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south of Munich, Germany
I have worked for three months now to totally renovate my gallery. See this:

Paul Stokes ( ) has helped me to get onto my feet. My son supported me to stay there. I filled 14,000 (fourteen thousand) files and loaded them, the gallery contains about 3,500 images. This is still only the beginning, it will be enhanced in the near future. I will now sort around 20,000 slides and have the useful ones digitalized professionally. Then the history of the trees will go back up to 25 years. From now on this gallery will live like my blog and will be updated as new images become available.

The software that I am using is Picasa and Highslide. Anyone can download them. Considerable adaptation was necessary, however.

The images were shot with Nikon D40, D70, D70s, Coolpix880. The recent images were all done with Nikon D40, which one can use professionally, even if it is marketed as beginner's camera.

Please report any technical problems here.


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Excellent gallery and history Walter, this is a valuable addition to the community, thank you.

Great work as always, Paul.

Thank you, Walter
Your site is a valuable resource for students of bonsai. The number of images to view and analize is incredible. It must be rewarding to be able to document some of your life achievements.
Walter's gallery

Walter, you inspire those of us who know little and crave the knowledge you share with us.:)
Hi Walter,

Your new site looks awesome! I spent over an hour there the other night looking at it. Very good job!!


It is galleries like this, historical pictorial views of quality trees, that are one of the best uses of the internet in teaching bonsai, in my opinion. As usual, your photography is fantastic, and the images are wonderfully expressive.

Thank you for taking the effort needed to produce such an undertaking.
I have worked for three months now to totally renovate my gallery.

Amazing. I can really appreciate the time that went into photographing, editing, and then formating all of your work for inclusion on the Internet. Thank you for sharing - an invaluable resource!! I use your work for reference and motivation when I am thinking about tree design. I know of no other bonsai resource on the Interent with as much material.

Now about that Paulaner... what would you recommend as an alternative? I prefer harvest beers and weizenbier/weissbier. :)
This gallery is stunning. I've never seen anything like this, not even remotely close.
Walter, you gave us a quality standard that will be very hard to surpass in our lifetime. Every olympic record is broken sooner or later, but your gallery could be the leader for a very long time.
I had your gallery on my screen at work and had to step away for a minute. When I returned, several of my coworkers (with no knowledge of bonsai) were browsing through the pictures in amazement. One of them turned to me and said, "Can you make me a bonsai like that?" I didn't know what to say except, "It will take a while." Thanks again for the effort.

Fantastic gallery as well as educational. It really helps me see the bonsai in the original tree/shrub. Thanks
In the past months I looked through more than 20,000 slides and selected about 2,000 for professional scanning. Then I added them to the appropriate trees. Now one can see the history of many trees back to the mid-eighties. I had some epiphanies. Like this one: Chinese Juniper in 1997 and in 2007. hard to believe even for myself.
There are about 8,000 images now in my gallery. In average about 10 are added every week.


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Thanks for this great contribution to our online world. I especially enjoy reading your blog daily.
Thank You again Walter, this should prove out to be a great tool for most of us. The juniper you show is a great example, from mess to masterpiece, more need to see these pic's to see what really takes place to make great bonsai.

I appreciate this site very much. I'm sure Herr Pall is wise enough to know that he could have produced an excellent book with probably a lot less effort resulting in a lot more profit. But instead he has provided access to these trees and their histories, world-wide and free for the betterment of bonsai.

Thank you, Mr. Pall.
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