scots pine

  1. Josiana

    First Collected Tree

    Hello! This is my first collected tree, a scots pine (pinus sylvestris). I found it on the edge of a cliff. I know it is not a very nice tree, especially the taper, but I thought it would be ok for me to have as a first go at yamadori. I spent an hour cleaning off the reindeer lichen and moss...
  2. W

    Article A quick look in the rhizosphere of pines V1. Final

    I cut some pine roots off of live plants and put them in Petri's with sources of food for fungi and bacteria. I wanted to visualize what happens after transplanting and how the rhizobial community (root-area community) restores itself in different pines and different stages of growth. The...
  3. parhamr

    Pinus sylvestris 'Glauca nana' project

    Today I bought a 3" trunk diameter Dwarf Blue Scots Pine nursery tree. This will be a long term project and it is my first Scots. I suspect this is grafted but I have yet to see an obvious union mark. I did a tiny bit of digging around the trunk and found field soil with some fine feeder...
  4. Quince

    Seed project

    It's been a while since I started anything from seed, and I'm on a bit of a pine kick so I started collecting for next year. So far I have ripe cones from what I believe to be: Bosnian pine, Mugo, a glaucus Scot's pine, and a green Scot's pine. I'm trying to stick with species that are easily...
  5. Quince

    Garden center scots pine

    Been lurking here for a couple weeks, saw the fall 2016 challenge and decided that it was now or never. This is a "green penguin" scots pine that I picked up this morning. In the nursery, it seemed like there was potential, but now I have my doubts. I like the gentle curve of the longer trunk...
  6. Dorky_gearhead

    I want a Scots pine!

    I've tried looking online for a somewhat local supplier of Scots pine, but I didn't have any luck. Today on Facebook I seen a beautiful Scots pine that was posted by bonsai empire, and It struck me. There is a Christmas tree farm on the east side of town. I think I'll give them a call tomorrow...
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