1. Tntthunder

    Acer Campestre advice? Tips?

    Just got a few Acer Campestre on sale at the local garden nursery with this being my first go at maples. I don't plan to do any work until end of winter, just learning for now. Any advice on the do's and don'ts? Also got a few questions. Are they similar to Japanese maples in terms of...
  2. O

    Looking to buy JM seedlings ( less than 1 year old) for my collection (Southern California)

    Starting a Japanese maple seedling collection to eventually grow into bonsai. I'd like to purchase brand new seedlings (<1 yr.) preferably: Deshojo/ShinDeshojo kiyohime Arakawa Katsura Shishigashira Seigen Yama-Momiji Im open to other varieties if they make good bonsai, but I try to steer...
  3. Clicio

    Acer Dissectum in Brazil - a progression.

    I got this Dissectum sapling almost dead last winter. As it is somehow difficult to find them around, I've decided to invest in some LTC and now it is going well. Picture from Feb 2023, mid-summer here. I will try to make a progression out of it. Suggestions are welcome.
  4. palafr01

    Amur maple advice

    Hey guys another post here about a troublesome maple that i have. I have had the tree for 7 years and due to a combination of poor soil for a number of years and neglect it has ended up in this sorry state. 2 years ago i placed it in an APL mix to improve the roots but the akadama degraded. So i...
  5. FaNt0m

    Identification Help

    I have a few I don’t know exactly what they are, I know they are maples, tiny one I think is oak and last one possibly birch? Or at least I found it under a bitch tree All from Northern Wisconsin
  6. cozmicat

    Hubble’s cork bark maple

    Hey everyone. I have seen some posts on here regarding the Hubble’s cork bark maple, but I still have some questions after reading those other posts. Do any of you know if the cork bark maple back buds on the nodes with rough bark? Is there a best time of season to encourage budding? I am...
  7. cozmicat

    Sango Kaku (Coral Bark) Maple

    Hey all, wanted to get a discussion going on my large maple. Which was purchased from someone who collected from someone’s yard and cut down. They had this tree for about 3 years after collection. After bringing it home the plastic pot broke, so I had to slip pot into the large mica pot. I was...
  8. C

    Moving to Hawaii

    Hello! I’m pretty new to bonsai and started up the hobby a little over a year ago in Los Angeles, CA. My partner and I are now planning to move to Hawaii early next year. I have several deciduous tress (Japanese, trident maples and dawn redwood bonsai). Seeing that Hawaii doesn’t have a winter...
  9. Bezalel Nebari

    Ebihara Board Technique and Drainage

    When placing a tree on a wooden board in order to train the roots "Ebihara style", has anyone had issues with water not draining well because the board has no holes in it? The water has to drain off the sides and I wonder if that has caused any issues for anyone

    Acer griseum

    These trees were ice damage trees from a wholesale nursery, and I got both of them by “donating” to the pizza fund. The nursery used a tree spade to dig them so they came with about 400 pounds of field soil apiece. How I got them.
  11. Clicio

    Maple heaven, maple master

    @William N. Valavanis shows his garden and many of the incredible trees he's been growing for decades. Worth watching it more than once. Thank you Bill, amazing work!
  12. Clicio

    Winter turned into summer-Maples in leaf

    As the climate has been crazy all over, and winter here has suddenly turned into summer, the temperatures are in the highs (85F) during the day. The result is that my maples are in leaf, when they should be dormant. I don't really know if it's ok for them to not rest one or more seasons, but I...
  13. SilverioSan

    Not Enough Light, What You Guys Think About This Setup?

    So, I thought that my patio wasn't getting enough light so I decided to go for a little project. I have put my babies underneath a grow lights 6xBulbs T5 HO 6500K the distance from the top of the left maple is 6 inch and I have run a little test getting 4820 Lumens on top of the tree and 3000...
  14. Clicio

    I'll not grow bonsai anymore.

    After reading all the 25 pages of the thead Ebihara Maples by @markyscott I came to some conclusions: 1-) I know nothing about bonsai. 2-) When I get to the level of knowledge you guys have, I"ll be dead and buried. Even being a fast learner. 3-) This forum and its posters are an immense source...
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