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  1. P

    First time seed sewer- JBP advice?

    Does anyone have any advice for seed starting JBP and Scot's Pine? I've been cutting my teeth with nursery stock and with the nature of this addiction I either need to deepen my pockets or grow my own. I've got 10 acres of forested mountain terrain to grow on with just about any water condition...
  2. LeoMame

    Scots Pine new needles' issue - what could it be

    Hello Bonsai people, a quick question about scots pine needles discoloration. I'm having some (I'd say roughly 10%) new needles -from this year- which shows this discoloration. From the top and a peculiar 'twist' (see photo). I can't rule out anything, but the tree is well fert and watered, I...
  3. G

    Scot’s pine Jin help

    Hi all, when Is the right time to create jins on new Scot’s pine in training? Thanks just attached a photo of them after being dug up and will post pics of them after wiring and jins
  4. G

    When to create Jin on Scot’s pine England

    Hello all, I am new to working with pines and I have a Scot’s pine I want to create jins on the branches I won’t be using but I’m unsure on what time of year is best and if the tree will bleed out if I were to. I’m in England and it’s currently winter thanks sean
  5. G

    When to create jins on Scot’s pine uk

    Hi everyone, would like any help on when to create Jins on a Scot’s pine here in the uk. Currently in winter and I am not sure if creating Jin will allow sap to bleed out and kill my tree thanks sean
  6. parhamr

    Telperion Pinus sylvestris progression

    I thought I had a thread for this tree, but I guess I’ve only put it into the Tree Thread. Here we go! I scored a Telperion Scots Pine in 2017 for a song. It was in their bargain section, having been almost fully infected by needlecast (causing massive loss of interior buds and branches). This...
  7. L

    Lorax7 Scots Pine #1 progression

    Nursery stock I got a few years ago and transplanted into a training pot. Started an air layer this spring using moist sphagnum. Checked it this fall and there seems to be a little callus forming but no roots. Saw a post on Bnut that said Ryan Neil uses pure akadama with a top dressing of...
  8. J

    Designhelp with onesided Scots

    This was one of the pines I collected last year. It's in pretty good shape and has put up a lot of growth this year, but I'm struggeling on where to take it design wise. As you see on the pictues the front is very bare, and I feel it is very one sided, and i dont like the parallell branches...
  9. J

    Scots Pine styling advice

    I seek advice for styling of this yamadori collected last year. I will lower first branch on the left, but appreciate any other view and ideas. e
  10. S

    New Scots Pine has needles browning... need help pls

    Dear bonsai experts, I request some help! I bought this new Scots Pine bonsai from a seller in Chino, CA (Southern Cal) a few weeks ago as a gift to a dear friend who lives in San Francisco. Unfortunately, they kept the pine indoors (gasp!) for 2 weeks after receiving it (despite clear...
  11. lillarch

    30+ Year Old Pinus Silverstris “Beuvronensis” in 5 Gallon Pot

    I have a 30+ year old Scots Pine in a 5 gallon pot that has only received water and never left the pot. I would like to prune and shape it. I am wondering if there are any extra considerations I should have when pruning such an old, pot bound tree. Also, how much of the roots can I remove, say...
  12. G

    Please help Scots pine

    Hi please help me with my Scots pine, for the last 2 months I’ve seen the needles becoming more brown yet some stayed really green and healthy so just thought it was the old pines shedding but now it has gone really pale brown and easily brush off Any help would be great to get this amazing...
  13. Shogun610

    2 New Pinus’

    So I got at my secret nursery today a Scots Pine , fairly young but long shoots. Evidence of back budding. Another pine I don’t see a lot of is a Bosnian Black Pine. Pretty cool it’s growing off to the side and has back buds. Long sharp needles. question is what would be a good game plan for...
  14. Yugen

    Wassup tree nerds

    Hey y'all, This is my first post here, and already I have a sense that this is going to be a great place for information and art= win win! My first question: whether or not to use cut paste for pines. I used cut paste (image attached) on my first Scots pine bonsai because...well I heard you're...
  15. Fishtank307

    Yamadori Scots pine

    Last week I purchased this Scots pine. It was collected last spring in France. It's in good health, loads of buds popping up, even in the interior of the canopy. What attracted me was the nice movement in the base, deadwood and the long, elegant trunk. There are a lot of finer branches to work...
  16. Fishtank307

    Scots pine skipping a year of growth

    I have this scots that produced buds last year, but didn't develop candles during spring or summer. The buds thickened, some opened up a little bit, but that was it. It was dug up three years ago, styled at the end of last winter and slip-potted when the buds were just about to open. But then...
  17. Josiana

    First Collected Tree

    Hello! This is my first collected tree, a scots pine (pinus sylvestris). I found it on the edge of a cliff. I know it is not a very nice tree, especially the taper, but I thought it would be ok for me to have as a first go at yamadori. I spent an hour cleaning off the reindeer lichen and moss...
  18. W

    Article A quick look in the rhizosphere of pines V1. Final

    I cut some pine roots off of live plants and put them in Petri's with sources of food for fungi and bacteria. I wanted to visualize what happens after transplanting and how the rhizobial community (root-area community) restores itself in different pines and different stages of growth. The...
  19. parhamr

    Pinus sylvestris 'Glauca nana' project

    Today I bought a 3" trunk diameter Dwarf Blue Scots Pine nursery tree. This will be a long term project and it is my first Scots. I suspect this is grafted but I have yet to see an obvious union mark. I did a tiny bit of digging around the trunk and found field soil with some fine feeder...
  20. Quince

    Seed project

    It's been a while since I started anything from seed, and I'm on a bit of a pine kick so I started collecting for next year. So far I have ripe cones from what I believe to be: Bosnian pine, Mugo, a glaucus Scot's pine, and a green Scot's pine. I'm trying to stick with species that are easily...
  21. Quince

    Garden center scots pine

    Been lurking here for a couple weeks, saw the fall 2016 challenge and decided that it was now or never. This is a "green penguin" scots pine that I picked up this morning. In the nursery, it seemed like there was potential, but now I have my doubts. I like the gentle curve of the longer trunk...
  22. Dorky_gearhead

    I want a Scots pine!

    I've tried looking online for a somewhat local supplier of Scots pine, but I didn't have any luck. Today on Facebook I seen a beautiful Scots pine that was posted by bonsai empire, and It struck me. There is a Christmas tree farm on the east side of town. I think I'll give them a call tomorrow...
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