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I read the thread from 2007 concerning bonsai power carving tools. Are there any newer recommended tools for carving? I have an angle grinder and rechargeable dremels. It looks like I need a good die grinder with a few good bits to get into tight places that the Angle can't. I have several medium-large trees that need some woodwork done (Yaupon, bald cypress, junipers, trident maple). I also read Graham Potter's articles, but I would rather get something from here, where I don't have to convert everything to dollars.

You can buy all the tools or equivalent he talks about, except for maybe his speciality bits.

His carving videos are great to watch.

In the '07 article, Dale recommended the Makita GD0600 or the Dewalt DW887. Are these still the best choices?

What dremmel bits do you recommend?
I own the GD0600 and it seems to be built nice, good solid weight, but I don't care for the paddle switch much. It's probably a good safety feature but it gets annoying to hold it down. For about a hundred more and a few amps more, you can look into the GD0800C.
Although it can be a bit of a pain to find in the U.S. I have the Arbortech mini-grinder.

I located it in a local woodworking specialty shop. It's not all that expensive and I've found it pretty effective on mid-range trees with no vast expanses of deadwood--which require more horsepower. More horsepower can actually be a bad thing as you cannot replace the deadwood that's been removed...:D, although you might be able to re-attach lost digits IF you put them on ice and get to a doctor quickly :D.
Contact Dale Cochoy for bits.
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