It was growing well but I noticed little white stuff on the leaves. I was wondering if someone can confirm its a fungus infection. Any input will...
  12. thumblessprimate1

    Small Nishikigawa

    I've started training this maple about 3 years ago. It was a grafted cultivar. First season I ground layered it. The second season of having it, I put it on a board. No nails to spread out roots, just screwed to a board and left to grow. Third season, I skipped work. Just too busy with things...
  13. I


    So I cheated, I didn’t make this, I bought it. Also, it came from zone 6 or 7, so it might even wake up in my brutal winter (it seriously is brutal, too hot to go without AC but not hot enough to justify turning it on). Anyways, I think I wanna raise it 2 or 3mm to expose some roots. It’s...
  14. IMG_20191117_094322~2.jpg


    2 years from seed. 8 months in this pot.
  15. Hartinez

    Mame coral beauty Cotoneaster, 3 month progression

    Bought this great little cotoneaster coral beauty for $10 on June 4th. Loved its inherent trunk line and could see, based on the trunk line, that the base was plenty thick and leaves plenty small to make a convincing composition. Here it is after chopping , removing duff and loose soil and...
  16. defra

    Mame contest end of part two

    Mame contest part two: prepare the tree and get it in the mame sized pot. 1 year and 3 months (20-08-2017 -- 20-11-2018) ---------------------------- This thread is to post updates on all contending mame tree's to prove that the tree's realy are in their mame pots that fit withiin the pot...
  17. defra

    Berberis thunbergii

    Ive been on the look out for a berberis for a while now but all the small ones i came across were multiple shoots coming up from the roots But today i was Lucky! Single trunk taper and hopefully some nice roots. Not the healthyest of the bunch but ill provide it with great care so i wil get...
  18. Clicio

    Mame JBP - prune or wire?

    Well, I have this small JBP and the front branch (small, to the right, covering the trunk). What do you think? Should I get rid of it?
  19. Clicio

    My mame JBP and early very hot spring

    Got this little 18 years old (documented!) as a birthday gift in September. It was grown from seed by a local Japanese bonsai master; after he passed away, two other bonsaists took care of it. So I got it like you see in the picture, in need of shape and by the end of the Winter here. But...
  20. boguz

    My small Bougainvillea

    Hi guys. Last week i got this bougainvillea from a nursary. I made some little cuts, tried to keep its natural shape. Do you have any ideas Thanks
  21. Saddler

    Lawnmower Mamed Cotoneaster

    I am hoping this tree is eligible for the mame contest. I was going to wait to start a thread for this tree but I cant figure out how to send pictures in conversations here, so this is my work around. The story behind it is my cousin ran over this (now) little guy with a sit down lawn mower...
  22. backroadstraveler

    Shohin/Mame Small Leaf Olive For Sale

    I have listed this really nice and very healthy tree on ebay as an auction. Starting bid $250, with free USPS Priority Mail shipping. Just seeing if anyone here is interested. Check it out...
  23. Grant Hamby

    Acer P. Mame Broom?

    A local landscape nursery gave me a couple JM volunteers for free last spring. One has really nice, small, rigid leaves, so it's been growing out since then. I wanted to play with the other so I immediately chopped it to the first shoots and cut the downward roots and put it in a training pot...
  24. Grant Hamby

    Mame Crabapple Project

    Over the summer I separated a couple crabapple air-layers and I'm starting to see a mame within one of them. When I separated it, I chopped it at almost the right spot, but now that I see a mame, I need to chop it slightly differently. My question is when, but any tips on making a clean chop...
  25. Grant Hamby

    Tiny Elm

    I found this little guy at a local garden center. I was attracted to it because it had the thickest trunk and I saw an opportunity to chop it for taper. Since the chop, it's put out some strong growth, although not in the most desirable locations along the bends. Maybe spring will bring some new...
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