1. A

    How to know when to take wire off?

    I was looking at the wiring on my juniper and notice that the bark was worn away in some places and showed green underneath the wire. In one spot I can see it looks like it dug in a tad (I think) Is this bad ? Did I take it off at a good time? Too early? Too late? What are the normal signs of...
  2. S

    Time to start styling shimpaku

    Here's a couple of shimpaku I've been growing for some years to thicken the trunks. The trunks were wired then bent and twisted when still thin and flexible to get wild looking trunks. I've up potted a few times to allow for growth and allowed selected sacrifice branches to grow really strong...
  3. TwilightTrees

    Bonsai wire? What to choose?

    Hello, I'm a beginner here. I want to order a bulk of bonsai wire. I get a better discount ordering a lot, and safe the shipping instead of buying a bit all the time. Also is nice to be well equipped in my garden workshop But im in doubt of the dimensions I need. Which dimensions is the...
  4. Bad_Bonsai


    I've just gotten braces, at the tender age of 28. Looking at the 3M wire and brackets slowly rearrange my teeth & face, I can't help but relate to my trees a little. Honestly, the knowledge that this is amounting to something better is the only thing getting me through this discomfort right...
  5. J

    How does my wiring look?

    Hey guys, This is the first tree I've ever wired. It's a Ficus sp. I've grown from a cutting for about a year. This was mostly just for practice, but I wanted to see what others thought of my job, and any tips/advice they may be able to give me. I wasn't really sure how old the tree should be...
  6. JLee9706

    Changing Wire

    Hello. I recently went to a class and started up in two bonsai. I was wondering if anyone had tips on when to rewire. What should I be looking out for? I don’t plan on repotting these until about January. Will be picking up more from the nursery this weekend for more practice. Thanks.
  7. L

    Should I take the wire off newly bought brush cherry?

    Hi I got this today, After all I’ve read im very concerned for the health of the trunk as the wire looks like it’s been cutting in for a while. Should I get it off right away as careful as possible? After that anything else? Any help very much appreciated, I have emailed the nursery to ask...
  8. Wetmasausage

    Black Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia)

    Hi all, I'm brand new to bonsai and after finding two growing in my garden, I've decided to give it a go. Please note that I'm not strictly following the rules of composition but more just making something I think is nice on the eyes. There is very little info out there about this tree and I...
  9. A

    Bonsai wire rust: harmful?

    Hi all, I purchased annealed wire based on a beginner's book I received, but, just a few weeks after wiring, the wire is rusting... Is this rust harmful to the tree? Thanks, Andrew
  10. Bearded_Jiggs

    Wire choice when wiring trees into pots

    This one is probably common sense but being the newbie I am I figured I'd field the question, does it matter what size wire you use when wiring your tree to its container? Being new, I purchased an aluminium wire set off Amazon for ten bucks, and it came with a small variety of sizes, the...
  11. Dragon60

    First wiring job - Eastern Red Cedar

    I received my wire today so got right on to wiring what I now know is an Eastern Red Cedar. It has hung in there after a heavy pruning recently. It was cut down 8 inches. This was my first time wiring a tree. It does look a little clumsy but I probably should have used thinner wire. Being on a...
  12. RileyJFDB13

    Wiring Left on Black Pine on purpose.

    Curious to what this technique is called, I have seen the end result of this technique and it looks great but I would like to know the name to further investigate it. To my knowledge I let the candles extend as long as possible every season until the wire is no longer visible. Hers some...
  13. ColinFraser

    What do bonsai people do on a Saturday night?

    Stay home and unwind ;)
  14. j evans

    Wire with Cover Still on It

    I hate to show how little knowledge I have but I have quite a bit of electrical wire scraps that I was thinking of trying to use to wire. Can it be used for this, does the sheathing have to be removed? I know this may be a dumb question but I really don't know. Thanks for the help. Jamie
  15. Dawn Redwood

    Dawn Redwood

  16. Dawn Redwood

    Dawn Redwood

    I purchased this dawn Redwood from a Member of the Santa Cruz Bonsai Kai two and a half years ago. The tree was in a deep plastic pot with no roots showing. Last year i started removing it from its pot and kept raking away the soil. After almost 9 inches of dirt was removed i found the hair...
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