2nd US National Bonsai Exhibition

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Michigan, USA
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The 2010 National Bonsai Exhibit is right around the corner and it looks like this year will be even better than the last!

Below is a list of just some of the special exhibits planned:

US National Bonsai & Penjing Museum
First time bonsai has left Washington, DC

Larz Bonsai Collection of Arnold Arboretum, MA
Oldest bonsai collection in US

Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Brooklyn, NY

Montreal Botanical Garden
Montreal, Canada

Chicago Botanic Garden
Chicago, IL

North Carolina Arboretum
Bonsai featuring SE US native plants
Will, is there going to be an auction after the banquet dinner? I didn't see anything about an auction in the brochure. If memory serves me, there was an auction in '08?

There wasn't an auction in '08, and I have not heard of an auction this year. However, the vendors were quite good in '08. ;)


Where were you in 2008? I know you were at the Award Banquet, because I saw photos of you there.

YES, we did have a much necessary auction in 2008 and will have another benefit auction this year too. Exhibitors, vendors, attendees and even people who did not attend were most generous by donating items for the benefit auction. The attendees were especially generous with their bids too in an effort to support the US National Bonsai Exhibition, while getting some real bargains too!. Although we have many sponsors and others who have donated funds to organize and run the exhibition, it's not enough. With the auction proceeds we were able to help close the gap.

Transporting the bonsai masterpieces in a temperature controlled truck will cost over $5,000, hoping gas will not rise too much.

The Award Banquet and Benefit Auction will be held on Saturday evening, June 12th at the Holiday Inn Airport in Rochester, NY. The cost is a modest $30 per person and everyone will enjoy a delicious meal and entertaining auction too in addition to helping support the US National Bonsai Exhibition.

Contact me for a registration form please.


Are you still seeking donations of items? I won't be able to come... but supporting the Exhibition is important to me. I'd love to know if there is something I could do.

Kindest regards,


PS. My autographed Kobayashi book I recently bought from you is NOT up for offering...lol I love that book. :D
Does anyone know if Steve Pilicik is going to be at the show in June? I picked up a beautiful azalea from him a couple weeks ago in washington, and would like to get another. I plan on being in NY all next month.
Yes, Steve Pilacik will be vending at the 2nd US National Bonsai Exhibition in Rochester, NY on June 12-13th.

A few of the vendors include:

Sean Smith (PA)
Meco Bonsai (PA)
Pauline Muth (NY)
Jim Doyle (PA)
Sanctuarry Bonsai CT)
Ron Lang (PA)
Jim Gremel (CA)
David Knittle (PA)
David Bennett (PA)
Bonsai West (MA)
Suthin (MA)
Osiga Pottery (MD)
Michele Doughtery (CA)
Steve Pilacik (NC)
Mike Villeaux (Canada)
Marco (Italy)

Join us for a great weekend and appreciate some of the finest bonsai in the United States and also see Kunio Kobayashi and Marco demonstrate.

There will be bonsai from over 25 states on display. Only $15 per day.
Contact me for additional details.



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